80 Calorie Mug Cake

The hardest part about ‘dieting’ for me is the lack of sweets. I swear, I don’t just have one sweet tooth, I have a whole mouth full! I want something sweet after every meal, but I’m working on curbing my addiction. 

One way I enjoy a sweet treat without the guilt is by whipping up these little mug cakes. I always joke that a ‘diet’ recipe is actually tasty if Babe will eat it —& he begs for these! 

They are SO simple. The hardest part is deciding what to top it with or just enjoy it alone. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the world’s best chocolate cake but to be only 80 calories, it’s pretty amazing.

There are so many delicious options to put on top: sometimes I mix a little powder sugar & almond milk together to create a glaze icing. Babe loves to put a scoop of frozen cool whip on top, it tastes just like vanilla ice cream!! I’ve also thrown a cup dark chocolate chips on it straight out of the microwave, keeping it simple. Lately, my favorite topping is So Delicious Cashew Milk Caramel Crunch ice cream. It’s dairy free but honestly the BEST ice cream I’ve ever had. 

Typing these directions felt silly! It’s honestly so easy. It’s a great option to keep in your pantry for whenever you’re craving something sweet or chocolatey! TGIF, y’all — be sure to check out my #NSale picks here

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