A Date with the Eyebrow Guru: Microblading Part 2

Last week, I shared part one of my microblading journey. I rarely talk about my eyebrows on here so I was a little nervous how you guys would enjoy it! I’m so, so happy to see that I’m not the only one interested in #BrowsOnFleek. 

It’s now been a week and a half since my first appointment and I am still over the moon obsessed with my brows. Today, I’m going to finish breaking down the process + share the healing process & answer some more questions! 

Last week, we left off right as Erica was beginning to map out my new brows. Like I said before, this part made me nervous yet more relaxed at the same time. I was nervous because the pen was so dark (she reassured that my brows wouldn’t be this dark) and more at ease because I realized how unsymmetrical and crazy my current brows were! 

This part took about 30ish minutes, we were making sure I loved the new shape and didn’t want to rush through it. Erica showed me a few different options, made her suggestions and then I decided on the final shape. 

Here we go, y’all! 

Before starting anything, Erica slathered my eyebrows in anesthetic. This will numb your eyebrows, you can still feel her strokes but it didn’t hurt! This is one of the most popular questions– Did it hurt? 

No it didn’t hurt. Towards the end it became uncomfortable or annoying, but never actual pain! It really just felt like tiny scratches. 

So what’s the actual microblading process consist of?

After you and Erica confirm your mapped out brows, decided on your pigment color and numb your brows, it’s time to begin. Microblading consists of several rounds of ‘scratching’ and ‘pigmenting’. 

Using a tiny microblade, Erica creates each stroke by hand. She will go through one brow creating all the strokes and then slather your brow in pigment. Repeat on the other side and wipe all the pigment away. Next, she goes over these strokes, adds more strokes and then pigments again. She will repeat this 5, 6, 7 times as needed. 

This process takes about 2 hours total and then you’re done! 

^^Sorry for more awkward selfies. eek. 

What’s the healing process? Erica is great about informing you of how to care for your new babies! Before you leave she gives you a sheet on care + some eyebrow serum. First, you can’t wear make up on your eyebrows for 2 weeks (not that you’ll need to anyways). For the first 24 hours, you don’t touch your eyebrows at all. After 24 hours, you gently wash them with baby soap and then apply the serum Erica provides. For one week, you can’t get in the pool or sauna and for one month you have to stay out of the sun. All in all, it’s nothing extreme and super easy! 

Do I have to come back for touch ups? You do have to come back for a touch up, one month after your  first appointment. If you want to go darker, or make changes this is the time! After this your brows will last for 1 to 3 years. 

Do you feel like you have to wear more make up now? No! This is such a good question and I’m so happy to say, I now feel more put together with less make up than before. I can throw on some tinted moisturizer, highlighter and mascara and be good to go. 

Are you glad you did it? Omg, 1,000,000% yes! I cannot believe I ever questioned getting it done. I wish I could go back in time and do it sooner. It’s so crazy how natural it looks I still cannot tell a difference between hair and strokes unless I have a magnifying mirror. 

We will be at the grand opening event on April 29th at 1:30pm (See more details on Blush Beauty Boutique’s Facebook Page), we would love for you to join us!! Make sure to follow along on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily & @Blush_BeautyBoutique) + enter our microblading giveaway! If you have anymore questions, you can leave them on Erica’s Instagram and she will answer or shoot me a message! 

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