Blogger not Billionaire — Starting & Maintaining a Blog without Financial Stress

One of my FAQ topics is blogging. I 10000% understand why. It’s a mysterious industry, with no set ‘rules’ on how to grow, etc. You can search the web for days but everything will tell you different things. Not to mention, some bloggers are very tight lip on their ‘secrets for success’.

Like everything in life/on my blog, I try to be very transparent. If I’m going to share my life on here, I’m going to share it unfiltered (ok well maybe my photos are a little filtered 😉). This topic has always weighed heavily on my mind and also played a huge role in the path my blog took, so I finally decided it was time to discuss.

I’ve been hesitant because tone can be hard to read on a screen and I never want this post to come across the wrong way. Like almost anything on here, this is what I practice, what works for me and what boundaries I had to set for myself. This is in no way judging anyone or saying this is the only way to do things. 

Today I’m talking about the financial side of blogging. How to start and maintain a blog without going broke, into debt or killing your mental health.

It’s no secret that the comparison game is strong in blogging. It’s so easy to get caught up in who’s wearing what, who has this, the newest purse, newest shoes, etc. etc. Style is constantly changing and when you see the top tier of bloggers never repeating an outfit, it’s easy to feel that you need to be that way too. 

Or at least I felt that way. 

When this little site began, I thought I wanted to be a fashion blogger. But I didn’t know, most of the higher level fashion bloggers were not only receiving clothes for free, they were also being paid to wear them. 

I was spending every ounce of my paycheck after bills, on clothes. Clothes that I didn’t need, only purchased to be photographed in. I use LiketkIt to make my Instagrams shoppable and readers like to see exact items linked. That means when something sells out I felt the need to buy something newer. i.e.. I had an adorable pair of nude wedges that I loved but were no where to be found online, I actually sold them so I could buy a different newer pair that could be linked! Looking back this was crazy!! 

I did set one limit for myself however, I promised never to get a credit card. [Again, this is NO judgement on anyone who has a credit card. I just know myself and knew I couldn’t be tempted with one. I am not good with money AT ALL. So having an extra way to spend money == TROUBLE] Looking back, I’m so happy I did this. When I was younger and so desperate to be a fashion blogger, I know I would have gotten myself into big trouble. 

I was honestly going crazy, shopping yet barely even wearing most items. It was straining me financially and starting to cause tension between RJ & I (he’s great with money which is so helpful now that we’re married haha!). He could see I was spreading myself so thin. I knew something had to change. 

That’s when I took a step back and realized, I was going about this all the wrong way! I was trying so hard to be something I wasn’t, when I had all this awesome content that y’all would much rather see. This is when I took a step over into Lifestyle territory. 

Ok, so all this to say! If you’re looking to start a blog & don’t have a billion dollars to spend, or maybe even an extra $500 a month to spend.. IT IS POSSIBLE! Here’s my tips on how.. 

–Stay in Yo Lane! Pick a niche that already fits your life. If you only travel once a year, don’t pick travel blogging unless you know you’ll have the funds to travel enough for how often you want to post. I can easily share food, home, DIY, and what I share on here because I am already doing those things! Yes, I still spend a little more than before but not hundreds more each month. I can still throw style in here and there (or travel or whatever) but it’s not my primary focus.

— Set limits and boundaries. If you know your blog will have expenses, set a limit each month and stick to it. This will help you feel better about spending to know you haven’t gotten in over your head. 

–Don’t compare yourself to others! This is so important in every aspect of blogging and life! Stay positive and work on yourself. Be happy for yourself, be happy for others. Every blogger was most likely in your spot at some point. You just are on different timelines and no ones timeline is correct! 

–Capture vs. Create. One of my main things I share is recipes. I used to buy food solely for the purpose of shooting and it was such a waste of food and money. Capture vs. create is huge. Capture things as they’re happening! I always shoot when I’m making the meal, it takes a little bit longer but it saves a ton. 

–Do it Yourself! Many sites claim that it takes thousands to start a blog but this is untrue. I started this with $11 a year (buying my domain). Later I bought a new site template (~$30) and taught myself how to code. Google and late nights are your BFF. iPhone cameras are killer these days, so really you don’t even need a fancy schmancy camera from the get go. Teach yourself a few photography skills, buy a bluetooth remote or grab a buddy and get shooting! I promise it can be done. 🙂 

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I hope these tips help some, starting a blog can be so overwhelming! I love getting specific questions from you guys so please always feel free to reach out. Follow along on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily) for more fun. xo 

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