Happy + Healthy Husband Hacks (Food Edition!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I thought this would be a fun new series to start, a Hello, Husband seires that can be anything about married life! Maybe we can even get RJ to pop in here sometimes and chit chat ha!

 I am constantly getting messages and questions asking how I eat healthy-ish but also cook meals that my eats-like-a-toddler husband also enjoys. After being together 7 years, living together for over 3 of those years - I think it's safe to say I have it mastered!

1. Staying Well Stocked. I think my biggest tip is knowing what to stock up on at the store. Go together and suggest things that are healthier. Instead of Little Debbies, I try to find a good Larabar flavor or protein bar that he enjoys. Instead of white bread, I grab Dave's Killer Bread (whole wheat, full of grains and is organic). A few other things we stock up on, I'll explain more in a minute, is Uncle Ben's 90 Second Rice, Walmart Brand Risotto, Dry Pasta, Instant Mashed Potatoes, Frozen 'Corn' Tater Tots and Sweet Potato Fries. 

2. Finding a Star. Whenever I'm thinking about what we're going to eat, I find a star of the dish and then we each get our own accompaniments. A few of our favorite combos:
  • Salsa Verde Chicken w. Cauliflower Rice (for me) & Uncle Ben's 90 Second Spanish Rice (for him) + Black Beans
  • Turkey Meatballs w. Spaghetti Squash (for me) & Angel Hair Noodles (for him) 
  • Turkey Burgers w. Frozen Green Giant Brand Broccoli Tots (for me) & Corn Tots (for him)
  • Pesto Chicken w. Frozen Butternut Squash Rice (for me) & Noodles or Rice (for him) *bonus, he will actually eat the butternut squash rice now! 
You get the main idea of this swap! I am a huge fan of the Frozen Cauliflower Rice, just be sure you have some kind of sauce to mix in, it's not very good alone. It can be microwaved which makes it easy to make an additional side for RJ. 

3. Get Creative. So another way I like to keep RJ happy is by finding fun, healthy alternatives for some of his favorite meals. Sometimes this simply means a swap for a better option (like brown rice in our fried rice instead of white) or sometimes it means completely recreating a dish. A few of our faves: 
  • RJ loves Chili Cheese Tots, I make Beanless Ground Turkey Chili w. Frozen Veggie Tots 
  • RJ loves Burritos, I make Chicken Burrito Bowls w. Cauliflower Rice, Black Beans and Greek Yogurt instead of Sour cream
  • RJ loves Buffalo Wild Wings, I make Buffalo Grilled Chicken Salads. 
  • RJ loves Asain Takeout, I make Chicken Fried Rice w. Brown Rice & a Soy Sauce Alternative
Sometimes it just takes a little out of the box thinking to see what I can come up with that he will love! 

4. Find Swaps He Loves. There are certain foods that RJ will absolutely not eat (like cauliflower) so I know he will never try those. However, he has found that he enjoys sweet potatoes, butternut squash, spinach, spaghetti sauce and a few other things that I can make for both of us if I don't feel like making two side options. I also try to find ways to make little daily things healthier because I know over time that makes a difference. A few snacks I've found he loves:
  • Yasso Greek Yogurt Ice Cream Bars
  • Light & Fit Greek Yogurt Crunch 
  • Killer Dave's Bread
  • Sargento Nut & Cheese Snacks
  • Almond Milk Creamer
  • Mtn. Dew Kickstart Energy Drink with Coconut Water
  • Cheese Crisps (like cheezits but all cheese!)
  • Halo Top Ice Cream 

Finally, I'll give y'all the recipe I made RJ the first time I ever cooked for him! I swear that was the day he decided to marry me. He LOVES these Hawaiian Bowls (he eats his w. brown rice & me with cauliflower) and they're so easy!! I'm always looking for new ways to trick RJ into eating healthier, what are your favorite tips or recipes?! XO 

2018 Nordstrom Sale Try-On Haul + What I Still Want to Buy!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hello! Whoever put Prime Day and the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in the same week is the devil! I am spending way too much money but in the long run I know I'll be happy I stocked up on these basics now. The sale is officially open to the public on Friday and it's time to get shopping! 

Today I'm sharing everything I tried on the other day at Nordstrom. Somethings I loved and some were so-so, I think it really depends on what you're in the market for! I'd love to hear your thoughts and see what you purchased. 

Do you use the sale to stock up on staples or save a little on trendy splurges? Or both! #OhYesPlz

See my previous Nordstrom Post 'What I Already Own & Love' HERE.  ps. last fall you guys loved these Moto Leggings but they sold out so quickly. They're back in stock and only $30! Grab a pair now, hurry hurry! 

Regularly $59, Now $39
wearing size medium (tts)
Verdict: I loved this sweater but I wanted it in white or tan and it wasn't in stock in the store. 

Regularly $75, Now $49
sized up to a 28, topshop pants always run small. 
Verdict: These were super comfortable and I think they fit well, but I have a good pair of flares so I passed. If you're in the market, you can't beat this price. 

Regularly $60, Now $45
wearing size medium 
Verdict: Ehh. It was fine, but pricey for what it is. I passed. 

Regularly $79, Now $49
wearing a 28
Verdict: I like these pants a lot but wanted to see if I could find them in camo. A great staple to mix things up from the usual denim! If I can't grab camo, I'm going to get these. 

Regularly $59, Now $39
only had XL in stock, way too big
Verdict: This top was soft but I still think $39 is a little high, I may have felt differently if they had my correct size. 

Regularly $159, Now $105
tried on a 6 (normal size) but I think I needed a 4, they were a little loose
Verdict: I really, really liked these. I probably would have bought if they had my size. They fit well and were comfortable.

Regularly $59, Now $39
wearing size medium (tts)
Verdict: I loved this sweater but I wanted it in white or tan and it wasn't in stock in the store. 

Regularly $98, Now $64
wearing a size 28 (a size up from my jean size)
Verdict: I am wearing it backwards haha! I liked this skirt but just felt I don't get dressed up enough for the price. If you work in an office, you could definitely dress it up or down. I think I like the camel color better than grey. 

Regularly $35, Now $25 or 2 for $40
wearing size large (tts)
Verdict: BOUGHT & LOVE. So comfortable, great support and cute. I've already worn it twice in three days. 

Regularly $55, Now $35
wearing a medium (tts)
Verdict: Also bought and worn twice! I love these. I think they are more comfortable and just as supportive as my Lulu Lemon. 

Regularly $160, Now $115
wearing a size xs/s
Verdict: I could not decide between this one and the one a few photos down. In the end, I liked the shape of the hoodless one better. These are pricey but they are so, so soft. I know I will wear this almost every single day throughout the whole year. 

Regularly $17, Now $11
wearing a medium (tts)
Verdict: They didn't have the color I wanted but I will be ordering, extremely similar to Free People Tees for only $11!

Regularly $75, Now $49
wearing a 6
Verdict: I didn't buy and I'm seriously regretting it! I really love the shape and it was super cozy. 

Not Part of the Sale
wearing size 27 (tts)

Regularly $59, Now $38
wearing a size medium
Verdict: LOVE! I usually am not a fan of low cut tops like this but it's a narrow cut so it's not as revealing. Glad I bought it for sure, can wear now and later.

Regularly $45, Now $29
wearing a size medium
Verdict: I liked it but wasn't my favorite compared to other things I was buying (I was trying not to go overboard so this didn't make the cut!) Is a good transition piece. It's super light, layerable and could be worn with shorts now. 

Regularly $64, Now $41
wearing a 27, but could have done a 26
Verdict: I don't need skinny jeans right now but I've had many pairs of Articles of Society Jeans and they're incredible, especially for the price! If you need a pair this Fall, do not not not miss this pair.

Regularly $59, Now $39
wearing a medium (tts)
Verdict: One of my favorite purchases from the sale. It's slouchy so it can be worn on the shoulders or off one shoulder. It's the cozy, cute look that I love for Fall! May pick up one of the other five colors as well. 

Regularly $35, Now $17
wearing a medium (tts)
Verdict: Such a great staple, I wish I would have gotten more than just white. It comes in 8+ colors. 

Regularly $114, Now $75
wearing a xs/s
Verdict: MY BFF! I have already slept in this every night. It's the coziest thing in the world but the shape makes it less pajamas than some other jackets this soft.

Regularly $60, Now $45
wearing size medium 
Verdict: Ehh. It was fine, but pricey for what it is. I passed. 

Regularly $89, Now $59
wearing size medium
Verdict: I bought this and I'm excited to dress it up and down. I had a floral blazer this spring that I wore all the time. 

Regularly $65, Now $43
wearing a medium
Verdict: I really wanted this but was getting so many things. I felt like I would wear other things more so I made myself put it back. 

A Few Other Things I Want from the Sale:

I hope you enjoyed this try-on haul! I am on my way to Denver and I'm actually running to Nordstrom there before we leave for the mountains. I'll share my favorites and purchases on my IG Story (@RileySitton) and you can shop it all directly here. XO 

PRIME DAY 2018 - My Favorite Amazon Purchases EVER

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Amazon Prime is my BFF. I know it's awful but I use it almost every single day. It's so handy and there are so many great things and great prices. I order clothes, food, beauty products, home goods and so much more all with the click of one button. Bonus, they usually arrive within two days. Yea, heaven on Earth. 

In honor of Prime Day, I thought I would share all my noteworthy Amazon purchases ever!! My all-time favorites, my 2017 favorites, my recent purchases, my favorite beauty finds and my favorite clothing finds!! 

TYLER Glamorous Wash Detergent Diva: Hands down one of my favorite Amazon finds. I get so many compliments on how great my clothes smell. I have friends text me when they borrow a shirt or do a load of laundry while visiting and say how happy they are to have their clothes smelling like me. It is more than I thought I would ever spend (even though a little goes a long way and it ends up lasting a few months) but either way, it's completely worth it in my book!

Bamboo Shoulder Bag: I wanted this shape bag the moment I laid eyes on it early Spring, but I could not justify the price tag. Luckily I was able to find a really great dupe on Amazon and it's been one of my favorite bags this Summer. I know were a little late in the season, but at this price, it would still be worth the purchase!

Portable Charger: This was actually a drunk Amazon purchase but I have never been more proud of my drunk self. This thing is one of the best things I've ever purchased, from Amazon or anywhere. It's easy to charge, lightweight and fits in all my purses. I use it while at home, traveling or just when I'm heading out and forgot to charge my phone all the way. I highly recommend everyone get one!

Heavy Duty 50 Pack Velvet Hangers: I recently saw a picture of my closet at our old house before buying these hangers and I could not get over how messy it looked! These velvet hangers not only keep clothes secure, it also makes your closet look so much neater and they're thin, giving you more room.

Desktop Phone Holder: This one is pretty basic but still one of my most used buys. I use it in my closet while hanging up laundry, in the bathroom while I'm getting ready and while working. Great price, great quality.

Yoga Tops: These workout tops are incredible. I actually wear them while working out and dressed up. The fact that they are three for $21 is such an insane steal! I've had them a few months and they hold up so well.

Tinkle Eyebrow Razor: One of my holy grail beauty products. These little razors are incredible for using any unwanted facial hair. I've probably reordered them 25+ times. I use them to take care of unwanted facial hair, removing dead skin and exfoliating my face. I have a full blog post on it hereThe best thing about these razors is they remove all the peach fuzz from your face, making it so soft and smooth. Makeup artists use these razors before big events for an airbrushed look!

Oversized Sunglasses (Celine Dupe): I wanted the Celine sunglasses but could not bring myself to splurge when they are so basic. I found these on Amazon and ordered right away. $11 and they've held up so well. I wear them constantly! 

Recent Prime Purchases: 

Here are a few of my past Amazon posts, as you can see some of my faves have been on my list for years and aren't going anywhere! 

see original post here.

Acupressure Mat - I've snapchatted this one a bunch and I always get the same question.. 'You sleep on that thing?!'. No, I don't! This is a mat that you lay on anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but then it's the most relaxing feeling ever. Your body begins to feel very relaxed, at peace and happy. The benefits of an acupressure mat are endless, the favorite benefits I've seen are back pain relief, anxiety relief, better sleep and better overall mood. RJ loves it too and we usually take turns laying on it at night before bed. You can read more benefits here. For the price of a couple Starbucks runs, it's definitely worth a shot! I swear you'll be hooked too. 
To use: When you're first starting out, you can place the mat on your bed, couch or softer surface. Lie on the mat for 10 minutes the first time, increasing your increments by 5 minutes each time. You can also stand on it, lay on your stomach, side, etc. Each provides different benefits! 

Ice Roller - This thing is the perfect cure for too many margaritas, Chinese food the day before or just a great wake up call. People have been paying big bucks for ice facials (the benefits are endless) and this little tool is so handy and cheap! I roll my face every morning and have seen a refreshed, tighter feeling face, smaller pores, and a healthier looking face. Plus it feels great and helps with puffiness. I love to do this while enjoying my coffee. All my friends run to my freezer as soon as they come over to use the roller! We're all addicted. 
To use: Keep the roller part in the freezer, every morning attach roller to handle and roll all over your face and lips applying a little bit of pressure. 

Eye Pads - Mel originally gave me these in my stocking last Christmas and I was so excited to try them. I have always struggled with dark under eyes and puffiness even though I drink a ton of water. Not only does it run in the family, but it also has a lot to do with my allergies! I keep these eye pads in the fridge and fell in love the first time I tried them. I was a little sad I loved them so much because I was expecting them to be $$$, I was blown away when I found out how cheap they are! 60 sheets for $6! I can't think of anything better.  
To use: Keep them in the fridge, after washing your face but before applying makeup apply one to each eye. Leave on at least 5-10 minutes. Once you remove them, gently use a finger to pat the remaining serum into your under eye. Let dry and apply make up as normal! 

Beauty Dust - This is the product I was most skeptical about. I thought for sure it wouldn't do anything and was a giant waste of money! Boy, was I wrong. Not only has it helped my skin, nails, and hair, it also curbs my hunger and puts me in the best mood! I use to be a serial snacker with a love of sweets and I hardly ever snack or want dessert when I take this dust. Be still my heart. I read a few of the other reviews to make sure it wasn't just in my head and everyone said they will never go without this product again and I 100% agree! 
To use: Mix one packet in a drink every morning. I mix mine in my green juice every morning! The dust is a little sweet and makes my juice a little sweeter as well. 

Garment Rack - This is something I wanted for a while but for some reason took so long to order! I'm so happy I finally did because it's life-changing. As a blogger, it's great to hang up pieces that I need to shoot or planning to shoot. As a non-blogger, it's great for planning my outfits for the week, hanging up new pieces that I love or just decorating to look adorable! I placed some of my favorite Spring shoes under the clothes + a new Spring tote and I could just stare at it all day! Bonus: it's only $15! Yay! 

Apple Watch Accessories - Finally, I love these few accessories that have really jazzed up my Apple watch. My apple watch is my baby, I love it. Since I wear the rubber band while working out, I  wanted to snag a new band though to wear with cuter outfits. This double wrap band is so cute and cheap! It reminds me of the band that comes with the Hermes Apple Watch but 1/50th of the price, ha! In addition to the band, I received this dock for Christmas. Honestly, it was something that I wouldn't have bought myself at first but now that I have it I don't know how I lived without it! I hated charging my watch because it always fell off and I hated how the dot looked on my nightstand. This dock is sleek plus keeps the watch in place all night.

see original post here.

Wax Melter -- This one seems too good to be true, I keep waiting for it to explode or something because for the price it's amazing Y'all! This little cutie plugs in and melts small candles or wax squares producing the most incredible aroma. Since we're trying to sell our house, whenever someone comes over to look at it I will turn this on before I leave with the pups and it smells ahh-mazing. It's basically like an Anthropologie Candle on steroids AND I WILL TELL YOU THE BEST SECRET.. Walmart sells the wax squares 6 for $1 and the brown sugar pie smells incredible. 

Twinkle Face Razor -- These have been my babies for over a year now. I recently had to reorder them and realized I didn't include them in my last favorite's post! These not only get rid of any unwanted hair but also get rid of dead skin! Read the full post about them here

Face Steamer -- I am a huge, huge fan of face masks. I do one every other day, sometimes every day. I spoke with an esthetician about how much a steamer can open up your pores and make your mask so much more effective. Read my four favorite masks here

Pop Socket -- Everyone laughs at me for having this on my phone but it helps SO much. My phone was hurting my pinky and so hard to hold and this makes it a million times better. Only $5-10 each and so cute! It also makes a great stand if you are ever watching videos/tv/youtube tutorials on your phone. 

Sunglass Rack -- This is a hidden gem!! It's technically a nail polish holder but it works perfectly as a sunglass rack! I have struggled for years on how to store my sunnies and this was the absolute perfect solution and only $27!! It holds 18 pairs in total and is the perfect excuse to splurge on those new sunnies you've been eyeing! 

Silk Pillow Case -- I laugh because I tell people our dog is the only one I know who not only sleeps in the bed but also sleeps on a silk pillowcase ha! Seriously though, these things are awesome. Not only do they feel great, they're better for you. Silk is hypoallergenic, lets your skin breathe, less breakage to your hair and more. Right now they're on sale for under $20, so treat yoself girl.   

AMAZON FAVORITES spring beauty.
see original post here.

Blackhead Extractor Kit ($7) - This little kit is so handy. It consists of 5 tools that help extract blackheads, blemishes and clogged pores. I actually ordered two of these so I can keep one in my makeup bag (especially while traveling) and one at home. It comes with a guide on when to use each tool but my most used is the one with a circle on each end.

Organic Rosehip Oil ($20) - My skin is super sensitive but I love this oil. I use one to two pumps after my moisturizer. It makes my skin look so, so glowy and moisturized. I especially love it on days that I'm not wearing makeup because it makes your skin look so great! When I do use makeup, it's the perfect primer. I gave a bottle to my mom for her birthday and she loves it too!

Tinkle Face Razors ($4) - My holy grail. I use these so much. I've probably reordered them 25+ times. I use them to take care of unwanted facial hair, removing dead skin and exfoliating my face. I have a full blog post on it hereThe best thing about these razors is they remove all the peach fuzz from your face, making it so soft and smooth. Makeup artists use these razors before big events for an airbrushed look!

Clear Makeup Bags ($13) - Whether it's for storage or travel, clear makeup bags are a game changer! I use them while traveling because it can quickly see what's in which bag without having to dig through it for hours. I use them for hair products too!

Antioxidant Moisturizer with 50 SPF ($35) - I haven't had this product too long but it's already a keeper! I like how much SPF has in it + the caffeine makes your skin so tight. It also has a very light tint to it, just enough to feel that it evens out skin tone for days you don't want to wear makeup! It doesn't make my face greasy or shiny either, just a subtle glow! In case you haven't noticed, I'm all about the glow lately. 

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream ($9) - This is another product I haven't had too long but I am already hooked (I've had it less than a week and I just ordered a larger tube). I will report back once I've used this cream more but so far I've noticed softer skin + it has majorly helped my under eyes. I use it all over my face but I put extra all around my eyes. It's helped with dark circles and under eye wrinkles and puffiness. The reviews rave about helping with everything from helping acne, scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles, dry skin - the list goes on! At $9 a tube, it's going FAST.

Mario Badescu Dry Lotion ($17) - Even though my skin has cleared up so much, I still get pimples here and there. Whenever I do, I use this Drying Lotion as a spot treatment at night and it dries it out tremendously. I've gone through five or six bottles of this at least and I'll still reorder every time! It works so well.

IMAGE Skincare Illuma Intense Lightening Serum ($47) - This is the priciest item on my list but for how well it works, it's worth every penny! Two small pumps morning and/or night help with a clear, even complexion. It smells SO yummy too. The bottle lasts a while so while it's something that costs a little more, you can use it for a while!

Vital Protein Collagen Peptides ($15) - I'm a little late to the Collagen Peptides trend but I recently purchased and wanted to include it in my list! I've heard many friends, family, and other bloggers rave about them. They are supposed to help with hair, skin, nails, joint and bone health + more. I'm going to mix them into coffee or smoothies. I'll let you know what I think!

Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask ($28) - I have dry hair by nature but I've been wanting to moisturize it more in hopes it will grow quicker. I originally picked up a sample of this mask when checking out at Sephora but fell in love, so I ordered this tub from Amazon. I noticed shinier, softer hair with healthier ends after just one use. I'm excited to see what prolonged use brings!

Hum Vitamins (Varies) - I really enjoy these vitamins because the description tells you exactly what it helps. For example, instead of having to search what I need for a healthier liver, this one tells you on the bottle that is what it does. They also sell premade packets with a mix of pills that help get you 'runway ready', 'clear skin', '21 day detox', etc.. The packets are also great while you're traveling because you can grab your exact amount.

Not really beauty but can be helpful if you're taking lots of vitamins, I recently purchased this set of 3 pill cases. I love the bright citrus look and it keeps me from forgetting a pill. All three are only $7 too! 

Amazon Clothing Favorites: 

What are you Amazon must haves?! I know I shouldn't order them, but I'm dying to know!! Happy Shopping! XO 

What I Own (& LOVE) from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Friday, July 13, 2018

Every year Nordstrom has a huge sale, I mean huge. It's like the Christmas Day of sales and everyone freaks out. Yes, there are some great finds but it's mostly if you've had your eye on a big ticket item or you want to stock up on some basics. 

I'm actually going to Atlanta tomorrow with a sweet blogger friend to check out the sale IRL + do some other shopping. I actually can't shop the sale early because I don't have the Nordstrom Credit Card. I actually don't have any credit cards because I do not have self-control when it comes to online shopping and it's just a little promise I made myself. I'll be in Denver when the sale is live for the public so if I find anything I'm obsessed with, I can buy it then! *The #NSale is only open to cardholders for the first few days, then to the public on 7/20. Some items get restocked, some do not! 

ANYWHOOOO- in addition to new fall items, Nordstrom also releases some holy grail items on sale. Today I'm sharing some items, tried and true, from the sale that I'm obsessed with. 

True to Size
Regularly $95, Now $64
These should be required in every girl's closet! I was not convinced I needed to spend $100 on leggings but boy am I glad I tried them. They suck everything in, look incredible and are amazing quality. Dress them up or down, they're so comfortable. I can't wait for it to cool down some so I can wear them again. These will sell out. 

Two Colors Available
Regularly $203, Now $135
How crazy that Ray Ban (and such a popular style) are included in this sale! Such a great price and these will last you years.

True to Size 
Regularly $45, Now $29
These are the SOFTEST sweatpants ever. I love this brand. You will want to live in these, trust me. 

True to Size, Two Colors Available
Regularly $198, Now $129
Teddy bear jackets were a huge hit last year and I don't see that changing anytime soon. They were hard to find at a great price and this one is perfect! It feels like a sweatshirt but looks adorable. 

Sized Up for Layering, Two Colors Available
Regularly $129, Now $94
I've had this vest for years and get so much wear out of it. It looks great dressed up or down. I love the sweater material, it's so cozy for fall and winter! 

Regularly $60, Now $30
I love these sunglasses. They're one of my favorite pairs (and that's saying a lot, I'm a sunglass freak!). They are oversized and flattering on every face type! Quay is a great quality brand, so these are a steal at $30.

Regularly $70, Now $30
I love this lip set! I'm not a huge fan of lipliner and lipstick, but these are my go-to. Easy to apply, wear well and look great.

Regularly $180, Now $119
This is our favorite, favorite blanket ever. It's SO soft. RJ & I both have one and since it's summer it is all we sleep with at night. During the winter, we use it as an extra layer. I also take it every time I go out of town. Trust me, this blanket is gold. 

Regularly $159, Now $99
See all my blog posts about this here.
This thing is a GAME CHANGER. Not only does it help exfoliate and remove dead skin but it also helps with clearing complexions, reducing pore size, evening out skin tones, keeping your face clear and making your skin so soft. This thing will definitely sell out fast, it does everytime it goes on sale. 

Regularly $145, Now $76
I know this seems pricey, but this bottle will easily last you a whole year. I use it once a week with my PMD to really exfoliate my face. It is the perfect combo! Your skin will be so glowing soft. 

Regularly $65
This palette is great! It has three different options and they are perfect for a warm, luminous glow. 

Regularly $269, Now $169
See all my blog posts about it here
A MUST HAVE!! This little tool is such a game changer. It helps with the texture of your skin, fine lines, wrinkle prevention, helps your serums and creams work better, makes collagen production quicker and so much more. I used it every other night and some nights RJ even steals it. It's seriously so good yall. 

Red Carpet & Flatter Me
Regularly $50, Now $34
These are my go-to vitamin brand. I love these two, in particular, they both help with digestion and skin. 

Three Colors Available
Regularly $160, Now $99
These are the holy grail of booties! They are perfect for transition outfits. The open toe makes them appropriate for everything from shorts to leggings and the block heel makes them comfortable for everyday wear. 

Four Colors Available
Regularly $200, Now $130
Another staple piece that is worth buying now! Even though bootie weather seems far away, it's almost August and these will not go out of style. They are so comfortable and go with so many outfits. These get probably the most wear out of all my booties. 

Regularly $43, Now $30
Such a steal, four of my favorite products for just a little more than the price of one. I love the misting sprays for refreshing makeup, an afternoon pick me up or a relaxing spray before bed. I keep one in my purse and one in my bathroom. The gel enzyme cleaner is perfect for a gentle cleanser. The spot treatment is one of my must-have beauty items, it will clear a pimple in one night- it's truly a miracle worker! 

seventeen- Tory Burch Flats.
Three Colors Available
Regularly $250, Now $165
These are another great staple that won't go out of style! You can wear these year-round and they're appropriate for work or weekends.  

Two Colors Available
Regularly $70, Now $47
I love a clean white sneaker! It is perfect for running errands or date night casual in your favorite dress. These have a platform so they give you some height without losing comfort. #YesPlz!

Available in Two Colors
Regularly $85, Now $57
We got this as RJ's duffle for traveling and it's been so handy! It has held up so, so well for the past two years and still looks brand new. It holds so much, he usually doesn't even need any other luggage. I highly recommend. 

Here's What I Have My Eye On: 

One of my favorite sweaters I picked up! These jeans aren't from the sale but they came in the mail yesterday and I'm obsessed. They're perfect for late Summer and Fall! Shop the jeans here

What I bought at the Nordstrom Early Access Sale: 

I hope you enjoyed this little roundup! Early next week I'll share my try on haul and some other things I want still (please help, I can't stop!!). I usually think this sale is overhyped but there are truly some amazing staples in the sale this year!! I'd love to see what you guys are loving or what you buy! Happy Friday! XO 

Dream Kitchen Decor Hacks #HomeSweetSitton

Thursday, July 12, 2018

I've had this post in the back of my head for months, yet can't bring myself to write it because I always, always feel like a brat. See, I know we have an amazing kitchen but it's not exactly the kitchen I would have chosen. This isn't a real problem, or even really a problem, but I spend so much time in my kitchen, photographing my kitchen, photographing in my kitchen, looking at my kitchen- that it's just one of those things.

Since the first day we looked at our house, well even before when we found it online, I knew the kitchen was going to need some changes. I actually argued that we didn't even go see our house because I wasn't a fan of the kitchen. I just felt if we were spending the money to buy a home, it should be perfect! In the end, we loved everything else about our house, especially our lot. RJ convinced me though that they were just cosmetic changes and we would do whatever I liked if we bought the house. He told me we can always change a kitchen, we can't move a lot. He was right but don't tell him!! 

Well... now we're in our house and you know how it goes. We needed this and we needed that, we traveled here, this bill popped up, blah blah blah. A week rarely goes by where I don't remind RJ of the changes he promised but I'm just being impatient. I know we will get there one day, but for now, I'm just making do!

I thought this would actually be the perfect 'progress' post. I am trying to share more of the journey with you guys and not just the destination! I think it's more fun and real that way. I'm going to share a few images below that capture my image for my dream kitchen and then I'm going to spill the deets on some hacks I'm using to keep me happy in my current kitchen.

So here are a few shots of my 'dream' kitchen. I used to be a huge fan of an all-white kitchen, and yes I still think it's pretty. It's just not what I think fits our home and personality. I love love love the character that comes with wood accents, mixed with clean white counters and a clean backsplash... BE STILL MY HEART.

In addition to changing the countertops and backsplash, I want to swap our sink out for a farmhouse sink, add a pot filler, vent hood and replace our faucet. Fingers crossed that we can start making changes later this year.

Meanwhile, I'm making do with what I have and I know things could be a lot worse. I really like the layout of our kitchen and we have great storage options and prep space, it's amazing! So really everything is cosmetic. I know so many of you are in apartments, rental homes or like us and not in a spot to do a kitchen reno just yet (I'm shocked at how pricey they are!! I'm trying to convince RJ we can do most of the work and cut down prices ha!), so here's how you can love your current kitchen too!

  • Greenery & Plants: This is a great way to freshen up any kitchen and bring in life! Grab some fresh herbs and pot them or this artificial potted tree set is adorable.
  • Baskets: I am a basket hoarder! I actually had to stop myself from going overboard today at Homegoods. I love baskets for organizing cookbooks, coffee bar accessories, utensils and more. 
  • Leaning Photos & Cookbooks: If you don't have a backsplash or don't like your backsplash, or even just want to add some character- grab some hanging photo frames and cookbooks. These are so cute layered and leaning up against the backsplash. 
  • Knobs: One simple way to elevate your kitchen and take it from builder grade to custom, is by switching out your knobs. A few knobs that I love are matte black, gold/brass, unique shapes and even unique knobs. We got ours from Hobby Lobby but Amazon also has great ones. 
  • Cute Accessories: Think of your kitchen as functional and fashionable. While we use cookbooks and cheese boars for accessories, you can also add your other favorite decor too! We have a fun scale that also holds fruit, a cake stand with candles on it, an adorable lantern and more. When decorating your counter, use a rule of three and group things together. 
  • Embrace What Ya Got! Overall, I think it's important to look at the style and colors of your kitchen and really enhance them. If your kitchen is dark, brighten it up with light pieces. Add fun rugs, do what you can! Pinterest has so many hacks for DIY counters, backsplashes and more! 

This is part one of three of my Kitchen Hacks post. I will also have one on organization and storage hacks and I will have a Kitchen Hack post on food as well (think storage, when to splurge and when to save and more!). XO 

ps. lots of questions about our sugar mold succulents, see the full DIY post here

Monday Briefing. [July]

Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday! We meet again. After the long holiday week, Monday blues can be real. I decided to greet this Monday with a big smile, warm coffee and a lil' chit chat. Let's catch up! I'm going to spill some random things in my life and I would love to hear more about your Summer in the comments or on IG (@RileySitton).

one. This weekend flew by! I was driving most of the day Saturday, so RJ & I really only had Sunday to spend together. Next weekend is jammed packed but I'm excited. We've already decided to devote next Sunday to painting our laundry room. I want to go with a dark greyish blue. Be sure to follow along on Pinterest as I start pinning ideas to really trasnform it. You know you're getting old when you're excited to spend the weekend working on your laundry room.

two. Speaking of this weekend, it's my best friend's little boy's FIRST BIRTHDAY. I can't believe he's been melting our hearts for a whole year now. I feel like I was just meeting him in the hopsital yesterday. I ordred this adorable button down dress for his party. I'm so excited, it looks so comfy, is under $20 & if you have Prime- free two day shipping! It arrives today, I'll show you on my IG stories.  

three. Last week, I went to a skin clinic in Memphis and had my brows tinted. It's like getting your hair colored but refreshes your whole face! Best part? It's around $20 and lasts for a month. #OhYesPlz! I'll be back in August and plan to do a whole post for you guys!

four. I saw this trick on IG stories the other day to use surgical gauze when washing masks off your face. It's a little gentler than a washcloth yet still exfoliates. I used some tonight with my post PMD face mask and it was really great. Get 200 for $5 here.

five. I know it's crazy but I'm actually starting to want Fall to get here! After the 4th, I feel like Summer is starting to wind down and I'm dreaming of crisp, cozy nights by the fire, chunky sweaters, football game and the holidays. This morning it was not chilly but it was also not extremely hot! It seriously gave me butterflies. I always cure my little pre-Fall fever by ordering some staples from the upcoming NSale. Do y'all want me to do a post rounding up what I purchase?!

six. I used this Winky Lux Lippie yesterday and I'm obsessed! It is clear and goes on lip balm but it's tinted and moisturizing like a lipstick. RJ was so fascinated how it changes colors haha!

seven. A few of my favorite shows recently started back up and a few are ending this month. I so often get asked about shows and books that I wanted to updated my favorites list for you:

  • Handmaid's Tale: watch on hulu, weird in the beginning but then it's SO GOOD. Rj likes it too. Season 2 is about to end, but it's the perfect time to binge both seasons to prep for season three. 
  • Younger: Current season just came back on TVLand but past episodes available on Hulu. This show sounded so dumb but it's actually so so good. I've gotten so many of my friends hooked too! 
  • Very Cavallari: This just premiered last night and I can't wait to watch today! It looks so cute and is based in Nashville which is exciting. 
  • Real Housewives of OC: My guilty pleasure. The OGs of the OC return next week and I'm so pumped! 
I hope you enjoyed this chit chat! I would love to hear what you've been up to. XO 

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