6.3.16 The Friday Fill In

TGIF! Someone earlier this week said short weeks somehow feel longer than regular weeks & I think I know why… It’s because you spend so much time catching up from that missing day, when you just wish you were back wherever you were or doing whatever you were doing with that extra Monday. I think we are all doing that little Hello Weekend happy dance. 

With the wedding coming up and my life changing so much, I often wonder if blogging is the right path. Sure, I love blogging more than anything but it’s a scary path. You work virtually for yourself, run your entire company and have no one to tell you when you’re doing something right or wrong. 

But each time I start to question myself, God sends a little sign not to doubt this path. Yesterday, Cosmopolitan reposted one of my photos (may not be a big deal to some) but I saw it as a little nudge from Him saying keep going, keep working, don’t give up. Each time I doubt myself, I get one of these little nudges.

For all bloggers or just people in the world, I wanted to use this Friday as a reminder to keep going. You’re doing great at whatever you’re doing! Work your hardest because it will pay off. These are my four P’s of life: Prayer, Persistence, Patience, Positivity. 

Sunglasses. I don’t know what it is but I’m such a sucker for a great pair of sunnies. I’m weird about them, some I can only wear if I’m dressed up, some can go with anything. Some are boho and some are classic. Either way, I have to have them allll. 

| Wish You Were Here Hat Tutorial | Wildfox Tank (More Wildfox On Sale!) | White Free People Shorts *On Sale | Tory Burch Flip Flops | Mar Y Sol Tote [℅] | 

If you’re following me on Snapchat, you can now find out what I’m
wearing in my snaps! When you see an Emoticode (A ghost emoji followed by a rocket emoji + a few random letters) in any of my snaps, take a
screenshot and use the ShopStyle app to see what I’m linking to! Just
tap More in the ShopStyle app to upload my snap. It’s super easy. 

Try it for yourself

1. Download + Open your ShopStyle app (note that this is the ShopStyle app, not the Collective app).

2. Take a screenshot of a Snapchat that contains an Emoticode.

3. In the ShopStyle app, click the More tab at the bottom of the
screen, then click Emoticode. Click Import Photo with an Emoticode, and
upload the screenshot you just took.

4. The ShopStyle app scans the Emoticode in the photo. Click through to see the product linked to the Emoticode!

I’m so excited about this feature because I so often receive stuff in the mail and before I can get it posted on IG or my blog, it sells out! Make sure to add me on Snapchat (RileyBrahm) & I’ll be showing how it works later today!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Thanks so much for spending a little bit of your Friday with me.

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