The Time I Almost Bought Followers..

Monday, October 30, 2017

To start off, these photos have 0% to do with what we're chit chattin' about today. I just really love these photos (& the baby goats) and wanted to share them with you guys! I guess if you wanted to reach, you could say buying followers is awful and spending your money on goats would be a much wiser decision.. but maybe that's just me. Ha!


I've kinda transformed the 'Girl Talk' section on here into a lil' Behind the Scenes of Blogging, #BehindtheScreen if you will. I took a poll on IG earlier to see how you guys felt about it! I had a feeling there would definitely be some people who don't really care what happens behind the screen. You're just here for yummy food, cute clothes and party fun. Hey I don't mind! 


There were so many of you guys who are here for behind the screen fun. In fact, last time I checked 77% of you voted YAS keep it coming. So here we are! ps. I want to keep this as a pretty regular series, so if you have any specific questions, post requests, etc. plz email me or DM me (@YesPleaseDaily).

Today, I wanted to share a little blurb of encouragement. Something that has been heavy on my blogger heart & mind + can hopefully help some girls out there!

The dreaded Instagram Follower count. 

Don't you feel like it's the ultimate judgement? I know I do. Brands only work with you if you have X amount of followers, you are only considered 'professional' if you have a certain amount, you get certain features past a certain mark, blah blah blah blah blah. It can be a huge Debbie downer y'all. 

I'd like to say I can easily ignore it, but I can't say thats one hundred precent the truth. Which brings me to a bad, bad day.

It was a long day at work. I was so tired with a million looming deadlines. A messy house. An empty fridge. A blog post that I stayed up way too late finishing with a number of page views that made me sad and an Instagram not preforming how I felt it would. I was feeling low.

I thought to myself, if I only had X amount of followers.. I wouldn't have to worry about how many likes or comments I got (if you're not in the blogging world, how an IG preforms can majorly affect if brands are satisfied with a sponsored post, if they'll work with you at all, etc. so it's a business thing! more on this later), I wouldn't have to work a day job and blog at night, etc. And I thought about that seemingly oh, so easy solution looming in my Spam folder.

And I opened it. '25,000 followers for $blah blah amount. Likes included, slow delivery.' the whole teasingly good spiel. But then it hit me.. NO! What!? I've worked so hard for four + years just to cheat now. No way. I quickly deleted my Spam folder.

Looking back, this momentary lapse of judgement almost ruined so much hard work. I'm so happy I didn't do it, and here's why..

First, I think about all the sweet girls who message me asking for advice on growing their blog and I can honestly tell them the truth. Genuine content, hard work and dedication. If I would have bought followers, I would have to lie to those sweet girls and be totally against everything I've ever stood for.

It wouldn't be true to myself either. What's the point of working to produce this content for you guys, if half of my readers were 'fake'. Like seriously it's so silly.. what's the point?! I'm able to connect with you guys, share my life with y'all and build this little, positive Yes, Plz community. Which is all I ever wanted.

Finally, it would be lying to brands. I'm very careful who I work with for sponsored content. I never want to 'sell out' or only post about something for the money. I want to share products, brands, people with you guys who I truly love and believe in. But if I had a fake following I would basically be stealing money from these brands. (Like before, brands gage if they'll work with you and how much you'll make off your follower count and engagement. )

I like to think I learned a lot that day. True I may not grow as quickly as some girls out there, but I have truly built a community and a relationship with so many readers. I wouldn't trade that for anything.

I post what I want, my real life and I know that I can be myself with you guys! Yes, I hope one day I can reach more girls and make this a full time career but not for the money. Only for the ability to devote 100% of myself to making Yes, Please the best it can be and reaching as many girls as possible.

Girls, if you're starting a blog here's my advice. Ignore the numbers. Stay true to yourself and post what you want. Have fun. Interact. Get to know the girls who are following along and build a relationship. It really is the best getting to talk to you all. Don't cheat because it's never worth it! 

And if you love Yes, Please & want to help me grow.. Thank you!! Share my posts with your friends, by word of mouth, tagging friends in comments, on your Facebook, liking my photos, or just letting me know if you do or don't like posts. I'm working on bringing more giveaways to the blog so I can continue to serve you the best possible.

I know it's cheesy and so many girls may say it, but I swear it's true. You guys mean so much to me. You've helped me accomplished my dreams, so thank you!! If you are a blogger here reading, drop your site in the comments! I would love to come check it out.

Ps. I hope you enjoyed my goat pictures. I am so serious about trying to buy a goat ha!

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Halloween Fun [Last Minute Party, Food & Decor Ideas]

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Something about a holiday gets me every time. I love celebrations. I think it's because I love happiness, being positive and coming together with others.

Anyway. October is great for so many reasons but one huge reason being that is kicks off a whole season of celebrations. This first being Halloween, obviously. It's the perfect time to throw a spooky get together or maybe even creepy crawly date night!

I took full advantage of an October Friday the 13th.. so spooky right!? We had a Halloween Housewarming party and I'm very pleased with how everything turned out! We had 'Mummified' Jalapeño Poppers, Shrunken Head Sangria, Vodka soaked gummy fangs, jello shot worms and more. I'm sharing some decor inspo photos below as well as recipes!

Most of our Halloween decor came from Target, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby or Amazon! I'll link what specifics I can at the bottom. My biggest tip when it comes to decorating for the holidays is storage. Make sure to organize and properly store everything, so you can build a collection up year after year. The foam bats are from Hobby Lobby! I've gotten a lot of questions about those. :) 

Once all the decor was ready (aka a flood of pumpkins in our house), it was time for the main event.. food and drinks!  

I wanted to comprise my menu of things I could prep the night before. I also wanted to make sure everything was either adorable or spooky and obviously Halloween-ish. I decided on a Pesto Pasta Salad, Mummy Jalapeño Poppers, Krystals (always a favorite when late nights are involved), a Halloween S'Mores station, Jello Shot Worms, Shrunken Head Sangria and Vodka Soaked Gummies. As well as a few other dips and snacks brought by sweet friends! 

Shrunken Head Sangria // Make these 'shrunken head' apples + prepare Sangria of your choice (I did this one and it was a HUGE hit, so so yummy). Place heads in sangria right before serving. 

'Moldy' Pesto Pasta Salad (not really moldy but pesto fits the spooky part ya know?) // Cook cheese tortellini according to directions. On a sheet pan, bake tortellini, diced zucchini, squash and cherry tomatoes tossed in drizzled olive oil, garlic powder, salt and pepper + juice from 1 lemon for 15-20 minutes at 375 degree F. Toss in pesto & store in fridge until ready to serve.

Vodka Soaked Gummies // I found the vampire gummies at Target and soaked them in a bottle of strawberry vodka. These weren't the best but they looked so cute! 

Jello Shot Worms // This and the sangria were my favorite! I was SO happy with how they turned out. They were pretty easy to make, but very annoying to get out of the straw. You could definitely make these far in advance. I followed this worm recipe but added 2 cups rum when I added the water. 

Halloween S'More Station // In addition to the traditional s'mores stuff, I added Halloween peeps and Reese's pumpkins!

In addition to our Halloween decor, I snagged these fun skeleton hand glasses & skeleton funnel from Amazon. Both are on Prime so if you order now, you can get it in time for this weekend or Halloween!  

If you have any specific questions about our party or food comment below and I'll be sure to answer! If you try any of these recipes or decor, tag me on Insta (@YesPleaseDaily)! I love seeing y'all recreate everything. xo 

My Birthday Bucket List: 25 Things to Do While I'm 25

Monday, October 23, 2017

October Twenty Third. Here again! One of my favorite days of the year. No, not just because it's the perfect excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, drink a lil' too much rosé with friends and laugh the night away with RJ.. oh wait that's exactly why! 

The past birthdays and years have been filled with so many amazing memories, it's almost scary to go into a new one. It's a little insane to think that 25 can be any better than 24, but I thought the same thing last year. Twenty four, the year we got married, bought a home, travelled to Europe, made new friends, made new memories, started new jobs, accomplished goals. It's all too great, I'm too lucky, too blessed. 

Anyway, before you want to punch me in the face for being too gushy, I have to think each and every one of you. My life truly wouldn't be the same without this little corner of the internet and I'm so very happy to share this journey with you guys. May this year be as much fun as twenty four.

But today, I'm sharing my Birthday Bucket List! Twenty five things to do while I'm twenty five. Lezzgo -- 

1. Try something new. I figured this was an easy enough place to start. I tend to be a creature of habit, so maybe it's a new food, a new workout, a new hair style.. who knows?! 

2. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon. I think I already know where this one is going to happen and I'm SO excited. 

3. Learn to say 'No' when necessary & accept maybe (sometimes) I really can't do it all.  I'm the queen of saying yes (please ha!) but sometimes I stretch myself too thin and then nothing gets accomplished. I want to spend 25 doing less things, better. 

4. Find a way to get closer to my readers IRL. Maybe this is through meet ups, monthly events, more IG lives, but I will figure out a way! 

5. Explore more of Europe. Last year we went to Italy on our honeymoon and I fell in love. As much as I just want to go back to Italy over and over again, I really want to explore more of Europe (and maybe Asia too!). 

6. Watch less TV. It's hard because we get sucked into shows, but this year I want to spend more time doing new things or put that time towards things I already do! 

7. Become a 'Big Sister'. No, not a real big sister! The volunteer type. I've already applied, so positive thoughts and prayers that it works out. This is something I've always wanted to do but somehow used to selfishly slip to the back of my to do list. 

8. Drink less Coffee. & Find something healthier to drink in the morning. 

9.  Take RJ to California. I've travelled to California a lot since I was a young girl and I love it. I have a lot of favorite spots that I would love to share with RJ. He's never been to California, so I think it would be fun to show it to him. 

10. Become a Better Photographer. Luckily my BFF Nat is helping me with this and looking back at old posts it's like night and day but I often get lazy and just shoot on my iPhone which is crazy because I have a camera! 

11. Start + Continue my YouTube channel. I've wanted to do this for too long but tbh video freaks me out! I am filming my first video this week so stay tuned. 

12. Unplug More. I want to get better at scheduling things, posts, etc. so I can unplug some when I need to! Digital media is my job so sometimes it's hard, but I know I can get better at organizing my time. 

13. Find more ways to give back. To those in need with volunteering, donating and prayer. To you guys with more giveaways, helpful and relatable content and goodies! 

14. Be More Consistent. This was one of my New Year's resolutions and while I think I've improved, I still have a way to go. 

15. Develop a Routine that I stick to 100%. I want to become a morning person and follow through my routine every morning. 

16. Take more girl's weekends/girl's trips. Another with my Melmama, one with my mom, one with my best friends. 

17. Improve my Spanish. Also on my NY Resolutions, I have a dream to one day be fluent.. maybe this is my year! 

18. Go to Canada. I would love to go to Canada this time next year. It looks soooo pretty, seriously like something out of a picture! I would love to ride a train all across Canada. 

19. Give Up Dairy. I have done it once before and I was so much healthier, my body was so much happier. It's hard though because I love ice cream and I love cheese boards. This may stay at the end of my list. 😉

20. Finally Complete Whole 30. I've always wanted to do this, to reset my body and see how I feel grain + dairy + alcohol free for a whole month. I've tried before and failed, this is my year! 

21. Do More Things for the Pups. They're pretty spoiled but we often neglect time we could be spending doing something they love (no more choosing brunch instead of taking them for a hike), I want to give them what they want while they're still young enough to enjoy it! 

22. Create a Cookbook. Even if it's just a personal one, I want a physical book that holds all my favorite recipes and maybe even some from my family's cookbooks. 

23. Learn to Let Go (a Little). I'm pretty anal about planning, hate surprises and not good at going with the flow. This year I want to loosen up some and take things as they come. 

24. Get Better with Money. I am not the best at saving money but I'm seriously working on it. I want to be able to save more money this year. 

25. A Big Secret Project. This is something I've wanted to do for a long time but I finally think I can do it. I don't want to say too much but hopefully will get to share with you all this year!! 

I seriously can't explain how grateful I am for everything that has happened this past year. I am surrounded by the most incredible family, friends, and virtual fam (you guys!!). Everyone is so supportive of all my crazy ideas. I actually cried shooting these photos, thinking about how much this blog and you guys mean to me, thinking about how sad I am to say goodbye to 24 I seriously feel like nothing will ever top it. 

Finally, I have to give a HUGE THANKS to my bestie Natalie Caho for helping me take these photos, eat an ice cream sundae with me at 9 am and crying with me in public. You da best. Y'all probably remember Natalie when she co-blogged with me here some earlier this year, she now has her own Lifestyle + Mommy blog & she is an incredible photographer if you need engagement, wedding or lifestyle shoot done. She all here amazing-ness here

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Current Fall Faves // October

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's finally feeling Fall-ish here in ole Tennessee! I could not be happier, although my bank account may be suffering just a little.

Sunday, I took a trip to Memphis with a pit stop in Nashville for some shopping with my family. When I was back in town Tuesday, I shared a lil' Instagram story haul and it was so fun! I know a lot of you don't watch stories so I thought I would share everything here too.

I have to apologize, the photos are a tad dark! I keep forgetting the sun sets earlier this time of year and I was losing light. I had to cut the photos short some but I'll still link everything I purchased at the bottom. 

| Sweater | Demin | Booties
I'm obsessed with this sweater. It's almost like a super chic, adorable sweatshirt aka I'm going to wear it non-stop. It's lighter material which makes me happy because it stays fairly warm down here for a while! If you live somewhere colder, you could definitely layer it! The detailing on the sleeve is beyond gorgeous, I'm seriously obsessed. I got a medium in the top, jeans run true to size, as well as the booties! ps. I LOVE these jeans because they tuck into ankle booties, as well as over the knee boots etc. 

| Dress 40% off! (Size Up) | Leopard Mules (Similar) |
I picked up this gorgeous silk number for a Fall wedding. I love how easy it is, yet still makes a statement! It's light enough to not get hot while dancing, but easy to pair with a fur coat or leather jacket. It is hard to tell in this photo but one shoulder has the most gorgeous detailing! It's also currently 40% off and a steal! 

| Cold Shoulder Sweater | Velvet Mules (Similar, Multiple Colors) | 
I actually gasped when I saw this sweater. The sales associate thought I was crazy, but I didn't care! It was love at first sight. It's BP and all their sweaters are heavenly. It runs TTS. I think I may pair it with this blush suede skirt next time I wear it. 

| Dusty Rose Duster | Crushed Velvet Camisole (Almost Identical, 40% off) | 
Blush is not only my favorite color IRL but also my favorite color in my closet too. I love this fun velvet camisole paired with this silky trench. I can't wait to pair this trench with everything from casual outfits to nice dresses. 

I love the little detailing on this one shoulder sweater. Perfect to throw on with jeans or pair with a black skirt for a more polished, glam look. (Runs TTS) 

 I also picked up a few other things, some really great staples for the cooler weather coming up! I grabbed these leather moto leggings (A little pricier, but AMAZING quality. These will last season after season. & they suck EVERYTHING in, #OhYesPlz) and these cotton moto leggings that I cannot wait to pair with oversized sweaters. 
Speaking of sweaters, I grabbed this oversized cardigan perfect for lounging or pairing with over  the knee boots for a more dressy look. (Size down in the sweater!) 

Everyone seemed to love the IG story haul, so be sure to follow along for the next one(@YesPleaseDaily)! If you have any questions, lemme know. Happy Thursday. XO 

FALL SANGRIA // Easy + Delicious #OhYesPlz

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

fall sangria cocktail recipe

Last weekend we whipped up the yummiest Fall Sangria and I would feel so guilty not sharing it with you all. It's basically dump, mix, store, pour which is the best of all cocktail recipes.

My friends and I often try to make these elaborate cocktails, only to waste money, time and a clean kitchen. I have ultimately stayed away from cocktail creations unless it sounds really good or is sangria. This falls in both categories.

Four ingredients, about 10 minutes and you're a happy sipper! Enough yip yappin', let's get to the good stuff.


2 Bottles of Pinot Grigio
5 Cups of Apple Cider
2 Cups of Caramel Vodka
2 Cinnamon Sticks + More for Garnish (Optional)

1. Combine everything in a large bowl, pitcher, etc.
2. Sit over night
3. Enjoy!

I plan on making another batch this weekend, it was so so yummy. What's your favorite Fall concoction?! If you make this one be sure to share on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily #OhYesPlz). XO

One Pot Rosemary Chicken & Potatoes

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

I get so sick of planning dinners but I also get so sick of the same foods over and over. Ya feel me? One night we were so low on groceries and I had just enough random items to throw this lil' dish together that soon became a weekly staple.

It's so good. So, so good. Easy, cheap, healthy and makes perfect leftovers (if you have any 😉). If you're looking to impress on your next date night, cozy up with something yummy or just throw something new and refreshing in the mix, this One Pot Rosemary Chicken & Potatoes is for you!

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, just like how easy this recipe is. I like to pair mine with a can of no salt added French Green Beans and maybe some bread if RJ's lucky.

One Pot Rosemary Chicken & Potatoes 
Serves 2
Level: Easy

2 Boneless Chicken Breasts (Thawed)
1 Bag of Fingerling Potatoes (Cut into Fourths)
2 Lemons (One juiced, one sliced)
1/3 Cup of Olive Oil
2 Tbsp. Garlic *We like a lot
2 Teaspoons Dried Rosemary
Salt & Pepper

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
2. In a large baking dish combine lemon juice, olive oil, rosemary, garlic and a dash of salt/pepper. Mix well.
3. Add in chicken and cut potatoes. Toss to coat everything.
4. Top with lemon slices and bake for 30-35 minutes or until chicken is fully cooked and potatoes are soft to touch.
5. When you serve, be sure to pour extra juice over the top & enjoy!

Seriously, this recipe is a life saver! Knowing you can have such a delicious dinner after a long day with minimum work.. it's the ultimate treat. If you're feeding a family or just want leftovers to enjoy later you can easily double, triple, etc. this recipe but cooking time may increase! 

Also, we hate onions but I also think if my readers love onions they probably hate my recipe haha! I imagine this would be a dish that onions would fit well in. I would just diced them and add when you add the chicken and potatoes. 

If you try it, share it with me on Instagram or IG stories by tagging @YesPleaseDaily & #OhYesPlz. Literally nothing makes me happier than seeing you guys enjoying our recipes. Thanks for popping in! xo 

How to Work Pinterest like a Blogger Boss + My BIGGEST Social Media Secret EVER

A couple of months ago I was brainstorming blog topics. I like to get things fresh and fun, yet helpful. Because honestly, who cares to read an entire post about one sweater, that's what IG is for right?! See. LiketkIt. Shop. Wear. Love.

I kept toying with the topic of Pinterest. It's something that's constantly on my mind.. in life, in work, in our kitchen, in our house, in almost everything. Lately, I use Pinterest almost as much as Google. I knew growing my Pinterest, would in turn grow my brand.

Anyway, I have been working on my Pinterest game and was thinking I would keep track of what worked and what didn't to share with you guys.

But. I'm so sick of acting like I'm an 'expert' in all these things y'all. I constantly talk about how I want this to be a two way street, a conversation between me and all you guys, yet I am the one stopping it. I sit here and yap, yap, yap.. then say 'You have to tell me if this works for you too!'. Why not do it together?

Why not change the narrative together. Let's grow together, let's learn together.

So today, I'm sharing what I've researched about Pinterest. What I've tested and learned works. And what doesn't. And what's on my Pin-genda for the future. I want to hear what you're doing. What's working and not working.

And I'm going to tell you my game changing Pinterest secret. That has worked for me! 

Ready? Let's go!

Here's what I've been doing-- 

C L E A N   I T   U P 
This was the most annoying part for me. I am horrible at keeping my computer/phone/files tidy. Pinterest is no exception. During my research I read that cleaning up your boards, deleting pins that didn't do well or fixing pins that went to a broken link could be huge in helping your algorithm (aka Pinterest thinks your pins are more 'worthy' to be shown as popular, so more people see them). 

I went through and deleted boards I didn't need any more and fixed old links. #SOboring I also renamed some boards to be more "on brand".  All in all, I'm really happy that I cleaned it up. It's nice to have everything in order. I will say I lost about 3 followers but definitely worth it. 

I've also read that there is an 80/20 rule to pinning. For every 20% of your own pins you pin, you need to pin 80% of other peoples pins. 

M A K E   I T   E A S Y 
One thing I've noticed that has definitely upped my game is making it way easier for my readers to pin my posts. In addition to the 'Hover to Pin' button on my images, I always add a 'Pinable Image' at the end of the post with a direct link to click and save to their Pinterest board. 

I use PicMonkey to make all my Pinable images. I'll share my steps below!

1. Open your image under editor. When picking your image make sure it's eye catching and vertical. Vertical images preform better on Pinterest. You can also use the collage feature, I love doing this for recipes. I'll add four photos but delete one to leave a white space for words. 

2. I like to start by making a banner to center all my text. I think it creates a focal point and gets to the point. I try to make this a color that coordinates with the photo.

3. Next I add the words. I like to choose fonts that mix well like cursive and plain text, bold and skinny, etc. I add each line in a separate text box so that I can control the spacing. I also like to add the depth effect to really make it pop. I like to add my website URL in the corner to make sure it can be linked back to my site if the image is reused on other sites, etc.

4.  Finally I save it and insert into my post! **You can also save it to your hub incase you need to edit it later. 

My biggest tip that I have noticed has changed my Pin-game, made multiple pins go 'viral' and brought over thousands of new views to each post is by thinking like Pinterest. Ok, so instead of treating one blog post the same on every platform, think about how to market it. Treat each platform as a separate tool. So I like to use my blog post as a long narrative, that's both informative and personal. I use it to tell a story while demonstrating tips or things that are helpful. Depending on the platform, I will share it different ways. I like to be more personal on Instagram. I truly feel like I have a lil' IG fam there and I like to share my life with you guys!

But on Pinterest, people don't know you and don't care to know you. They are there for help. Help decorating, help cooking, help with ideas, etc. So I always try to make my pins informative and to the point. 

Example. Instead of titling this pinable image - 'My Journey with Pinterest', I titled it 'How to Create Pinable Images'. This is more informative and more likely to get clicked. Sometimes I even create a second image and place it in the post as well. For example, my title image 'How to Work Pinterest like a Blogger Boss + My BIGGEST and BEST Social Media Secret'. Both eye catching and informative.

Ok so, now ya know! My little secret. If you like these real life, unfiltered tips you can subscribe to my emails here & follow along on IG (@YesPleaseDaily). If you have more tips for me TELL ME! I want this to be a two way street.

On my agenda for this year are bettering my photography, learning to use Tailwind to schedule my pins and by joining Boardbooster for continued clean up, Pin groups and more. And maybe find out how to not need any sleep at all so I can knock out this continually growing to-do list. Share tips below! Comment on my IG with tips! Do anything because I'm ready to do knock this Pinterest thing out of the ballpark y'all. XO

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