Black Bean Queso-less-adillas

Hello fellow Mexican lovers!!! Yesterday, we whipped up this delicious Skinny Fiesta Chicken. Seriously, how good was it? It’s a hit in this household & a hit with myself because it’s effortless, easy & easy to clean up. 

Today, I’m reworking that leftover chicken into one of my favorite foods. Quesadillas have always been one of my go to comfort foods. The quickness, the cheesy goodness, the way it can be topped with guacamole or sour cream (to of my faves) and the way it can be stuffed with even more yummy, yummy things. It’s heaven in a little skillet. 

You know what I don’t love about quesadillas, the calories. I especially try to avoid them since I limit my dairy intake but I have missed their easy, cheesy goodness. 

While wandering around the grocery store, I noticed a can of Organic, Refried Black Beans. I decided to bring them home to test out. Not only are the delicious alone but I decided the consistency would be perfect inside a tortilla shell — the ‘Queso-less-adilla’ was born! 

Not only can you whip this baby up in 5 minutes, it’s cheap! I love to top it off with avocado, lime juice and greek yogurt (instead of Sour Cream) & if we have fiesta chicken leftovers, I’m definitely throwing some on top. 

You could easily throw your left over chicken on a salad, but this is a fun & different option! I use the flay out wraps instead of normal tortilla wraps because they are only 100 calories + loaded with a ton of protein. They taste great, even Babe approved. 😉


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