At Home with C&C: Our Living Room

Sharing our home with you guys has been one of the most exciting posts for me yet. I have been working on this post for many months and I cannot believe the day is actually here. I’ve been DIY-ing, mixing, matching and thrifting to create a chic, cozy, and neutral home for us and today I’m spilling all the secrets behind this budget friendly make over! 

It all started when I moved in with my boyfriend, RJ. His house was gorgeous, but manly. I wanted to tweak his house and turn it into our home. RJ is recently graduated and we’re both in our early 20’s so I was working on a tight budget. While I had so many ideas and wanted to finish the revamp over night, I had to take my time. We received this sectional from my Dad as a gift, which saved a ton of money (but if you’re looking for a couch I would check Craigslist & Ikea if you’re also on a budget!) 

When I first decided to start this project, I started with my gallery wall. I mainly used items we had around the house (candles, old pictures, a souvenir glass from Vegas). It was cheap and easy. I think the modge-podge of items gave it character. One Christmas Rj & I both received custom portraits of Dallas for Christmas (before we had Doodlebug, of course!) and they added perfectly to the gallery wall. I snagged this cow print (similar here) at hobby lobby for $20, one of my favorite finds ever, but if it’s not on sale google ‘Hobby Lobby Coupon’, it will give you a 40% off coupon to use towards any item! You can do this every time you visit Hobby Lobby, it saves a ton of money. 

I am a pillow hoarder. I think I get it from my mom because growing up my memories are filled with excessive amounts of pillows. One thing I found quickly.. pillows are expensive! I had some old pillows so I recovered them (No Sew, DIY! All you need is fabric, mine is from Hobby Lobby, and a glue gun! I will have a more detailed pillow post soon). I tried to stick to a cozy, neutral color theme for our entire house. Ours is blues, grays, browns, whites with pops of red. 

I used these pillows as floor pillows for extra seating when we have friends over. 

I wanted a coffee table, boy did I dream about the perfect coffee table. I ultimately encountered the major problem I saw throughout this entire process, money. Coffee tables are expensive. I thought about finding one on Craigslist and making it over but I realized the ottoman was free, here, and required little to no time to become our coffee table! I think having an ottoman as a coffee table added to the coziness of our room and was extremely functional. 

I stalked Pinterest ‘Coffee Table Trays’ for days to get inspiration, I learned some important rules.

1. Mix your heights: Have something tall, medium and short

2. Keep it odd: Things look better in odd numbers 

3. Have something fresh (I’m using fake flowers here which I usually hate but I found some great ones at Michaels, I found similar ones here), have something interesting to the eye (I found this 3D star at Hobby Lobby for under $10), have a candle (these are my absolute favorite candles, save the jar when you’re finished they make great canisters!), have something personal (I got this frame from Home Goods for $5 and I’m obsessed with it!). I added some height by stacking books from the thrift store.  

For our side tables, I snagged these tables from Target. I first bought them as a place holder until I could afford new side tables but they’re very durable and easy, I can’t seem to part with them now. I stuck with the same “coffee table rules” as before. I kept things interesting, personal, and varying in heights. I stacked books from the thrift store, small items for Hobby Lobby or Target and added a few random items (this rock I found while hiking in Colorado this past spring) to make it unique and personal. 

If you can’t tell by this point I have turned Hobby Lobby into my second home. They’re constantly having sales, you can always use a coupon, and I love their products. I was there one afternoon and found this sunburst mirror & gold framed floral painting on the 90% off aisle. I was literally in shock. I got the mirror for $20 and the painting for $7! If you’re interested in these two, I would run to your local store and see if they have any left, I bought them about 2-3 weeks ago. (I found a similar mirror here

I searched everywhere for a pendant lamp. I couldn’t find one that I liked on my budget that was big enough for the space I needed. I found these baskets in Hobby Lobby’s sale section for $3 a piece. I hung them with some twine & command hooks for a pendant lamp effect. 

I layered some super soft blankets on the couch to amp up the coziness and because I love, love, love drinking my morning coffee wrapped up in blankets. 

We are 100% crazy dog parents. We base every decision off our fur balls and spoil them rotten. That being said they have so many toys. I added this basket to store all their toys because it’s easy to throw all their toys in while cleaning up, it gives them access to get out what they want to play with and it was a cheap and easy way to hide our cable to our TV. It’s so stinking cute to watch Dallas and Doodle go to their basket and pick out their toys, they love the stuffed animals so much they bring them to bed to sleep with us! It melts my heart. 


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Xo, Riley

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