I don’t know where to begin this but to thank you guys. 22 was a year that changed my life and looking back at all the wonderful and amazing things, I can’t even remember one bad second of the year. It came to a wonderful, wonderful end when my best friends threw a surprise party for me. I am usually the one doing all the planning and being out of charge, was definitely strange for me. The party was so perfect though and just a reminder of how lucky I am to be surrounded by the best friends and family. I wanted to share every moment of 22 with you guys again today.

A glimpse at twenty two…

Shortly after turning 22 I went on a cross country road trip with two of my best friends Alex & Kaitlyn. We drove from Chattanooga – Santa Fe – Grand Canyon – Las Vegas – Vail – Denver. It was a week I will never, ever forget. Even though Kaitlyn & Alex had the flu, I wouldn’t change one moment of the trip. 

I launched my personal styling business and became absolutely best friends with my first client. It’s one of those friendships that you feel you are soul mates. If I never accomplish anything with my blog, every bit was worth it just to gain this one friendship.  Thanks Natalie for being my best friend and for loving all my other best friends as I do! They love you too! 

I gained an absolutely perfect little sister. I have a huge family, I wouldn’t change that for the world. I know you’re not supposed to hope or wish for divorce but in our case I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. Without my parents getting divorced years ago I wouldn’t have all the parents I have today. I’m so lucky to have my mom, dad, stepmom & stepdad and couldn’t imagine life without all four of them. (Plus I’m that bad at being an adult that I need four parents! HA!) Also without them getting remarried I wouldn’t have the most gorgeous little sister Tatum. She is an angel. 

I started blogging full time & so many dreams came true. I worked with brands that I once dreamed of working with and was invited to attend  New York Fashion Week with my best friend & photographer. I honestly still get butterflies every time I think about it! I have dreamed of attending NYFW since I was a little, little girl and the fact that I got to attend because you guys like my blog so much and help me grow.. it honestly leaves me speechless. THANK YOU 

I also got to travel to New York twice with RJ! It’s my absolute favorite city in the U.S. and I am so happy to share these memories with him. Babe is a country boy, he grew up on a farm on a mountain and I was honestly expecting him to hate NYC the first time we went Christmas 2014.. but he loved it!! Being back for Fourth of July was incredible! I loved celebrating in the big city. I also got to travel to Miami, Destin, Colorado, and more! 

I watched my mom and stepdad become Ironmen! I lived at home the first time my mom trained for an Ironman and I know the hard work it takes. It’s scary watching your parents ride their bikes on the road each day hoping they won’t be hit. To see their handwork pay off and to watch them accomplish one of their dreams was incredible. 

Sharing my life with you guys is more than I could have ever asked for.. the happiness you guys bring me is priceless! Each year of my life I feel like it can’t get better, but each year tops the last and I can only imagine what 23 is going to bring. I couldn’t do this without all the support and love y’all show me. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! 


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