A Date with the Eyebrow Guru: Microblading Part 1

Although I’m not sure when we became quite so obsessed with having #BrowsOnFleek, I am certainly sure why we are so obsessed. Those two little caterpillars can change your whole face! Seriously, who knew?!

Erica, the Chattanooga Eye Brow Guru, that’s who. Her and her miracle microblading has seriously turned me into a whole new gal, one that I wish I would have found earlier. My caterpillars have morphed into two perfectly symmetrical, arched butterflies and I feel like a goddess. 

Today, I’m spilling the deets and low down on microblading and teaming up for a fun little giveaway! 

What is Microblading? This quickly became the most asked question over the weekend. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answer, you’re not alone! 

Last year, I found some Instagram videos of microblading and became stalkerish. I talked to my Melmama about it and she was also very interested. For the next few months, we tagged each other back and forth in Instagram videos dreaming of the day we would achieve perfect brows. Over time, I became distracted and thought less about perfect brows I told myself it only took a few minutes to fill them in, what was the big deal right?!


So very, very wrong. But I’ll touch more on that in a minute. When I found out Erica was opening her studio here I began to research microblading more. It turns out I didn’t know very much about it. First, microblading is similar to a tattoo but it’s only semipermanent. Microblading penetrates the top level of the epidermis and the upper portion of your dermis, where tattooing reaches the bottom level of your dermis.  Resulting in eyebrows that will last 1-3 years. Still a long time to be unsure about something that will be on your face. I then found out that you have your initial visit and a touch up visit, if there are any stokes/colors/etc. that you’re unhappy with during your initial visit, these can be corrected or left alone to fade away. This made me feel so much better about my soon to be eyebrows. 

Long story short, microblading is a sterile, hand drawn tattoo on your eyebrow. It’s done in tiny, tiny strokes so that they look just like your current eyebrow hairs. In face they’re so tiny and natural, four days later and I still cannot tell which are strokes and which are hairs. 

Before you jump into microblading, you have your consultation which is what I’m breaking down for you today! 

First, you arrive to the most adorable space I’ve ever seen. Seriously, Natalie and I kept asking if we could move in. Erica greets you and gives you a little tour. Erica is so sweet and welcoming, I was nervous and she made me feel right at home. 5 minutes after arriving, I had forgotten what I came for and was laughing the whole time! We then sat on the couch to talk about what I was expecting. I wanted a natural look, close to my natural color with a slight arch added. 

We then headed over to her table and got to work mapping out my brows. This part made me look a little insane, the marker is black and I got nervous that my eyebrows were about to be this dark. Erica answered all of my millions of questions and reassured the color would be light and match my current brow color. 

She measured my brows, tweezed them, drew on them, erased, drew some more, gave me different options and then in the end we decided on the final result! I was so excited and no longer nervous at all. 

^^My last before picture! #CringeWorthy

How long does it last? Between 1 to 3 years depending on your skin and lifestyle. 

How much does it cost? At Blush Beauty Boutique, it is usually around $525. This can vary depending on your eyebrows, your goal end result, etc. 

Did it hurt? No! I’m not going to break down the procedure too much today (saving that for post 2!) but I will tell you this. It didn’t hurt. Erica applies an anesthetic in between each round that numbs your eyebrows. I kept expecting it to feel like a massage or facial because her atmosphere is so relaxing but then she would start ‘scratching’ me and I remembered what I was there for, ha! If anything it’s just a tad uncomfortable or annoying, but nothing bad at all. 

I am going to get deeper into the results in next week’s post but I can’t resist gushing on them a little this week, too. Holy smokes, y’all. I didn’t even think it was going to make that much of a difference and I’m absolutely in love. Even hubby who never notices hair color changes keeps talking about how great they look. It has pulled my whole face together so much and I look more like a put together human. If you have even been considering having it done, I 1000000% suggest you too. I wish I would have done this years ago. Every night when I go to wash my face I get sad thinking they’re about to wash away and then I remember they won’t! It’s like Christmas Morning over and over again.

Mark your calendars for April 29th, Natalie and I will be at Blush Beauty Boutique’s Grand Opening event. There will be snacks, drinks, consultations and selfies in the cutest space in the 423. Not to mention one person at the event will receive a special prize ;).

ps. Follow along on our Instagram to enter to win $200 off your service! We will be posting the giveaway tonight. (@YesPleaseDaily & @Blush_BeautyBoutique) 

Check back next week for part 2! 

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  3. Patricio Pantheleon
    August 1, 2018 / 2:47 am

    In love with your transformation, would love it more if the before and after images of your procedure are seen in a closer view. Been thinking of having mine done at an eyebrow microblading clinic in Manila as it is closer to my location.

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