7.7.17 The Friday Fill In

Happy Friday!! With 4th of July being on a Tuesday this week, my body clock has been all out of whack. I thought Wednesday was Friday and yesterday was Sunday, it was a whole mess!! I hope everyone had a good holiday, I’m excited to be chit chattin’ with ya with some home updates, recent buys and a new two step recipe that I could eat all day everyday. 

These cinnamon roll waffles. OMG Y’all. I swear I could eat these forever and ever. They’re freakin’ delicious and so easy. You start with a can of cinnamon rolls and a waffle iron. Spray with a non-stick cooking spray and place a cinnamon roll on each section of the iron, pull the lid down and cook for about 4 minutes (you can lift up the lid to check). After you’ve cooked all your “waffles”, place the icing in the microwave for about 10 seconds, drizzle and enjoy!!

These are so much quicker than traditional cinnamon rolls and somehow taste better too! I usually throw some turkey bacon or sausage in the microwave and have a quick lil’ breakfast.

We’re headed somewhere tropical next weekend and I’m so excited to escape this rainy weather! Fingers crossed it doesn’t follow us!! I’ve had the best luck stocking up on Summer pieces that are mostly under $25 #CanIGetAnAmen A few of the pieces are $35 and one pair of sunnies that are the best quality, oversized and only $65 such a steal!! Click to shop everything below

All the home decor! I’m so excited to be moving soon and share a full home update post with you but in the meantime I couldn’t help but spill a few pieces I’ve already ordered. First, some exciting new!! Our house is under contract!! We had so many family and friends to bury a St. Joseph statue to help our home sell quicker and thanks to God and Amazon Prime, our home sold in just 12 days. I laugh because I was able to order this St. Joseph sell your home kit off Amazon and it’s so different from when I would go to the Catholic Store with my Grandma when I was little. 

I told myself I wouldn’t order too much decor until we were in the new house just to help moving go easier but I could NOT resist this gorgeous area rug for $125.. talk about a steal! I also ordered these chairs for a fun vision I have for our kitchen, I’m nervous about how it will all look together but for the price I couldn’t resist. I’m pretty proud I’ve only ordered two things (+ an antique dresser I couldn’t pass up a few weekends ago) and in the meantime I’m saving allllll the pins. 

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend? I think ours will be pretty low key, starting to pack up our home and hanging out with pups! Thanks for dropping by! Be sure to follow along on Instagram for more easy recipes, home updates and more @RileySitton. 

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