6.16.17 The Friday Fill In

Look who’s back! The Friday Fill In!! I was happy you babes missed it because I missed it too. I love being able to ramble about anything/everything on my mind and have a less formal, less focused post.  Thank you all SO much for your kind words and warm wishes about our upcoming move. A lil’ update — we made an offer on a house! Ahh! 

We’ll see what happens and I will be sure to keep you posted but right now I’m just praying non stop and fighting the urge to scream. Most. Impatient. Person. Ever. 

All this anxious energy couldn’t come at a better time since my unofficial half marathon training has started. My mom is actually a very accomplish triathlete/marthoner/runner and she has graciously offered to make a personalized half marathon training plan for me, aka us! I will really get into everything in July once the official training starts but until then she told me to run for 6ish minutes, walk for 2 minutes for an hour to start to build up my stamina. I am not a great runner at all, so if you’ve been looking to take it up, we can do it together!! For now I’m just stocking up on allll the athleisure. 

I know I’ve shared this candle before but I’m so picky about when I burn it because I’m always nervous they’re going to discontinue it! I decided to stock up on a few just to be safe. It seriously is heaven in a jar and perfect for your kitchen. This one in ‘coconut milk mango’ is another one of my faves with a light, refreshing, fruity scent.  

This weekend is Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga and I have the most adorable off the shoulder top. I’ve been wanting to try a fun braid hairstyle with it so I’ve been pinning lots of different options. Follow along here & help me pick your favorite!! 

My first weekend in Chattanooga without any parties in seven (!!!) weeks. I have a full agenda of having no agenda. I’m excited to spend time with friends, try some new spots with hubs and read this book. I love the Babe Walker series and I’m so excited there is a new one out! They are so, so funny, perfect for a light weekend read. 

What do you have planned for your weekend?! I know you’re as happy as I am that it’s finally FriYAY. I hope you enjoy whatever you have planned, be sure to follow along with our shenanigans on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily). 

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