Be My Valentine ft. Genny Weaver Art

 I wanted to share a fun post with you guys today and ask you to Be My Valentine! I thought it would be so fun to talk a little bit about some stuff you may or may not know. To kick off Valentine’s Day weekend I also wanted to share our ‘Cupid Cart’ aka our Valentine’s Day Bar cart! 

After moving in with RJ, I donated a lot of my ‘girly’ decor. I wanted to find a style that fit our style not just mine. I’m extremely happy with how our home is turning out (and we’re SO close to being finished! I cannot wait to share it all with you guys!!). The one place in the house that I can still girl-ify is my bar cart! 

It was actually a gift from a family friend, I painted it white and officially dubbed it our bar cart. I decorate our entire home for each holiday, I love holidays so the BC was no exception! Now each month it gets a little make over. I usually have my girlfriends over to celebrate each holiday and try new cocktails, it really has become a fun little tradition. 

If you’re looking for a bar cart, I’m loving this one

When a friend showed me Genny Weaver Art, it was love at first site. I was nervous though because I like to keep things at a certain price point for you guys and I thought “This is insanely gorgeous, there is no way I can afford this & I want to keep everything affordable on my site. UGH” I was so sad, but then I realized almost all of her prints are under $40!! I was so excited and immediately knew one had to be added to my bar cart gallery wall! 

It took me a few days to choose which one, I love them all. I finally decided on the most adorable & obviously sassy girl blowing a bubble. On the bottom it says – Be Yourself No One Can Tell You You’re Doin’ It Wrong. – I loved it. 

I always have the hardest time find gifts for people, I like to give something special not just something you grab at the store. I am already planning on giving this print to some of my family members this year & I am a dying to add this one to our kitchen! 

If you can’t tell I have a major girl crush on the artist!! She is so sweet and I envy her talent so much, she’s incredible! Read her full story here and hurry and grab a print before they sell out! 

| ‘Be Yourself’ Watercolor [℅] | Bar Cart (Similar) | Kate Spade Bottle Tags | Bar Cart DIY Word Banner (You can customize whatever you want it to say) | Photography: A. Bonds Productions

As promised I want you guys to be my Valentine!! My first gift to you is a $500 Free People gift card giveaway (Enter here). I also wanted to share some random facts about myself! 

1. I was born on the cusp of two horoscope signs! Growing up I thought this was the neatest thing and thought it made me special. I was born at 1 am on October 23rd only missing the exact cusp by 1 hour! I’m a Libra/Scorpio & I truly display traits of both signs. 

2. I love to meet new people & can talk to anyone. I’ve always loved to talk to anyone, my mom said growing up I would spend more time talking to my teacher than playing at recess and often she would find me at our elderly neighbors house having a tea party and talking her head off. However, I get super nervous hosting events/parties I want to talk to everyone and make sure everyone is having the best time. I’m a major people pleaser. 

3. I LOVE worms. Weird I know. I used to dig them up in our yard and bring them into my doll house!! My mom freaked out when she saw I had them tucked into my Barbie’s bed. I don’t play with worms anymore but I also don’t mind holding them (& freaking out my friends!). 

4. I gave up dairy. I’ve talked about this a little bit before and I’m going to have a full post on it soon but it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m not gung-ho dairy free, I’ll cheat here and there but I love being dairy free. I actually don’t miss cheese at all or my coffee creamer –the two things I was most worried about!

5. I became a pharmaceutical sales rep when I was 19 years old. What started as an internship became a full time job for me four years ago. I’ll never forget the first day in the operating room (I work for a company the recycles C-section waste into a product that helps SO many people, it’s actually amazing!) I’ve seen so many crazy things.. tumor removals, scoliosis repairs and a live birth! I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. 

  6. I’m a cryer. I get it from my grandma. Anything sad, I tear up. Anything happy, I tear up. Sometimes I just cry. 

7. I didn’t know it at the time but high school was the BEST & I miss it. If you’re in high school reading this, enjoy every minute. Do not wish it away. I couldn’t wait to move out of Memphis and go to college but now I would love to go back. I loved wearing my school uniform everyday, I loved being a cheerleader (I would do anything to go to one more cheer competition) and I loved coming home to my family everyday.. cooking dinner with them, seeing all my siblings and having my grandparents in the same city as me. 

8. A few of my favorites: color is pink, food is avocado (I eat at least one everyday, usually more), show is Sex and the City (I’ve seen them all multiple times and know all the words), place is a tie between NYC, Charleston, Miami and San Fran. 

9. I have a huge family and it’s growing! Both of my parents are divorced and remarried and I’m close with their extended family as well. The official count is 4 parents, 4 sisters, 2 brothers, 10 grandparents and 1 million aunts, uncles and cousins. We’re italian, we’re loud and we’re nuts! My family is growing even bigger this year when I marry RJ in November! I love it! 

10. I’m horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE at texting. Even though I work on my phone, I always forget to respond to text messages. I think it’s because I’ll read a text while I’m in the middle of doing something else, say I’ll respond when I’m done but then I forget or move onto something else. I really hate that I’m like this and I’m working on it. 

I hope you guys feel like you know a little bit more about me now and that you don’t think I’m crazy!! If you like this post, you can submit questions here anonymously and I will do another post like this soon. Happy Saturday everyone! Xo,

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