Apps I Love: Phone Diaries #BehindTheScreen

I recently got a new iPhone and I’ve realized how much I actually am on my phone. It’s both a blessing and a curse. I’m lucky to have my dream job on my phone but I won’t lie, sometimes it’s nice to put it away! For the roughly 16 hours a day I do spend on my phone (is this an estimate? accurate? sad? who knows!), here are a few apps that really make a difference in my day:

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Apps I Love: My Fitness Pal

health, free

This health based app is very helpful, although one I don’t use every single day. If I’m curious about nutrition for a restaurant, something I’m cooking, etc. I can quickly enter it in here and see all the info I need. You can also log your meals to keep track of many different nutritional values. It also logs your workouts, steps, etc. so it’s a one-stop shop for your daily nutrition!

Apps I Love: Sweat

health, $20 a month

I love working out at home and ‘Sweat’ is my favorite app for this! I have a full BBG (Bikini Body Guide) blog post that explains exactly what the workout plan consists of, but there are also individual workouts on here too if you don’t want a 12-week program. I also love doing her yoga classes! In addition to workouts, there is scheduling tools, recipes, community forums and more!

Apps I Love: VSCO

photography, free with paid options

I use VSCO for editing photos for both myself and clients. It is very user-friendly and has many filters to achieve so many different editing styles. There’s a free option but also the option to access all the filters for $20 a year. Read exactly how to use VSCO in this blog post.

Apps I Love: Unum

Instagram, free

This is my BFF. It is a planning app that also stores drafts and can help schedule your posts. I am able to have multiple feeds all within one app, so I can build out grids for my clients and save upcoming posts, etc.. Whenever I edit photos I know I want to Instagram, I add them here. If I randomly think of captions, I’ll save them here. You can easily shuffle posts around and post straight from the app, it’s truly a gem!

Apps I Love: Colorstory

photography, free with paid options

Colorstory has tons of editing tools but I mainly use the light flares, textures, and light leaks. I have a lot of fun editing and playing with photos and this is a great app to make each photo unique!

Apps I Love: Inshot

video editing, free

This is the app I use to make my IGTV videos and it’s so user-friendly! Seriously, I suck at editing videos but with this app, it is a breeze. It does horizontal videos, let’s you edit the lighting, has free music and more. It’s been one of my most useful downloads of 2018.

Apps I Love: Trip Advisor

travel, free

If you love to travel, you NEED this app. This may be a no-brainer but I seriously couldn’t plan a trip without this app. You’re able to search for things like hotels and things to do but also read so many reviews, forums and more about places you’re travel, attractions and more.

Apps I Love: Mint

budget, free

I have a love/hate relationship with this app, ha! It is great because I can connect all my bank accounts, bills, payments, etc. to this one app, as well as set up a budget for different categories and stores but it also tells you when you go over your budget. And it gives you a weekly report of how much you’ve spent, which can be very depressing. Read more about how I made a budget and this app in this blog post

Apps I Love: Geoguesser

games, $1.99

I don’t get to play this game too often but it’s perfect for flights or nights I can’t sleep. My brother showed it time and I became addicted! It drops you somewhere random in the world on Google Maps Street View and you have to walk around, picking up on clues and trying to guess where you are. I swear once you start you cannot stop!

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Another app I use all the time is Notes. Yes, the free one on your phone. I keep soooo many things in there- blog post ideas, to-do lists, outfit inspos, etc.. What are some apps you love?! I’m always looking for ways to make my day easier. XO

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