Copycat Strabucks: Iced Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato

Monday, May 15, 2017

This post is much like a Monday should be, short, sweet & to the point. 😉 I've been traveling every weekend for over and a month and missing my Sunday morning coffee dates with the Hubs. I have never been a huge Starbucks fan, sure I like it but hated that they didn't offer many non dairy options. When they announced the addition of almond milk to their menu, I was over the moon!

So now I'm highly addicted to the Cinnamon Almond Milk Macchiato from Starbucks and sadly can't allow myself to spend $7 on coffee every morning. Last week I decided to take a chance and whip up one in my own little kitchen. The results were perfect and I can happily drink my favorite cinnamon-y, caramel iced coffee everyday!

K Cup Espresso Pod
1/2 Cup Vanilla Almond Milk
1 Tablespoon of Cinnamon (I add a little more)
2 Pumps of Starbucks Caramel Syrup

1. In a glass or coffee cup, add ice, almond milk, syrup and cinnamon
2. Brew espresso into glass and enjoy!

It's SO simple y'all and so delicious. I have a pack of these straws that are reusable and perfect for drinking coffee.

I hope your Monday is as easy as this recipe and I hope all you Mamas and Grandmas out there enjoyed your special day yesterday! Y'all are seriously superstars, I don't know how you do it all. Be sure to follow along on Instagram (@RileySitton) for more recipes, hacks and cute, budget friendly finds.

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Mother's Day

Friday, May 12, 2017

Mother's Day. One of the most deserving holidays in the entire year. Think about all the other holidays we celebrate and then think about who typically puts in the most work to make each holiday a success. Surprisingly I can never think of a gift for my special ladies, I think it's because I want to give them way more than I can afford. Anyway, to kick off this special weekend I wanted to honor some very special ladies in my life. 

I really want to preface this post to say, I hope none of you think I'm come off braggy. I know how incredibly lucky to have so many amazing women in my life, not only do I have a one of a kind mom which is more than I deserve but I am surrounded by strong, beautiful women. I think one reason I'm able to blog is because each of their unique and wonderful characteristics has shaped me into the well rounded person I am today (seriously I owe it all to them). And I thank God every day that I get to have them in my life,  a couple year's ago I saw a girl I know suddenly lost her Mom to a brain aneurism and I think about her so much. I know I'm so blessed just to be able to call my mom for a quick recipe question or to vent about a tough day, I wish I could share my Moms (& Grandma) with you because I know y'all would love them too. 

My Mama.

My mom and I are so opposite, but also share so many characteristics. We both are stubborn and competitive. We cannot stand to lose, we love love love to talk. Oh my gosh can we talk. Honestly, when we're together stories never end because one leads into another and another. My mom has taught me about being a strong, independent woman in my personal life and career. She's constantly reminding me that I can do anything I want to do. 

She hates shopping, can you believe it?! She calls me and I find outfits for her for special occasions. She doesn't care about things, she loves experiences and traveling and having fun. Growing up we would go on so many road trips just her and my grandma. I remember being in the hotels with them and all my stuffed animals, I was the only child for 6 years so I got to make many memories with just them. We both love to read and be outside. She loves to cook and we're always sharing recipes. She thinks she isn't very crafty, but she actually is! She's so, so incredibly loud and has the funniest Snapchat stories you'll ever watch. 

One week she was in Mexico and I couldn't call her, it was the most lost I've ever been! I never realized how much she still helps me every single day and how much I enjoy talking to her about things. I'm so lucky to be able to call her so often. 

I can never thank my mom for all the encouragement she's given me over the years. I honestly don't think I would have this blog if it wasn't for her, she always taught me that standing out was a good thing. To take risks and not worry about what others think. To be myself and be positive. I hope one day to be a mother like her. 

My Grandma. 

My grandma is one of my best friends. If I had one wish, it would be for her and my grandfather to be 25 again so we could hang out everyday. Even though she lives in Memphis, we talk on the phone every day. Months can go by in between visits but it doesn't feel like it at all. My grandma has always been my biggest cheerleader and number one fan, no matter what I do my grandma thinks I'm Beyonce. 

Both my grandma and I cry over everything (in fact I know you're crying right now Grandma!), happy, sad, sweet, we will cry over it. She recently got her first laptop and she loves seeing all our pictures. Every morning I call her and she's on 'The Facebook'. She is so friendly, but can also be the mean italian Grandma that you love! She would never let anyone bully you, in fact in second grade she came to my school lunch because I wasn't invited to a girl's birthday party. 

My Grandma loves her family so much. She would do anything for anyone and will always try to feed you a million things. I'll never forget spending the night at her house while I was growing up and looking through old photos and trying on her old clothes, it's one of my favorite memories ever. 

*When we took these pictures my Grandma goes "Are we making a blog?" I said yes ha! and then she goes "What's a blog?", even though she reads every post. 😂

My MelMama. 

'Stepmom' can have such a negative meaning and doesn't describe my Mel at all. Not only am I beyond lucky with my Mom and Grandma, but I somehow got an amazing stepMelMom too. I know it's crazy, but I am probably one of the few people who are happy their parents got divorced. I honestly couldn't imagine my life without all four of my parents, my mom & stepdad + my dad and stepmom. 

Somehow God was able to fill my life with these four parents that all get along so well, and for that I know I'm so lucky. I don't know how but I am able to have all these women with all these different passions, talents, personalities and I get the best of each from every one of them. 
Mel and I have very similar passions for clothing, beauty, trying new wellness products, testing out new Amazon finds and finding new cocktails to make. Mel is so giving and loving, she even invites my Grandparents (my mom's parents) to all our events and holidays because she knows I don't get to spend that much time with them. She's gotten close to them too because they mean so much to my siblings and I. 
Melanie has never tried to replace my mom, but she's still always been a best friend just like my mom and grandma. She supports everything we do, really learns about and takes part in what we're interested in and helps every one in our family. She always knows the best little remedies and will answer any of my million questions. (seriously, mom's are like your own personal Google. How do they do it?!) 

I can never thank them enough for everything they do, I have 6 siblings back home and knowing they get to grow up under these amazing women makes me so happy. We're so lucky to have such great people taking care of us, when I could get any luckier I actually am -- a huge thanks to my mother in law, my 'step' grandparents and hub's grandma. Y'all are super women and if I can even be one eigth of the moms you have been, my children will be very, very lucky too.

I hope y'all have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend, I'm headed back to Memphis for my brother's graduation and to hug all these amazing women! 


Coffee Date: The Real Life of Blogging

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Welcome to Coffee Date! A new Yes, Plz series that will be like a lil' coffee date with each and every one of you. For the first ever coffee date I'd thought we chit chat about a very requested topic.. blogging!  

I love getting post requests, in all honesty sometimes it's hard to fill my editorial calendar! There are a lot of things I love sharing with y'all but there are also a lot of days in the month. Not complaining at all, I love blogging and that's why I'm always so happy when y'all ask for tips/advice/guidance on starting your own blog! 

Seriously, this little corner of the internet, my Yes, Please family and every brand + individual I've ever met has been life changing. When I think about everything I've been lucky enough to do, everyone I've been fortunate enough to help, just everything that has come along with this site, I honestly cry. Tears, every time. 


It's hard work. Blogging is very time consuming. When blogging isn't your full time job (and it most likely won't be for the first few years or ever), you spend most if not all of your free time behind the screen -- camera screen, computer screen, iPhone screen. Not to say it's not worth it, because it SO is but you have to have your whole heart in it and I do. There's days I think about my blog and my heart literally aches for it to grow and reach more people and be better, I would trade everything in my house to keep blogging (if that was ever a circumstance ha!). So this brings me to my first tip.. 

It's a commitment.  Prepare to spend late nights, early mornings and weekends shooting, writing, emailing, instagramming, etc. etc. etc. Also be prepared to not reap rewards right away. It was over a year before I saw my first paid sponsorship, so don't go into this expecting to become an overnight millionaire. Start blogging because you really have something you want to share not just to receive free clothes and Instagram likes. 
Not only is it a commitment, but it's harder than ever and getting harder. The industry is saturated with bloggers, buying followers and likes (never do this) and changing Instagram algorithms. So here's my advice on how to stand out and make a presence..

Pick a Niche, Be Yourself, Stay True to What You Know. This is something I'm guilty of, I tried to be too broad and appeal to everyone. Now that I have narrowed down my niche, I feel like I can do what I'm meant to do here in the blog-sphere. Once you know what you're blogging about and why you're blogging, stay true to it. Don't just copy what someone else is doing, be yourself and stay true to what you know. Be natural and you will attract a natural audience and never cheat the system with bought followers. 
It gets lonely sometimes, most likely no one else in your real world knows anything about your digital world. Sure they'll be polite and listen to you talk about the 'best time to post' or crazy pr emails but they don't really know. Join a blog community, get to know some of the other cutie bloggers you follow on Instagram, make friends! The other bloggers aren't your competition, work together and be strong in your community. 


Don't drive them nuts, this is a pet peeve of mine in all aspects of life but it drives me crazy when someone asks me an in-depth question that they've clearly spent no time researching. 
Google is your BFF. Lots of blog questions (and life questions) can be answered with a simple Google search. Don't be lazy, ask Google before asking others. 

**EDIT: I realized, I didn't want y'all to think I'm not here to help because I LOVE hearing from you guys or answering any questions, but sometimes it takes me a minute to answer emails/messages, so if it's something simple you can most likely Google it quicker than I can help! 
One of the worst parts is writer's block, don't worry it happens to everyone. My favorite way to beat writer's block is to head outdoors. I take a break and walk the dogs, I go for a run down by river or call a friend and hang out on the back porch. Getting my mind off what it should be on is the perfect way to get it back on track.

My favorite way to start the day is with a run, there's no better way to get my creative juices flowing and ready to write a great post for y'all. 😉

When it all comes down to it, it's your blog and you make the rules. The best way to learn is by trial and error. Looking back at old posts, old emails, etc. and seeing what I said/wore/took pictures at and I cringe but that's all part of the journey. Hopefully, with your support, I'll keep growing and keep getting better so I can serve you better. I can never in a million years thank you for reading along, it means more than you'll ever know. I hope this helps some, there is no secret formula to blogging but supporting each other is a huge help! You can read previous blogging tips I've shared here.

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow along in the fun over on Instagram (@YesPleaseDaily).
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DIY Headboard by Nat and #Paypal Styling Tips by Riley

Monday, May 8, 2017

DIY Headboard Instructions 

When I started looking at headboards, I knew I wanted something that was one of a kind and as I mentioned before in my DIY Wreath Post, I am definitely a girl who sees something she likes and thinks "I can make that" rather than buying immediately. I knew what I wanted and could envision it in my head but couldn't find any online or in the stores locally. I drew up the overall style I was wanting and went to our nearest Lowes. I love using Lowes because you can a) buy a digital gift card for them via PayPal and pick out the products you want in advance online then pick them up in the store [link here] and b) their employees are always super nice and will cut your wood for you regardless of how many specifics you have. In this case, I just needed all of my pieces to be cut to 50 inches high because I knew that was about how tall I wanted my headboard to be [you can pick whichever height works better for your space]. In addition to the panels, I also bought wood for a basic frame including a manufactured piece of wood cut to the dimensions of my headboard. Below I have written out the instructions for you all to try out! it really was so simple and easy, my husband built a simple frame for me to attach the front of the headboard to once I was done with it. You can also hang the headboard directly onto the wall by adding a simple french cleat.

Circular saw (or miter saw)
Circular saw
Cardboard box (or roll of craft paper)
Painter’s tape
Sharpie marker
Variety of 1″ wood planks in several widths (3″, 4″, 6″ & 8″)
2 – 2×4″ studs (Used to prop up headboard when cutting. Will be leftover.)
White paint
Gray paint
Paint brushes
Tape measure
Finish nailer
1.25″ finish nails
Safety glasses
Ear protection

Measure your bed to determine the width of the headboard. We decided on an 60″ width to fit the queen size bed in the master bedroom.

Start by creating a template for your headboard out of the cardboard box (flattened and opened up.) You can freehand curves, or use a string and tack, or round objects to help create your curves. Cut one side out with scissors then fold at the center point and trace the second half.

Determine how tall you want your headboard to be. We settled on about 50" tall at the highest point. 

Line up your boards on the floor in an approximation of the shape of your headboard.
Lay the template onto your boards and measure the height of the headboard you decided on. Make sure the headboard profile is level and equal distance from the bottom on both sides.

Trace the top profile of the headboard with the sharpie. Use a finish nailer to secure a few support boards to hold the boards in place.

Raise the boards off the floor by resting them on the two 2×4″ boards (or in my case off the edge of your deck).

Set your circular saw blade just below the headboard planks. Cut along the straight cut line you marked.

**my husband secured this entire piece to the simple frame he made at this point, allowing me to better see the end result.

Prop the headboard up with a few more scraps of wood (the jigsaw blade will go deeper than your circular saw.) Cut along the traced profile of the headboard with the jigsaw.

After cutting I proceeded to sand the top of the headboard and along the curved edges for a smooth finish. I did a simple white wash over the raw wood by diluting white paint with water then layered a gray wash (same equal parts) over until I got the finish I liked. After that I let it dry over night and moved it in the next morning!

Once you've got your dream Farmhouse headboard, you need cozy, comfortable bedding that invites you to snuggle up and never leave! 

When shopping online, I like to do two things. First, I like to browse Pinterest and see some similar styles that I love. After driving Babe nuts with different ideas, I make a mental list of things we need to create our little sweet spot. 
The next thing I like to do is look for sites that allow you to accept Paypal. If I'm purchasing something large, I like that you can use Paypal Credit. Paypal Credit makes it so you can buy now and pay later. If something is over $99, there are no payments or interest if paid in full before six months! Aka pay on your schedule. I also like that they will refund any shipping charges if you're unhappy with your purchases. They put my online shopping nerves at ease, so I can snuggle up with the pups, a glass of wine and my Paypal account and shop away. 

I wanted to break down the elements of styling the perfect farmhouse headboard and don't worry all the products are able to purchase through Paypal, so you can feel good whether you love it or not! 

Start with your basics -- a Comforter or Quilt
We get very hot at night, especially when the pups are in the bed with us. As much as I love our down comforter it only makes sense in the dead of winter. The rest of the year, we use a quilt just like this one. I like a neutral color that will match multiple things, so I can mix n match throughout the year.

Next you need pillows 
You need two types of pillows, one for sleeping and one for decoration. Unless you're a man, then you only need one pillow. They can never figure out the reasoning behind all these pillows, haha! I love using this silk pillow case because it's better for your hair and skin. 
Since pillows can be a hassle, I like to do a few large ones. They add drama without the struggle. How adorable are these tassel ones I have from Target? 

Top it off
This textured blanket is fashion and function [at least that's what I told hubs :)]. Seriously though, it adds texture and dimension to your bed and will keep you warm if you need something in the middle of the night. Reach for a blanket with character to pull your simple, chic farmhouse bedroom together! 

Remember to have fun with it and make it your own! You will love any bedroom that exudes your own style. If in doubt, just click the 'Check Out with PayPal' button and know everything is safe. 


5 Ways to Have a Positive Monday & a Productive Week

One thing that has changed over the years is my morning alarm, 5 am used to be reserved for early morning trips but now it's an everyday thing. I know it sounds crazy, but it's the only way I can get everything done in a day! Getting a productive start in the morning sets the tone for the whole day, especially if it's on a Monday.

Being in your twenties is a weird time, you're an adult but you still feel like a teenager. The career world is a whole new place and things can feel out of whack, starting the day with a clear, happy mind helps make (a little) more sense of things.

1. Don't Snooze. Pressing snooze can throw off your whole day. You don't have enough time to go through a full REM cycle when you snooze, leaving you groggy and more tired than if you woke when you were supposed to! Plus, waking up on time will help you have a calm, relaxed morning and a less stressful day. 

2. Hot Lemon Water & Collect Your Thoughts. Monday is a fresh start to a great week. Grab a cup of hot water with fresh lemon and sit down to review your agenda. This will help you be prepared for the week ahead. Be sure to schedule some 'me time' --think dinner with your bestie, the park with your pup, a hot bath + face mask combo or even a fresh manicure. Giving yourself something to look forward to during week will help you work harder. 

3. Work it Babe! Hit the gym. Even if you just head out for a walk or your hardest workout yet, it will set the pace for a healthy week. If you're having trouble getting pumped up, find a fun hip hop playlist, it always help wake me up. 

4. Listen to a Motivating Podcast. I have recently become obsessed with podcasts. I love listening to them in the morning, they help create the perfect mindset for the week ahead. A few of my favorites are the Gary Vee Show, Lady Lovin' and Damsel in Dior. 

5. Treat Yo Self. When all else fails, know you have a nice glass of wine waiting for you when the day is over. Even if wine isn't your thing, give your self something to look forward to after work, nothing feels better than crossing the finish line on a long Monday. 

Waking up at 5 wasn't fun at first, honestly the first week was miserable but overtime it got so much easier. You just have to drag yourself out of bed and chug, chug, chug coffee. When you're trying to get your body used to your new time schedule, try not to nap or drink coffee too late in the day. If your so tired your first Monday you wake up early, you will go to bed earlier and each day it will get easier! Also, on the weekend I try not to get my schedule too out of whack, sleeping in has become 7 or 8 am.

I linked a few Summer faves I have been eyeballing below. The distressed jeans would be soooo cute with the studded block heels (linked below!), a cute tied up tee + a fun clutch! Perfect for a Summer night out.

If you're looking for more tips on creating routines, becoming a morning person, or my nighttime wind down, check out these posts here.

Soon to be Summer Wish List: 

| Nars Lip Gloss (Shade: Dolce Vita) | Distressed Denim | Flutter Sleeve Dress | Cactus Phone Case | Studded Block Heel | Embellished Pineapple Phone Case | Flamingo Float Phone Case |

*Scroll through for more details, you can also click any image to shop directly! 


A Summer Fiesta

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Cinco De Mayo Bonita’s!! 

While this post is pretty festive, I think summer is always a good time for a fiesta and today I wanted to talk simple ways to throw one together at any time! 

 I have literally not missed drinking once during this pregnancy until the warm weather came around. Now my mouth waters at the thought of a cold Corona or Marg washing down some tortilla chips with salsa and guac [seriously salivating at this sentence]. Last summer we ended it with the perfect fiesta and it was so fun and easy to do, plus so affordable.
Fiesta Must haves: 

  • a good mingling space 
  • cold beers sangria or margaritas or both 
  • piñata 
  • festive hats/ponchos/mustaches 
  • chips and salsa
**optional: taco bar**

For this fiesta, the weather was not up to par, so we had it inside [ugh summer showers]. I would have been perfectly content throwing this shindig in the backyard with a fire, string lights and pin the tail on the donkey but mother nature had different plans. I wanted the tables to be cute [I’m all about the details] so I “collected” empty corona bottles, got some bright flowers and added these cutie mini piñata’s. For dinner I had each girlfriend bring an item. [taco shells, cheese, chips, salsa, toppings] then I just had to prepare ground beef and/or chicken. It made for the perfect taco bar and fed about 20 people. 
I cannot wait to pull out my decorations this year and throw a fiesta…. maybe after the baby comes so maybe this mama can sneak a cerveza or two!

My Nighttime Routine

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I've gotten a lot of questions about how I became a morning person and it really all began when I created a proper bedtime routine.

See, I'm most like my dad. We get our best work done at night. I remember being young and staying up so late. Not out partying or misbehaving, but it was those late nights that my creative juices really flowed. I wish I could still have a schedule that allowed me to be a night owl, but with a hubby who wakes up at 5:30 and a job that never really 'turns off', it's important for me to be up by 5 am. 5 am. Yeah, I know it sounds scary. Some days it's rough y'all, real rough. Most days though, it isn't bad.

So, the night before. I start by putting on a face mask, this is my current fave --you can actually see the dead skin piling up on your face while you scrub! (see more favorites in this post) Then hoping in a hot bath. I rarely ever wash my hair so I'm a huge bath fan. This also helps we relax and unwind. I also don't eat past 8 pm. Not only do I think it's better for you, I hate going to bed full. It makes me so uncomfortable.

I try to get into bed by 9 and asleep by 10. Before I get into bed, I mix oils in our essential oil diffuser. Right now I'm loving eucalyptus and lavender. I then spend about 15 minutes going over my agenda for the next day. I like to prioritize what I need to do as soon as I arrive to work that way I can have a productive start to the day (an agenda/day organization post has been highly requested, so I'm working on it for you babes! If you have any specific questions please feel free to send them over!).

Next is my favorite, favorite, favorite part y'all. Accupressure Mat. I know you're skeptical, or freaked out or just confused. The mat itself is cheap, only $20! Here's the deal. You lay on the mat and it helps with all kinds of health benefits --the main ones I see are less stress, less anxiety, better night's sleep, less tension in my back/neck, and a general sense of feel good/all over happiness. I know it seems too good to be true, but somehow it works. RJ loves it too. The other day I had a horrible pain in my shoulder. I honestly thought I was going to need surgery, a few nights on the mat (I was out of town when it started hurting) and it is gone. Completely gone. I highly suggest this mat to anyone who works on a computer, stands all day, uses their arms a lot (hairdressers!) and honestly anyone who just wants to feel better by just laying there (who wouldn't?!)

When you first lie down, you will feel uncomfortable but after the first five minutes it begins to feel like a total body euphoria. Very relaxing, calming and blissful. You can lay on the ground or put it on a softer surface. You can also lay on it without any clothes so it's more pressure or with a very light piece of fabric in between you and the mat, it's all a personal preference. Start with 20 minutes your first time and increase by increments of 5 minutes. You do not sleep on the mat, although RJ has drifted off on it a few times ha!

While I'm laying on my mat, I usually read/watch tv/catch up on social media, whatever fun I want to do. Sometimes I just lay there. It's really the best wind down time in the world. Finally I snuggle up with the Doodlebug and fall asleep on our Silk Pillow Case --helps with healthier hair, clear skin, anti aging and less bed head, plus it's so, so soft.

If you're looking for a new book, I read two great ones over the weekend Into the Water and All the Missing Girls. Into the Water is from Paula Hawkins, the same author who wrote Girl on the Train, and it's really good. I will say at first it's a tad confusing, but keep reading and everything will start to clear up. It has twists and turns up until the very last page. All the Missing Girls is great too, and similar genre. It isn't as confusing but does tell the story backwards which is fun and a refreshing twist!

I'm really wanting to try meditation soon, does anyone have any tips or suggestions? How do you wind down at night? I think I may add some sleepy time tea to my routine soon but unsure what kind, looks like this chica is headed to Whole Foods!  Thanks for stopping by, be sure to follow along on Instagram too for more fun (@YesPleaseDaily).

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