Glam Gal Getaway Giveaway!

Friday, March 31, 2017

April is here and we're dreaming of Tropical getaways, porch brunching and our cutest Spring attire! The best part of Spring is breaking out the cold shoulders, shorts and cutie little rompers after hibernating for a long Winter. 

I love stocking up on little flirty rompers, like this one from Fab'rik Chattanooga, for Spring and Summer. Something about a romper just feels more put together than a dress, yet just as easy to throw on! Plus, they are an absolute breeze to dress up or down. 

As a special treat for you sweet babes, we've teamed up with two of our local favorites for a Glam Gal Getaway treat! We're giving away this Fab'rik romper, a free Balayage service from STYLEbar Chattanooga & a custom made hat from our Etsy Shop! To enter head over to our Instagram page (@YesPleaseDaily) 

All this getaway talk has me itching for our next adventure! Hubby and I decided to use our AncestoryDNA results to pick where we head this Summer. Whichever place we have the most in common, that's where we are headed. I can't wait to see where we end up! 
| Cold Shoulder Romper [℅ Fab'rik Chattanooga] | Platform Sandals | Mar y Sol Tote [℅] | Custom Phrase Hat *15% off w. Code 'YESPLZ' | Cat Eye Sunnies (--Only $12!) |  


How to Throw the Perfect Spring Bridal Shower

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I've always thought I could get married 4 times (4 times to the same groom of course!). Once for each season. I love the way romance is embodied in different ways for each time of year. In my opinion.. Summer is about fun, playful love, bright colors and bold accents. Fall is about warmth, deep passionate colors and cozy scenes. Winter brings glamour, glitz, pure white accents and effortless elegance. But sometimes, I feel that Spring is the best season for love. 

Spring embodies new life and love emerging after Winter, whimsical details and lays the perfect blueprint for girlie, fun and romantic shower decorations! 

I love, love, love planning a party. Anything about a celebration makes me excited, but getting to plan and decorate it has me over the moon! When I found out I was throwing a bridal shower for one of my best friends, I immediately was giddy with theme ideas. 

I ended up choosing a 'Garden Tea Party' theme that I felt fit perfectly with the Spring season, celebrating a gorgeous bride and let's be real, would be so fun to throw! 

For the theme, I knew I wanted mossy touches, accented with eclectic tea pots and cups and an overflowing abundance of flowers. I wanted it to be feminine, delicate, colorful and playful. The perfect environment for the bride to enjoy time with her favorite ladies, cheers a few mimosas and get ready for her big day! 

Most of the things I bought are not able to be purchased online so I'm going to breakdown everything below! I'm so sorry, I know how much more convenient it is to shop things from the comfort of your couch. 

To make the gold hoop photo frame: 
1. Start with a hulu hoop from the dollar store & spray paint it gold
2. Get a roll of ribbon of your choice. Using a hot glue gun, glue three strips to either side of the hoop
3. Using the glue gun again, glue greenery and flowers on the top side of the hoop (or wherever you'd like!) 

This is one of very few #WeddingWednesday posts left on the agenda (insert all the crying emojis here). If you're interested in more wedding posts, visit our wedding section here. If the opportunity ever strikes for another Wedding post, we definitely will share it but for now stay tuned for my final vendor breakdown and our wedding video. 
Moss Runner- Hobby Lobby | Gold and White Tea Cup Set- Family Antique | Polka Dot Tea Kettle - Kate Spade| Mixed Matched Tea Kettles - Antique Stores | Blue Cake Stand - Target | Bridal Invitation and Photo Frame - Hobby Lobby | String Garland - Target | 


Mama Bird Box [review]

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hi Mama’s!

After the last post about my Friday Wind Down [catch it here], I received my FIRST Mama Bird Box and OMG, I do not know why I did not subscribe earlier in my pregnancy. Every box is customized and different based on your needs for each month of pregnancy. Mama Bird nailed it with me when they sent me their spa box of all things safe for me in my pregnancy!

Mama Bird is an affordable monthly subscription box targeted for Moms To Be at every stage of her pregnancy but I legit may keep my subscription after the babe gets here if they continue to send me juice’s as tasty as the Mother Nature Tropical Splash which includes all of the vitamins necessary for a growing babe [folic acid/calcium/B12] and all the beauty products the jammed into here! 

The highlight of my box was the Bath Soak! Y’all know I am all about my Friday night bath and cannot wait to try this at the end of the week. Everything in this box was perfect for me from the prenatal vitamin that I could throw in my purse for the mornings I am running late, the best pink nail polish just in time for warm weather and bright mani/pedis and.... THE BELLY BUTTER! I am seriously about to order the largest package of this stuff to rub on my itchy skin. I have not been able to find relief my entire pregnancy until I received this little miracle.

This box is seriously the most thoughtful gift you can give any Mama’s to be! Especially first timers who aren’t sure what is safe or isn’t to try! Thank you for getting me hooked Mama Bird 

Grab your box here!! 

Easter Bar Cart

Monday, March 27, 2017

April is a week away and the Easter bar cart is in full swing! Nothing excites me more than getting to change out the decor. Bring on all the pastels, bunnies and warm weather feels! 

Sharing the bar cart on a Monday is bitter sweet! It has me missing the past weekend, yet eager and excited for the upcoming weekend. The Easter bar cart makes me even more excited but I cannot wait for my family to be in town to celebrate. 

I talked about creating your 'base bar cart' in this post. I've added a few more things since that post, like this 'Yes, Please' Plate and light up bar sign, that will stay up year round. I also snagged this cutie little Bunny Head from Target that will be here for the rest of Spring. 

I love heading over to Target to pick up cheap seasonal items that I can use year after year! I keep a box in our attic for each season, that way it is easy to switch your pieces out month after month. 

I love, love, love my bar cart because it's the perfect place to try new things, mix unexpected patterns and colors, and let all my girly-ness loose without feeling guilty for the hubby! Do you have a bar cart or even a fun bar area?! 

Friday Wind Down

Friday, March 24, 2017

I have been really soaking off the end of the week by indulging in a good bath and pamper seshh ever since becoming pregnant and I wanted to share a little bit of my routine with you babes!

I have mastered my weekly detox bath that I sink into and love to try new masks for a fresh face to start the weekend with. My bath is super simple but extra refreshing and relieves so much stress that you carry throughout the long work week.

Bath Recipe:

•             A handful of Epsom Salt
•             10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
•             A half cup of baking soda

This combo really draws out toxins, lowers stress-related hormones and balances your pH levels. I think any girl could benefit from these effects! When I am feeling fancy I float a few stems of lavender just to add to the aroma therapy. A lot of pregnancy sources say to stay clear of aroma therapy due to smell sensitivity but as long as you haven’t been negatively affected by delicious/floral notes than I say go for it [we already have so many rules to abide by]! 

While my bath is drawing I typically knock out my Friday Night face routine. I wash my face with my favorite face wash. It is has Vitamin C in it which helps with dark spots, acne scars and overall brightness. It is a giant bottle and its thick consistency means that you only need a dime size to wash your face thoroughly. After a nice scrub, I use Micellar Water to grab any remaining makeup that I may have missed with a cotton pad. Then I apply my mask! The mask shown in this post is one of my faves. It is made of mud collected from the Dead Sea and is great for combination skin [which I have]. It is packed with natural vitamins and minerals. It improves elasticity and helps minimize the appearance of pores. It has natural Sunflower and Jojoba oils so you don’t feel dried out even though this power mask is pulling toxins and oils from your pores as it dries. I use a generic foundation brush to apply so that it is an even distribution all over my face but your fingers will work just the same!

After my mask is applied, I light one of my favorite candles and dip into the tub. You can normally catch me with the lights out, feeling for the baby kicks and singing Adele or Ed Sheeran at the top of my lungs (sorry Hubby). 

I am a girl who loves a spa day, but it isn’t always feasible especially once a week. I swear after this routine I feel like I just went to the spa without the hefty bill.

What are some of your favorite masks or bath recipes?? Comment below as I still have a few months left before the baby comes! I have a feeling that my “me” time will not be as easily accessible once he makes his debut.

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