2017 Favorite Purchases

T w o   T h o u s a n d   S e v e n t e e n   F a v o r i t e s 

I feel like 2017 was a year of many things, and many purchases. My all time favorite purchase was obviously our new house!! Along the way I made many purchases that I loved and needed to share with you guys. Some big, some small.. these are my faves of 2k17! 

B E A U T Y 

GloPro Microneedling Kit – I’ve seen other bloggers talk about this so much and when I went to California last September, I took my Melmama’s for a test run. Obsessed. It’s like getting a facial every night. Microneedling helps with anti aging, fine lines, wrinkles, increasing collagen production but most importantly helps your skin care products reach deeper in your skin. So with a one time purchase, you’re increasing the productivity of your products & saving money in the long run. Plus, it feels soooo good. RJ always begs to use mine after me ha!

Clarisonic Smart Profile – This is another device I fell in love with from my Melmama (she’s a huge beauty junkie and I LOVE it). Although a little pricy, this might be my top beauty pick for 2017 – this or the GloPro. The price tag comes with huge results from three different settings! First, you use the brush twice a day to help cleanse your face. Not only does this help product work better but it removes more dirt, make up and dead skin than cleaning alone. In addition to the face brush, there is also a body brush. Finally, the Uplift Massage Head, which really makes this baby stand out from just a normal face brush. This is designed to massage your face, aka feels incredible, while also targeting 15 signs of aging. YES, PLZ. This uplifting device reduces facial swelling, increases firmness,

GHD 1” Curl Iron – I couldn’t find it in myself to purchase a new curling iron last year. I was using a $12 Conair for so long and at Christmas I received this GHD iron. Y’all, big mistake. This curling iron is incredible. Not only does it work sooo much better (easier to use, less time to heat up, curls last longer) but I’ve noticed it’s less damaging on my hair. I’ve also tried the T3 irons but this one is my favorite. The clamp is looser, so you don’t get creases on your hair and it’s easier to create an undone look. I’ll have a full tutorial coming for this soon!

Milk Sheet Mask Set (5 for $15!) – I can’t wait to share my full skincare routine with you guys this month, but one thing I can say for sure is that moisture is my BFF. I was so, so skeptical about these sheet masks considering how cheap they are but holy cow. They’re amazing. They moisturize your skin so well + give you the best glow. They have a ton of ‘milk’ in the package so I leave the pouch with leftover milk in my drawer and use it for an extra boost of moisture every night. Best $15 ever.

Nars Lip Pencil – I’ve always struggled to find the perfect lip color. I am not a huge fan of lipsticks because I find they smear easily on my lips and lipglosses just don’t stay for a while. I finally tried this Nars lip pencil last year and it’s my all time favorite lip. My favorite color is Walkyrie. I find it works well for any occasion and doesn’t wash me out even when I’m pale. Plus, it’s easy to apply and stays for so long.

It Cosmetics CC Cream – I’ve seen many people rave about this CC cream. I am not a fan of foundation, so I was very pleased when I tried this. It’s light and easy to apply but has the full coverage of a foundation. It makes your skin look soft, pore-less and glowy without cake-iness.  I recently tried a different foundation that was recommended at Ulta but had to go back to this CC cream, I don’t think I’ll ever find anything I like more.


Wardrobe Organizer – This wardrobe organizer comes at an amazing price point! I seriously couldn’t believe it when I saw it. I thought for sure it would be a piece of junk but it’s not at all. This would be so cute displayed in your bedroom, but I didn’t have a spot for it. I’m happy though because it’s the perfect piece for my closet. If I have a trip coming up I will pull pieces throughout the month that I know I want to take, this helps tremendously with packing. If I’m not packing for anywhere, I’ll just use it to house my season faves. It also has shelves perfect for shoes, accessories, books and knick knacks. It’s the perfect mix of cute and functional.

Spanx Leggings – I got these last year and I debated so long on keeping them. When I finally tried them on, I was instantly in love. I wish my entire body could be made of Spanx. I wear these so much and they still loo brand new. Definite closet staple.

Denim Shorts – These technically aren’t a 2017 purchase but I still loved them just as much this past year as I did the year I bought them. I know a lot of you will think I’ve lost it when you see the price but these shorts hold up SO well and will be your favorite pair. I sized up because I like the legs to be loose, but if you have smaller legs I would size down.

$12 Aviator Sunglasses – I swear these are like the magical sunglasses. They’re so cheap and flatter any face. I actually own two pairs and so does my BFF. We are nervous they’re going to break and be sold out so we always keep an extra pair on deck ha!

Phone Loop – Once upon a time, I had a pop socket on my phone. While handy, it was bulky & ugly. When in NYC, I saw this loop at the Free People store. It was less obtrusive than the pop socket + looked more chic. After trying it for a few weeks, I’m addicted. It helps so much for holding my phone.

Oversized Scarf – I fell in love with this scarf the moment I saw it. Then I noticed the price. A tad more than I like to pay for a scarf but I couldn’t resist. I’m so glad I caved because I think it became my most worn piece of 2017. It’s like a giant, chic blanket. It’s absolutely perfect for trips but I love wearing it to work too because it doubles as a blanket when it’s cold.

H O M E 

Dyson Cordless Animal Vacuum – You know you’re getting old when you get a vacuum for Christmas and are so excited! We received a big Dyson for a wedding present a couple of years ago and she receives quite the attention. Especially having too furry pups. I love this cordless Dyson though because it’s so easy to whip out to touch up our house before guests come over, tidy up the kitchen after cooking a new recipes or just hitting hairy spots in our house. I feel like every Golden Retriever puppy should come with one of these automatically. 🤣

Bamboo Sheets – This is another item that is pricy but now that I know how great it is, I will never look back. Since you sleep in your bed every night, I feel like these definitely get their moneys worth. I’ve never, ever felt better sheets in my entire life. The more you wash them, the softer they get which leads me to another favorite discovery in 2017..

Laundry Detergent – No really, I love laundry detergent! This bottle smells SO good (just be sure to get the Diva scent). It only takes a little bit and all your clothes/sheets will smell like heaven. The small bottle seems like it won’t last long but I actually used it for four months! I get so many compliments on my scent and asking what perfume to use and it’s always this detergent.

Pink Treadmill – Last year, I was a member at the YMCA solely for the fact to run on the treadmill. One day, I did the math and realized how much I was actually spending in a year to run on the treadmill. So I decided I needed my own! We didn’t have room at our old house, but was so excited to get one when we moved. Not to mention I FOUND A PINK ONE. I was so excited. The price is so much better than I expected and while it’s pretty basic, it still has heartbeat monitor, different workouts you can do, speed control, etc. It’s been sooo great having this in our home, it cuts out so much time and morning + makes me workout more.

Wax Warmer – When we were selling our house last year, we found these to use for open houses, home showings, etc. I loved that I could turn them on as me & the pups were leaving and they made the house smell incredible while we were gone. Now I only use them when we’re at home, but they work so well. I love getting the sweet scents from Walmart, I have found the Better Home & Garden Wax’s work the best and are only like $2. I love the pecan caramel brownie wax, it’s my all time fave.

Chile Lime Seasoning – I originally bought this at Trader Joe’s, but if you don’t have one near by, you can order it! This seasoning is the best thing ever. It graces everything from avocado toast to tortilla soup and more. I’ve never met a seasoning I loved more.

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You can also check out post one & two of my Amazon favorites, I can’t wait to do more of those for you guys this year. I think the very first one will be this month of next! All week long I’ll be sharing videos of these 2017 favorites on my IG stories (@YesPleaseDaily) & saving it to my Highlights on my profile, so be sure to check it out! Thanks for popping by, happy Sunday! XO

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