4.15.16 The Friday Fill In

I’ve been dying to share our deck with you babes and I decided the perfect time was to ‘invite’ y’all over for a little girl time during the Friday Fill In. I kicked off this new series last week, I love being able to share a little piece of your hectic day and just have some chit chat. 

I love our porch but there’s still a ton of things we need to do–including that Utah looking mountain in the background, we’re still good ole’ Tennesseans y’all! I also want an outdoor rug and I want some yard games + Babe wants a new grill. If the dogs had a say, Dallas would definitely vote for a kiddie pool! It’s a process, lemme tell you. 

It’s so nice to have a little place to grille out, let the dogs run around and enjoy my favorite wine with good friends. These April showers are really putting a rut in all our plans but hopefully it will be sunshine from here on out! In the meantime, I’m making my own sunshine. 

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Lately I’ve been snapchatting a ton of workouts #Don’tHateMe. My favorite place to work out is Neighborhood Barre, but I also love to run by the river a few days a week. Since I’m working out so much, I am wanting to buy so many new athleisure pieces and tennis shoes! I’m going to share my wish list with y’all below.  If you’re looking for a little bit more ‘fitspo‘ one of my favorite girls to follow on Instagram (@VeryAllegra) and Snapchat (Allegraif), she’s also a bride to be, cooks the yummiest & healthiest meals and is always dressed SO cute. 

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I cannot get enough Avocado Toast!! It makes sense that I love it because avocados are one of my favorite foods and I think everyone loves bread -instant winner! My favorite combo is 1 piece of Ezekiel Bread (I keep mine frozen & just pop it straight into the toaster!), 1/2 an Avocado, some Lemon Juice, a dash of Pepper, a dash of Siracha & if I’m feeling fancy I’ll add a Fried Egg and let the yolk run out over the toast.. OMG it’s heaven. The best part is it takes about 5 minutes to make the whole thing, it’s the perfect way to start your morning. I’ve been pinning new avo-toast recipes to try but what is your favorite?! 

I’m in the market for a new crossbody bag. I need a simple bag that’s easy to take out to dinner or running errands during the day. I can’t seem to pick one (I have the hardest time making decisions!!) and would love to know which is y’all’s favorite! I really want this one, but I’m nervous it’s not the right one!

One // Two // Three // Four

I hope you guys are having the TGIF-iest Friday EVER! I’m so happy it’s finally here, I feel like this week has lasted months! & Good news, my baby sister made the pom squad!! She face timed me crying last night (happy tears!!) and I’m so happy her hard work paid off! XO

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