A Cure for the Mondays

The dreaded case of the Mondays. Admit it, we’ve all been there –had a great weekend, woke up Monday morning feeling overwhelmed, tired and major blah. 

I think working from home, I get a case of the Mondays x 1 million. It’s easy to wake up and be unsure where to start or what to do first to get the week moving. Since I don’t answer directly to someone, I have to delegate my own tasks and to do list. It’s easy to snooze the alarm or stay in bed with my coffee a little too long & end up regretting it the rest of the week. 

Even if you do have a to-do list or a boss letting you know what to do, it can be overwhelming deciding how to start! I’ve been working on some tricks to help start your Monday and week on the right foot. 

1. The key to starting your week off right, is to end your week on a positive note. On Friday afternoon, I prepare everything at my desk that I’ll need Monday morning. I make a to-do list, tidy up my space, print out any contracts/paperwork I need for Monday morning & make sure not to save any hard task for Monday. I know emails, questions or unexpected projects could pop up over the weekend & I want to make sure I don’t overwhelm my work load.

2. Don’t neglect your Sunday Nights. I know it’s easy to want to make your weekend last as long as possible but I always think it’s best to take an hour or so Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead. I go through the house and tidy everything up (I’ll have a full post on how I keep our house tidy soon!). Next, I pack any lunches for babe or finish any meal prep for myself. Get to bed earlier than normal and watch one of your favorite shows or read a book! This will help you feel relaxed & less likely to press snooze the next day. 

3. Make the Bed. This one is huge for me. Since I never usually leave the house for work (unless I’m headed to a meeting or shoot), I could easily head to my workout and then come home to crawl back in bed. I used to have a bad habit of working from bed & once I started working from the kitchen table (before our office), I realized I got so much more done. Even if you don’t work at home, making your bed can help you feel like you’re starting your morning on the right foot. Coming home after work, you’ll feel like your house is more put together and less messy, leaving (more) stress free! 

4. Set a Goal.  I always pick a Monday morning goal and work on that first thing. Mine is usually a workout goal i.e. a 6 am barre class + sprint intervals or maybe a long run, but you could easily make it any type of goal! Just make sure it’s something you can accomplish. If you set a goal and accomplish it first thing in the morning, you will feel motivated and ready to tackle anything the day throws at you. 

5. Find Something after Work to Look Forward to. Sometimes I’ll pick a new recipe to try, a movie to watch, taking the dogs for a walk downtown or even just a favorite dessert, but having something to look forward to can make you want to get all your work done and head out of the office on time (or early!). If you prepare your day on Friday/Sunday, you can get what you need done and feel more relaxed Monday night. 

Let’s be real, there are weekends when I am out of town or busy straight through Sunday night and crawling into bed around 11pm. This leaves me so unprepared for Monday morning. When I get a case of the Mondays, not only do I get less done but I feel physically off! I hate it. These little steps I take to help get prepared don’t seem like much but they make all the difference! 

How do you battle your case of the Mondays? I know I’ve said this before (Babe even made fun of me yesterday!! Ha!) but I’m so close to finishing our little home. We recently got our new headboard & I’m looking for something to hang above it. Our office is finished and I’ll be sharing a full post soon on how I decorated but still kept it functional & organized! I hope your day is going great and you have all the coffee in the world. 🙂 

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