BBG Sweat App: How to Use + a FREE Month

A few weeks ago I shared my 2018 journey with fitness. I am far from a fitness blogger but this journey has been a simple way for me to drastically change my life. Much like my (life &) blog motto- happy + healthy living, simplified, the BBG, or Bikini Body Guide, Sweat App has been a simple way to incorporate workouts into my everyday routine!

After sharing my progress photos, my main questions were about navigating the app. It can be a little confusing, shout out to my friend who was only doing one-fourth of the workout for months because she didn’t realize you had to push start! So, don’t worry you are not alone! I will also share a video walkthrough on my IG stories so be sure to follow me there (@RileySitton).

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Breaking down BBG Sweat App-

First, you obviously need to start by downloading the app. I always want to call it BBG but it’s actually called Sweat. There’s more than just the BBG Workout on the app, hence the name. It is a free download but it will cost you a ~$20 a month subscription fee. I have a treadmill at home and don’t belong to a gym so the app is 10000% worth the twenty dollars. Even my friend who is a member of multiple gyms loves the app. It’s perfect for a workout wherever you are!

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Here’s a breakdown of using the app! Trust me, it’s about to be your BFF.


Here is the main dashboard on the app. I am currently doing BBG 1.0, it has three resistance workouts to do each week- arms, abs, legs. It also Provides cardio, recovery and challenge options for your week but I do not do these. I run on my own on the days I’m not doing BBG, some weeks I will do stretching or yoga in addition to the BBG workouts and cardio. My friend, Becca, works out a lot more than I do and she started with the PWR program. I would suggest downloading and playing around with it to see which program is the right fit for you.

If you missed my first post about BBG I explained that it is a 12 week program, with a 4 week warm up, totaling 16 weeks. It is three 28 minute workouts a week targeting your arms, abs and legs. See the full post here


In your profile (top right icon) you can set up your profile, set your current and goal weight, stats and edit your week. If I ever miss a week or don’t complete it all, I can go here to turn it back to whichever week I left off at.


Another great feature included in the app is the Food Tab. This gives you meals for literally every single day- breakfast, snacks x 2, lunch and dinner! It even gives you alternatives to ingredients and shares how to make it. It’s kinda like Pinterest but it does all the work for you and doesn’t tempt you with ooey gooey brownie recipes in between the healthy ones. Haha! If you try any of these recipes, let me know if you like them!


The next tab is Activity. This houses your schedule for all your workouts! I honestly don’t use this tab because I love writing everything down in my planner. If you don’t use a planner though this is a great spot to keep track of your schedule for the week. My mom is a professional triathlete and her biggest advice to her training clients is to schedule your workouts like a meeting you can’t miss. I’m still working on this but I’ve been implementing it these past couple of months and it truly does help me stay on track.


Next is Progress. This is great because it stores all your photos in your app and not in your camera roll. I cannot stress enough to TAKE A BEFORE PHOTO no matter how much you don’t want to, you’ll be so happy you did. I cringe at mine constantly but I’m so glad I have it to compare progress and see how far I’ve come. I’m not sure what week my after is from on the app, I switched over and just use my camera roll now because I’ve been saving them to share with you guys.


The final tab is Community. This is basically a giant message board for girls all over the world who are also doing BBG! It is such a great place to communicate, ask questions or read tips from other people. I have never posted in here but I love being able to read stories and recipes.


Ok, so now on to the actual workouts: 



Like I said above, each workout is 28 minutes. It consists of 4 – 7 minute circuits, each comprised of four moves. Sounds a little confusing but it’s actually not, especially when using the app. Once you start your workout, the app will basically walk you through each workout (see top photo). The app times your 7 minutes for you, so the only thing you have to do is count how many reps you are doing. The goal is to do the four moves as many times as you can in 7 minutes. When you first start, you may only get through it one time but as you get stronger you will being getting through it a few times.

In the circuit above you are doing snap jump, spider push ups, flutters, bench hop as many times as you can in 7 minutes. This is circuit 1. 


You get a 1 minute break and then go into circuit two. Circuit two is the same set up as the first one, just different moves. So you will do all four moves as many times as you can in 7 minutes. After you complete circuit two, you get another 1 minute break and then repeat circuit one. After you do circuit one for the 7 minutes, you get a minute break and do circuit two again. So for the entire 28 minutes, you are doing the same eight moves over and over. It sounds confusing but with the app, it walks you through every set and even gives you alternative moves if you need them.

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So, that’s basically the entire app! It really is so great, I have always struggled to find a fitness routine that worked for me and my lifestyle and I’m so happy with this one. If I’m traveling I can do it in my room, I can do it at lunch at work, at home- wherever! If you still have questions, drop them below and I will answer them for you. XO 


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