4.8.16 — The Friday Fill In

I love sharing all things fabulous with you guys from outfits to recipes to trips but I often miss the chance to just have a little girl time with you guys! Friday is such an exciting day, it’s the end of the week and the perfect time to catch up. 

I wanted to start a new series, the Friday Fill In, the perfect time to share what we’re loving or not loving and I would love to hear back from you guys on products, recipes, restaurants, shops or whatever you’re loving, that I should try! 

Earlier this week I was watching the Food Network and Giada was rocking the most adorable overall dress. It was love at first sight y’all. I spent the evening searching the web for overalls and the web did not disappoint. I snagged a few pairs but had to share all my faves with you. 

Another thing that I’m o b s e s s e d  with is flatforms. This pair is my all time favorite and currently at the very top of my wish list. I also love these and these. Flatforms are the perfect balance when you want to dress up your denim shorts or sundresses but you don’t want to worry about wearing a heel all day. It’s the perfect middle ground between sandals and wedges. 

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I use Pinterest wayyy more than I use Google. I think Pinterest works more like my brain than Google, so it’s my go to + I love that you can save the results easily. I often find a few recipes and mix n’ match them to create one Riley-fied master piece. My latest creation is a deconstructed Shrimp Sushi Roll Bowl (try saying that three times fast!). 

*You can add this recipe to your own Pinterest board by hovering over the photo and then clicking the ‘Pin It’ button or follow my cookbook board here. 

This candle in Coconut Milk Mango will forever be my absolute favorite candle. I keep it on my nightstand and you don’t even have to have it lit to smell it. It’s very light and fresh from spring with a little hint of sweet tropics. It’s on the smaller side but lighting it even for a few minutes fills up the entire room and knocks out any evidence of our two furry kids golden retrievers. 

I always say ‘I’ve finished our house’ but I think at this point we all know that’s a joke. Just when I finished the living room I thought of three more things I needed to change (really four but I think the last one will be impossible to convince RJ, so it’s on the back burner..for now!). This week we are in the process of making a blanket ladder, you can follow that journey on Snapchat.. but in the meantime I’m stocking up on cozy blankets! I’ll share my favorites below.
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I’m a super big bookworm nerd. I’m not even going to lie to y’all. If I find a book I like it’s literally all I care about. In the airport on the way home from California, I purchased The Widow. You would think being on a red eye, I would just sleep on the plane but being stuck in the middle seat of two men, there was not many z’s being caught by this chick. By the time I touched down in Chattanooga I had finished this murder mystery book and loved every minute of it. Any suggestions on what I should read next?!

I love to use my Snapchat to share new recipes I’m trying out, outfit sneak peaks and restock alerts. This morning I shared a pair of my favorite lace up flats that were just restocked & under $25! I am in love with the blueish lavender color! 

Later today I’ll be sharing a sneak peak of my engagement pictures dress that arrived in the mail this morning and tomorrow I’ll be trying on wedding dresses! Make sure to follow along so you can catch everything! 

I hope you enjoyed this little FriYAY morning girl time and chit chat! I’m excited about this series because I think it’s the perfect time to share what’s in my head each week! I would love to know what your favorite recipe, books, candles or just thoughts are! You can snap me, comment below, tweet me or email me!! 

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