2018. [My Word of the Year]

Happy NY! No matter how much you avoid it, the ‘New Year, New Me’ hype is unavoidable. It’s everywhere from social media, advertisements, word of mouth, TV.. and for good reason! Even if we are technically just starting a new calendar year, there’s nothing like feeling a reset. Especially after the holiday season.

Lord knows I need a reset more than ever. The holidays wiped me out in the best way possible! They were filled with family, food, fun and more food. I loved all the memories we made and laughter that was had but now I am ready for warm weather and spring. (It’s currently 5 degrees, so I don’t know if the warm weather is happening anytime soon. #sigh)

Last year I picked a word to set the tone for 2017. I really enjoyed having an easy, one word thought that I could revert to when I needed to regroup or reset throughout the year. I definitely wanted to do the same this year!

SO.. my word for 2018 is..


Wellness in my mind, body and soul. You may or may not know by now but I am a very ‘Yes’ person. I will give every single thing I have to others and throughout 2017, I saw myself giving away too much and it began to negatively affect myself and those around me. 

Mind. I will give, give, give until I have nothing left to give. I think that is one reason I love blogging so much. If I know that ‘x item’ is the best, I want everyone to know, to try it. If I feel like I can help someone, I will give my time and energy to make sure it gets done. I know this isn’t a horrible quality but this year I need to learn to do it with balance. I stay pretty busy with blogging, work and my personal life and even if I don’t like to admit it, I too need downtime. So this year I want to say yes with a purpose but also learn to say no for the sake of my mental wellness. 

Body. My mom tells me to schedule a workout like a meeting, one you cannot miss. I hope to get better at this in 2018. When I’m up late working on last minute edits or deadlines, only to be greeted with a 6 am wake up call to drive two hours for work.. the thing that usually gets crossed off my list is a workout. While I’m proud of how my businesses have grown in 2017, my physical wellness has suffered. This year I want to do better at working smarter not more, being more organized and healthier, so that I can devote the proper amount of attention to my physical well being. 

Soul. I saw many relationships flourish in 2017, which makes me so happy. I want to continue this year growing with myself, with others and with God. I want my soul to be a strong one, a soul without envy, comparison, hatred or negativity. I have been working on ways to combat this already and I’m excited to see what works and what doesn’t. I want to grow at being a better blogger, a better wife, a better friend, a better daughter and better human. I want to embrace exactly what my life is and celebrate it. 

I do have a few specific goals this year but honestly the list is not as long as last year. I really like the fact that a plan is mapped out for me and I have yet to discover what it holds. My main things to accomplish this year are continuing to grow my blog, site and brand for myself and for you guys. To provide you with more, better content and get to know you guys even more. I also have a long list of things I want to do in our home. I love our house so much but I feel it lacks a certain amount of us that I hope to bring to it this year. Besides that just the usual spending time with loved ones, maybe a traveling a few new places and just enjoying life as it comes. 

I do want to thank you guys so much. You all made 2017 one that I’ll never forget. I hope whatever your goals, words, choices are for 2018 are ones that you’ll do with positivity and an open mind. Part of the reason I chose the name Yes, Please is that I pride myself in (99% of the time) seeing the world through a glass half full. I tend to have the mindset that I really could do just about anything and I think it has helped me lead a life of happiness year after year. 

I challenge you to say yes more often this year and even when you have to say no, do it out of positivity. And while I maybe can’t do everything, it sure is fun to try! Stop thinking about things so much and just give it a shot. As cheesy as it sounds, life’s just a little better that way. 

I would love to hear your accomplishments for 2017, your goals for 2018 and honestly just saying hi makes my day! Please always feel free to comment on my posts, DM me, anything. It makes my day more than you’ll ever know. Even if I can just help one person have a better, happier, easier day -then I know my job here was a success! I have lots of new and exciting things planned for this year and I cannot wait for this little adventure together. 

Here’s to 2018! CHEERS XO 

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