A Pregnant Girl’s Birthday Guide

I love to celebrate holidays and birthdays… for other
. However, I have always been rather awkward on my own birthday which is weird
because I don’t consider myself socially awkward at all.

This year was no exception. I always like a low key
birthday, whether it is dinner with the girls or a date out with my husband. No big party has always suited me better. Being
pregnant this year made things even more complicated.

This year I told my husband to “surprise me” even though I
already knew I wanted him to take me for massages… (I also always assume he
is a mind reader). I know he worked hard Googling “cool things to do in
” when he told me that he was taking me to a Glass Blowing class…
(I had mentioned how cool it would be to take a pottery or glass making class in
the past) he was very proud with his decision and for the time being I hid that it was not what I wanted to do at all… 

On the day of this scheduled activity, we woke up to a snowy
(out of nowhere) cold front and I woke up/stretched and yawned out “wouldn’t a
long relaxing couple’s massage be perfect today?!
” He turned over and looked at
me rather confused. I had to tell him how much I had appreciated his efforts
but that I think a massage would suit this pregnant mama much better this year rather than a 700 degree furnace that was finishing off a blown bowl we would probably
throw away… We then headed to brunch where he called our go-to Massage Company to see if they could squeeze us in while I chugged down a virgin Bloody Mary. 

I learned then and there that as a (pregnant) control issue
female, it is best to just say exactly what I want to do on my birthdays rather
than pressure my loved ones to try to come up with something on a whim.

Even though this year is not the traditional night out with drinks and endless champs, I thought a Birthday Guide would be perfect for those of you who can relate!! Below are a few of my favorite spots and activities to do in the Chattanooga area and maybe next year, I will email this post to my husband for him to try again.

Favorite Brunch: (both have $1 mimosas for all my non-pregger gals)


Food Works 

Favorite Spa: 

Woodhouse Day Spa

Massage Heights (for last minute appointments cough cough)

Favorite Dinner:

Terra Mae

Ceniza (billiards upstairs with a full bar + it’s so cute)

The Feed Co. 

Favorite Night Activity:

Clyde’s On Main (games and bands)

Wilderness Outdoor Drive In Theater (summer season only)

| Sweater (old but similar) | Leggings | Rain Boots | Karen Walker Sunnies |

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