Blogging: Breaking a Rut, Staying Consistent & Being Yourself + a May Instagram Round Up

Today I’m going to be somewhat of a hypocrite. Here I am writing a post about consistency yet I haven’t posted in almost a month. #Guilty (But also, how insane that we’re halfway through June?!)

Blogging is this mythical creature that has grown more popular within the past couple of years. I think it’s growing popularity is largely due to the seemingly easy, extremely beneficial facade that is presented to the world. 

Oh, I can Instagram my outfits, food and life in exchange for millions of dollars, free clothes and trips and celebrity status?! Duh I want to be a blogger. 

It’s easy to start blogging because it’s virtually free. In reality, there’s little to no overhead, we already have a phone and/or camera and most people in this day and age can easily navigate a website. I’m not here to discourage you from trying!! Blogging has completely changed my life and I honestly can’t even remember what I filled my days/thoughts/free time with before the days of tip tapping away to you kind people out there reading!

**I’m also doing a small Instagram round up throughout the post! Remember you can always shop my Instagram directly through the ‘Shop the ‘Gram’ Tab. 

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So why am I bringing this up today? As you may or may not know (depending on if you’ve been reading throughout the years) I’ve had a lot of changes to Yes, Please — including a complete rebranding, growing the team, and lots of experimentation. See with blogging, I don’t answer to a boss, I don’t have a rule book breaking down what I should do month 1, month 2, etc. I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time! Everything is trial and error and judging what you like to see best, mixed with staying true to why I blog. 

Earlier this year I took a new job which lead to some pretty crazy schedule changes, I can never imagine giving up blogging but I wanted to stay consistent for you guys. I thought about it for a long time and eventually played with the idea of inviting my best friend to blog. We typically carry the same creative vision, she is an extremely hard worker and a go getter. I knew it would be a great addition to the team. It was so fun working together and learning together but we forgot to taken into consideration the upcoming third member (she was 6 months pregnant when joining the team!). Being her first child, she wasn’t sure what life was going to bring her. We ultimately decided to pause her time here until Baby Brooks has arrived and we have a better grasp of her schedule. 

Like I said, every time I make a decision like this I always have the reader in my mind. I want this space to be somewhere you can come every morning and read a fun little post – diy project – recipe – or whatever that will make your day a little better. 

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We weren’t entirely sure how to approach Natalie’s blog-cation, we didn’t want to confuse anyone but I also want to be 100% transparent with you guys all the time! After discussing it with some readers, I decided it would be best to just approach it with pure honesty. Nat & I are still best friends and she still helps a lot behind the scenes but she’s going to wait to post again until she can be 100% here for you guys and feels like she can produce her best, high quality content. 

Many of you might not care about these changes but I thought this would be a great way to talk about some of the less fun sides of blogging, but also some of the most important — Consistency, Transparency, Staying True to Yourself & Breaking the (unavoidable) Blog Rut. 

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In my opinion this is the most important thing when trying to build your blog/brand. Coincidentally it also is the hardest. Readers like to know what to expect, they like to know when they can read a new post. Knowing that it goes live at x time on x days, will help build a following and grow your page views. Trust me, I know it’s hard because when your schedule gets busy, this is the easiest thing to put on the back burner. #guilty 

Think of it this way, consistent posting of your brand increases your brand awareness which converts loyal readers, high engagement, etc.

Remember how I test this with trial and error? I also observe (not comparison or copying) what more “successful” bloggers do and try to incorporate that into my practices. One of my favorite bloggers used to be really active on Snapchat. I was used to watching her everyday, looking at her Instagram account everyday, reading her blog all the time. She recently quit snapchatting (like rarely ever posts) and I hardly ever think about her now. I forget to check her Instagram, etc. Increased posting = better engagement (something everyone’s been worrying about since the Instagram algorithm change)

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When you’re behind a screen, it’s so easy to hide things, not disclose the full truth or make things seem different then they are. In a world where bloggers are constantly being sent products, paid about what they’re posting, buying likes (ugh please never do this.. it’s so frustrating for those who refuse to cheat) and everything else, being 100% open about everything is so important. 

I will always let you know if something is sponsored, and I will never post about something that I don’t truly love (unless I’m telling you that I don’t love it). Being transparent will help build a trusting relationship with your readers. 

With this note, be true to yourself. If you’re posting content that you know about and is true to your niche/personality, it will be more authentic and more likely to create better engagement with your readers. 

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Breaking out of the Blogging Rut. 

In any creative field, you will hit dry patches. One of my hardest things is coming back from a time where I went a couple of weeks without posting, I always have trouble jumping back into things. Here’s a few of my tips on getting inspired..

-Hit the trails. Get out and run, walk or bike. Not only will you feel better physically but a jog through downtown by the river always clears my mind and gets my creative juices flowing. 

-Treat yourself. Whatever your favorite thing is, indulge. For me it could be a patio happy hour with hubs or a hot bath, good book, snuggled in bed with a new candle. Give yourself a time to clear your mind. 

-Schedule. Pick a date to jump back into things and don’t miss it. Forcing yourself to sit down and get started will help get the ball rolling. 

-Be organized. Keep a running list of post ideas so you can always have some extra ideas on hand. It also helps me to stay in a routine. Whenever life gets crazy or out of whack, that’s when I have trouble with my consistent posting. 

The best part of this whole blogging thing is connecting with new people!! Come say over on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily), stay tuned for my bloggy blog tips and craziness that I’ve learned on this weird e-journey. 

Ps! There is a lot of good content headed your way, including my very first half marathon training and diary (😱😱😱), new weekender’s guide, recipes & more! XO 


  1. Anonymous
    April 6, 2018 / 4:54 am

    Differntly get rid of the tacky bows on the home made shoes. Lose the dogs, they are not really Town and Cournty material. Overall tacky and sad. Lee Ann

    • Riley Brahm
      April 9, 2018 / 6:27 pm

      Good Idea, definitely need the dogs to be up to standards. What breed is more town and country? French bull dog perhaps? Thanks for the advice!

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