Behind the Blog: How to Give Back to Your Favorite Bloggers for FREE

I know you guys like seeing behind the scenes when it comes to the blogging world – because guys it is a crazy world behind these computer & phone screens! A world I often don’t even understand. I know I often chat with family, friends or even readers and there is so much that they (understandably) don’t know about blogging and how you can help us. Helping us is easy, free and so important. Today I wanted to dive into why and how you can help your favorite bloggers. 

One disclaimer of sorts: none of this is to beg you guys to do anything! I only want you to engage with our content if you truly enjoy it. I do know that you guys probably don’t realize a few easy things that can help us grow and in return create better, higher quality content for you guys. 

I just wanted to share a different perspective into this world so you guys can see how the ‘business’ side of blogging works! 

So, let’s start with a little overview of how blogging works and the business part of blogging. I have a lot of posts on this too if you want to read more hereBlogging is not my fulltime job, but I try to treat it with a professional aspect. In my opinion, while I 100% enjoy doing it so much, treating it as a business, in turn, helps it grow more. I do work full time which means weekends, early mornings and late nights are devoted to creating content, reaching out to brands/responding to email collaborations, taking/editing photos, engaging with your community, etc. etc. 

I do not, not, not say this to complain by any means. I love blogging. If I go even a week without a new post, I miss chatting with you guys, miss writing and get anxiety. It truly is like an online diary. I enjoy (hopefully) being helpful and making your life a little easier or happier each day. That is my goal and that is why I’m here. 

I put a lot of time in this community and I have made so many wonderful connections, had the opportunity to work with incredible people and not going to lie do make extra money from it. Hopefully one day this will be my full time job and that would make me forever grateful. 

Now that you know a little more about why and how I do this (hello, 5 am wake up calls), I wanted to elaborate on a question I very kindly recieve for you guys. “How can we support you?”

First, thank you, guys!! Even just being here reading this post is supporting me. Following along on Instagram is supporting me. Your kind comments and DMs are supporting me -AND MAKING MY HEART OVERFLOW. If you want to do more to support, here are a few ways you can support me or any of your other favorite bloggers: 

1. Engaging: This is something I often am bad at. I get to scrolling on Instagram and while I LOVE so many of the posts I see, I often forget to physically ‘Like’ them. Did you know brands look at our engagement (aka how many likes and comments you get vs. how many followers you have) to determine if they want to work with us and how much they pay? Now, please don’t like something just because I posted it. When you like a photo (or don’t) it also helps me gauge which type of content you all enjoy and what I should create more/less of. 

Engaging with our content also helps Instagram know that you enjoy seeing our posts, which helps you see more of what we share! So, if you are enjoying what we are sharing, like and comment so that you can see more! 

2. Sharing: Sharing is caring! How can you share? When you see a post you like or want to try, tag a friend, send it to them over DM or even tell them about it screenshot it to them. Growing our audience is one of the best ways to get more collaborations and then eventually be able to blog full time. Aside from Instagram, repinning content on Pinterest is also a huge helper. If it’s something you think you may want to try, save it for later. It really helps get our posts out there. 

3. Try It Out: You know what makes my heart explode and quite often makes me cry? When you guys try a recipe, an outfit or trick that I’ve shared. Seriously, the fact you take time out of your day, spend your money and think highly enough of me to trust me to feed your family?! I can’t express how much it means to me. Not only does it help me gauge what type of content is useful to you, it also motivates and inspires me to better myself for you guys. 

4. Feedback: One of the last ways you guys help us so much is by giving us feedback! Do we do something you love? PLEASE tell me! Something that drives you nuts? Please tell me that too! If it’s something that’s real in my life, chances are I can’t/won’t change it but maybe share less of it. I try to keep things real life over here. One of the harder parts of blogging, IMO, is that I don’t have a boss. I don’t have someone to look over my work or give feedback on what’s working or not working. I am every aspect of Yes, Plz (besides my wonderful family and friends that help SO much), so I take feedback whenever I can get it. 

All this to say- you guys are incredible. I couldn’t ask for a better Yes, Plz community. The support, messages and girl power I receive from you guys is so overflowing that I truly enjoy the extra time I spend putting into this site. 

Do you like seeing a behind the scenes look? Sometimes these posts can seem beggy or whiney, and I swear I don’t mean it that way. I feel that so many people truly don’t know how much something as small as a ‘Like’ can help our business. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@RileySitton) for more behind the scenes! XO

PS! How cute is this ‘Sleigh All Day’ Cake from SugarBae Cakes?! It is from the sweetest local baker in Chattanooga and yall it was SO delicious. If you are looking for a cake lady (she also does cupcakes and cookies), you must reach out!! I am literally so glad to have found her. She has so many creative, unique and fun ideas with a cake that is out of this world! We had peppermint mocha and it was a holiday dream come true! Find her on Instagram here!

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