A Summer Fiesta

Happy Cinco De Mayo Bonita’s!! 

While this post is pretty festive, I think summer is always a good time for a fiesta and today I wanted to talk simple ways to throw one together at any time! 

 I have literally not missed drinking once during this pregnancy until the warm weather came around. Now my mouth waters at the thought of a cold Corona or Marg washing down some tortilla chips with salsa and guac [seriously salivating at this sentence]. Last summer we ended it with the perfect fiesta and it was so fun and easy to do, plus so affordable.

Fiesta Must haves: 

  • a good mingling space 
  • cold beers
    sangria or margaritas or both 
  • piñata 
  • festive hats/ponchos/mustaches 
  • chips and salsa

**optional: taco bar**

For this fiesta, the weather was not up to par, so we had it inside [ugh summer showers]. I would have been perfectly content throwing this shindig in the backyard with a fire, string lights and pin the tail on the donkey but mother nature had different plans. I wanted the tables to be cute [I’m all about the details] so I “collected” empty corona bottles, got some bright flowers and added these cutie mini piñata’s. For dinner I had each girlfriend bring an item. [taco shells, cheese, chips, salsa, toppings] then I just had to prepare ground beef and/or chicken. It made for the perfect taco bar and fed about 20 people. 

I cannot wait to pull out my decorations this year and throw a fiesta…. maybe after the baby comes so maybe this mama can sneak a cerveza or two!

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