March Must Haves

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!! I'm leaping for joy because tomorrow is March & I'm very excited for what the month holds. I'm traveling half of the month (Which is bittersweet! It's the longest I've been apart from Babe) but I'm so ready to be at some tropical locations! As tradition, I spend the two weeks leading up to vacay pulling outfits, shopping for what I need and packing way too early. Today I decided to share what I have my eye on for March, the trip & Spring! 

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Weekend Sales

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Happy Saturday! Today I'm spending my morning cleaning out my closet and getting ready to switch seasons! I keep my current season clothes in my downstair's closet and store the other season upstairs or in the attic. I like to do Fall/Winter clothes together and Spring/Summer together. It keeps my closet less cluttered and it helps me build outfits easier. Once I get everything cleaned out, I can also see what I need to buy! Since I'm in the shopping spirit this morning, I decided to share a few weekend sales for you babes + my favorite picks from each one.

30% off with code 'HOWNICE'
-- Favorite Picks: This lace front tee would be perfect under a blazer for work or cute comfy with shorts running errands. This polka dot tee dress is ADORABLE. I couldn't head to Cali without this eyelet coverup. This is a great time to stock up on quality swimwear at an amazing price too. 

20% off $60+ use code '3290'
--Favorite Picks: I love H&M. It's the perfect place to stock up on cheap basics. I posted this $10 tee dress on snapchat and I'm ordering more colors today. I was at H&M on Thursday & I picked up these earrings. They're super light but so cute, I love tassels! This lace up top is adorable and I ordered this dress for St. Paddy's Day. 

Up to 80% off no code needed. 
--Favorite Picks: They have a great selection of designer sunnies, so much cute jewelry too.

$50 off $200 use code 'FRESH50'
--Favorite Picks: I'm OBSESSED with this dress. I ordered this coordinate set and this top for my trip.   

Extra 30% off Everything use code 'CARDSAVE'
--Favorite Picks: I picked up this tee romper and I'm OBSESSED. It's only $10! I added this gingham set to my cart.

More Great sales: 

| Loft [Buy One, Get One 50% off] | Baublebar [Up to 75% Off] | Gap [30% Off w. Code 'HAPPY'] | Pottery Barn [Extra 20% off Clearance w. Code 'EXTRA20'] | Macy's [Up to 20% off w. Code 'LOOKS'] | World Market [Up to 75% off] |  

Have a great weekend & happy shopping babes!! 

Fringe-y + How Chacos & Chanel Began

Friday, February 26, 2016

Yesterday, while Babe has some meetings, I parked at Starbs to do some work and catch up on some emails. I also worked on my media kit (similar to a resume) and I started thinking about when this whole thing all began. I don't know if I've ever really shared why I do this crazy blog thing or how Chacos & Chanel came to life, so I thought today would be the perfect day! 

But first, I have to talk about this little fringe number that I'm obsessed with. White x White is one of my favorite color combos. It's classic yet trendy, easy to throw on but looks put together, perfect for any season. Add in some camel details and we are talking about the holy grail of chic. I will be repeating this look many times until I can pair this fringe knit number with my favorite denim shorts.

This is my TGIF dance, who's with me?!

| T H E   B R E A K D O W N | 

Knit Tank *Size Up // This tank is incredible for Spring and Summer. I'm so happy to share it with y'all because it's perfect for any type of dresser (risk taker, conservative and everything in between). If you are looking to show a little skin, wear a lace bralette or bandeau underneath. If you want to cover up more pair it with a cami and a fun blazer (I'm loving this $17 hot pink one). Meet somewhere in the middle with a nude tank underneath and shorts for summer! 

White Denim *True to Size // White jeans are a classic & every woman should have a great pair in her closet. This pair is super soft and ultra flattering. I suggest this pair because they will last you year after year, season after season. If you are looking for a cheaper pair, I love these. They are super cute but may only last you one season. 

Leather Jacket (Similar*Three Colors // A leather jacket is a chic way to stay warm in between seasons. I love the baby blue version of this one. You can throw it on in the morning when it's cool and tie it around your waist once it warms up. 

| Crossbody BagBallet Flats *17 Colors!Round Ray Bans | Nail Polish | Photography by A. Bonds Productions | 

A little behind the scenes with C&C:
I get a lot of emails and questions about starting blogs, how to blog, why I blog or the always funny 'Do you think you're a model?' --that one is a quick no with a hint of embarrassment! (When I first started I actually styled my friends and shot them because I did not want to be in front of the camera). If you're reading this and hoping I'll spill the secret formula to blogging, I wish I could but honestly there is no secret formula. Next week I want to share some tips on starting, growing and maintaining a blog but today I thought it would just be fun to tell you about my background in fashion.  

For as long as I can remember I've loved clothes. Not just shopping but any part of fashion I could get my hands on. I've spent HOURS in my closet, my mom's closet, my grandma's closet trying on pieces, making new outfits & looking for new accessories. I used to cut up my clothes and safety pin/glue/sew them into new shapes (sorry mom!). If I couldn't find what I envisioned in the store, I made it. My school papers were covered in doodles of clothes, shoes and wedding dresses. Even when I had to work on a group project, I would turn it around to be about fashion (in History I did a paper & photoshoot of outfits they wore in the 1800's). I always knew I would have a job in fashion, I just didn't know what. 
In third grade, I began making flip flops. You probably remember these.. they were bits of pot holder material, tied around the top part. I made these + other designs.. I had some with water balloons tied on them, some with fabric tied on them and more! They were sold in shoe stores around Memphis and I even had a celebrity client!! (Kelly Ripa & her daughter!) 
Fast forward about 10 years and I was 19. I worked as a pharmaceutical sales rep and spent most of my days in the OR. I loved the marketing aspect but missed the days filled with creativity. One night, I googled blogging and decided to give it a whirl. 
I had zero blog contacts, I had never even really read a fashion blog before. I literally Googled every single thing I could. I learned a little about HTML coding and I started snapping photos with my iPhone. My original blog was called the Riley Brahm Project and that's exactly what it was a project, a work in progress. I blogged for about 3 months and like every other girl who's ever tried to blog learns.. it's so hard to be consistent. Here I was working full time, going to school, maintaining a social life & relationship with RJ and raising a golden retriever puppy. I didn't have very much free time and what time I did have I wasn't wanting to spend writing to a pretty much non-exist audience. I quit. 
Three months went by and I missed blogging. I wanted to start back up but I was worried it was too late. I decided I needed to revamp everything and Chacos & Chanel was born. I was inconsistent for a year or so and decided to take the plunge and go full time last year. I love blogging so much and I'm so grateful for every single one of you guys. 

I want to be as helpful as I can for you guys so if you need anything I'm here.. if you need recipes, blogging tips, outfit help or just someone to chat with! I'm going to share more blogging tips once a week for you guys so let me know if you want to see something specific! & If you love Chacos and Chanel, please share it with your friends!! Have a great weekend babes!! 

| Fringe Top | White Jeans, Similar | Leather Jacket (Similar) | Crossbody | Ballet Flats *17 Colors | Round Ray Bans | Nail Polish | Photography: A. Bonds Productions

The Perfect Bridesmaid Proposal

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hi Babes! It's my new favorite day, Wedding Wednesday! I have such an exciting post to share with y'all today, something I've thought about since the moment ok, since before I was engaged. #CrazyWoman.  
I'm a girls girl all the way. I love RJ so much but I have the exact same amount of love for my best friends, just a different type of love. RJ has always been so supportive of my friendships too, I don't think I could be in a relationship that wasn't this way. I have many girl's nights, I often go to dinner or drinks with my girls without RJ, and very often I go on trips without him. I think it has made not only our relationship stronger but I still am just as close to my best friends today as I was before I met RJ, if not closer. Obviously, asking them to stand next to me on the biggest day of my life was something so special. I had to do something extraordinary for my girls.  

The most important part was getting the girls to my house. I asked them each individually and said 'RJ is going to be out of town for work, will you spend the night? It will be a fun girl's night!'. Almost all the girls were able to come, minus two who were out of town that weekend. :(

So if you know me, you know I'm horrible with surprises. I get super excited and really anxious and just want to tell everyone! So throwing a surprise party for all my best friends was going to be basically impossible. Luckily I had to tell my bff who lives in Memphis because she was going to have to travel here with my sister for the weekend. With her help we began to plan my surprise slumber party! 

I wanted to give the girls a gift, so I hunted down matching night gowns. I knew we would wear these tonight, the bachelorette party weekend and the night before the wedding. Next I grabbed these adorable poppers, they had a tiny heart lock necklace inside! SO cute. Finally, I made monogrammed invites asking them to 'Be My Bridesmaid'.  

I think my favorite part was asking my baby sister to 'Be My Maid of Honor'!

Now that the gifts were taken care of, it was time for the most important part: eats & drinks. I wanted something fun, light and easy. 
As an appetizer I did a Brie Croissant, always a hit and a Strawberry Peach Sangria (gone SO fast, we had to make a trip back to the liquor store). Find both recipes on my Pinterest.
I decided on a DIY Pizza Bar, easy, fun and delicious. We did french bread for the base, pizza sauce and I arranged a buffet of toppings.. chicken, sausage, pepperoni, broccoli, peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives and of course cheese! Broiled in the oven for a few minutes. 

After dinner, we played Catchphrase and a few other games. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Some of us are not good at games! #Guilty. Next we went to the Beauty Bar for some pampering. 

I transformed my bar cart in to a beauty cart for the night. I pulled some of my favorite DIY face masks and made a menu of how to make each one! On the cart, I had the ingredients for each mask, nail polish, headbands and coconut hair mask. 

It was so fun picking which mask to make, making it and smearing it all over our faces. Of course before, the mask all the girls asked for me to use my PMD on them! After applying them, we looked like giant Gaucamole monsters. We topped it off by putting the cucumbers on our eyes, I think that was the quietest we were all night! [The masks were awesome too, we all kept talking about how soft our skin felt the next morning!]

To say I'm lucky is an understatement. I would be lucky if I had one best friend as great as these girls, but I have so many. I think God for each of them everyday. I'm so excited to experience life with them and have their help when I marry RJ. If I could pamper and spoil them like this every night I would. 

I had so much fun at our slumber party, and I think the girls did as well! We're so busy as we get older and hardly get this much time with each other as a group of just girls. I hope we can continue having slumber parties like this in the future. 

Oh, they all said yes. :)  I hope you have a great hump day! I have another very special post for next week's #WeddingWednesday that I cannot wait to share with you guys! Babe is traveling to Nashville for the night for work and I'm very excited to have a small little getaway with him tonight! Xo,
| Pajamas | Floral Garland | Shop My Kitchen Here | Photography: A. Bonds Productions

Wake Up on the Right Side of the Week [Sunday Schedule]

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

If there is one thing about getting older I've learned it's like a giant 'I told you so' moment from your mom. I am constantly feeling like I'm turning into my mom, even the other day RJ said 'You sounded just like Leslie there, scary' (--Sorry Mom!). Mama always told me 'write a todo list, have a schedule, pick up as you go' and now I'm learning she was right. 

Today I wanted to share the Sunday schedule I've adopted over the years that make my weekdays run a little smoother. I'm also sharing some of my favorite products that you may want to work into your week or your Sunday Schedule if you already have one! A lot of our Sundays have been jammed packed since getting engaged.. we're either traveling home from a trip visiting family, brunching with friends who are in town or meeting at our venue or with wedding planners.. so I often have to do this routine on Monday. It really doesn't matter which day I do it as long as I do it at least once a week.

| Laptop Case | Chair Covers | Light Fixture (Similar) |

The first thing I do is straighten up our house. We are usually either super lazy or super busy on the weekend and things always end up a little messy. I like to start the week with a clean house so it's one less thing I have to worry about during the week. 
Living in a home with Babe is so different than when I was in college in the dorms or sharing a house with girls.  It requires more cleaning for sure and I now have a whole home to care for not just a small room and shared bathroom. If you do a 'whole house clean' the first of the week, you can easily just tidy up as you go. The one thing I do have to do more than once a week is vacuum! Having two Goldens is like living in a wig factory on steroids I swear!

I do all my laundry. I write out my grocery list and grab anything we may need for the week. I plan out my entire week in my planner. Sometimes I'll make a batch of Skinny Fiesta Chicken so we have it to eat at lunch that week. 

After my 'chores' are finished I can spend some me time. I usually take a bath with lavender epsom salts, not only is it so relaxing but it's good for your skin & body too. I wash my face using this brush and put a coconut oil mask in my hair. 
Next, comes my favorite part.. my weekly exfoliating with my Personal Microdermabrasion Device [PDM].  When I first received this device I was honestly confused and sure it wasn't going to do anything. Totally wrong. First, it removes all your dead skin.. you can actually see it piling up on the side of your face. It shrinks your pores, reduces wrinkles and over time it gets rid of acne scars and discoloration. It makes your skin so soft and you get more of a benefit out of your face products (face washes, moisturizers and skin creams) because they no longer have to penetrate through your layer of dead skin. 
Owning a PMD gives you the benefits of a weekly facial without the price or hassle of going to the Spa. It takes about 5 minutes each week and the result will show up after one use. My friends actually text me before they come over 'Can we microderm tonight?!' I've gotten everyone addicted. 
After I use my PMD, I put this face mask on. It turns into a foam once it's on your face and you can feel it penetrating into your pores, it tickles! I then take a shower to rinse my hair and mask off. (If you only do the PMD + Face Mask combo it takes about 10 minutes total!) 

After everything is done I curl up in bed and relax the rest of the night knowing I've gotten everything set up the week. I know it sounds easy or simple to have a little routine (& maybe it is for some people!) but I've always been a pretty disorganized person by nature so it's something I've had to work on. I get a lot of questions about what my week looks like, so I thought this would be a good place to start! 

Another few things you might want to add to your routine:

1. Picking outfits out for the week and organizing them somewhere easy to grab. This wardrobe rack is a great place to keep outfits for the week. One less thing you have to worry about in the morning. 

2. Pin new recipes to try for the week! (Follow my Pinterest Here)

3. Plan out new projects to complete that week or month. This week I'm cleaning out my closet and packing my winter clothes up + sending them to the attic and replacing them with my spring/summer clothes. 

4. Start a date night ritual with your bf, best friend or even yourself. Having something to look forward to on Sunday night can help you fight those Sunday Scaries and dread Monday a little less. We usually cook on Sunday nights or get take out and play a game. We love Yahtzee and Dominos, we get SO competitive with each other! :) 

What's your favorite thing to do on Sunday? Xo,

Rompin' Around with Cuddy Studios

Monday, February 22, 2016

Hellooo Monday! Coming at you bright and cheery.. well I'm up and at 'em but everyone else in my house is a little grumpy. I went to 6 am Neighborhood Barre this morning, so RJ and the pups are a little angry with their 5 am wake up call. If you're looking to kick start your mornings, come join me one day! Your first class is always free. :) 

In about two and a half weeks I'll be traveling for 11 days straight! I'm so excited for the trip but mainly I'm excited to whip out my spring wardrobe. But this Tennessee gal needs a California tan y'all! I'm so ready for the warmth on my face and a cold Corona in my hand. When I saw the fun, colorful prints of Cuddy Studios I knew they would be perfect for my trip and the rest of Spring and Summer. 

I am a romper girl through and through. I love how easy you can throw it on and it's instantly a put together outfit. You can dress it up or down and jazz it up with your favorite accessories for a personal take on a fun look. This romper was no exception, it is easily making its way to my favorite piece in my closet. 
The material on this romper is so soft (#EverythingShouldFeelLikePJs) but the long sleeves mean you can start wearing it now! The fun patterns are sure to stand out in the crowd and the tie waist is oh so flattering. If you can't tell I'm having a little love affair with this piece (Sorry Babe). 

| T H E  B R E A K D O W N |

Jillian Romper [℅] // True to size, I'm wearing a medium. Perfect for date night, bridal showers, girls night out or exploring a new city. Pairs perfectly with flats and layered jewels for a day time look or heels and statement earrings for a night on the town. 

Tye Die Clutch [℅] // These bags are handmade and SO cute. There are so many different prints and colors + under $50! 

Studded Leather Sandal *Two Colors // These are a dupe of the Valentino Studded Gladiators and they're just as cute with a price tag that will make you happy dance all the way to happy hours (in your new sandals of course!) 

Rimless Blue Ray Ban // I waited a while to dip into this trend. I was in love with the colored frames but could never decided which color I wanted! I love the rimless take this season and finally decided on  blue because it's as close to the ocean as I can get here in Tennessee! I also love this pink pair. 

| Necklaces: Pink Shark Tooth [℅], Blue Collar (Almost Identical) | Bracelets: David Yurman, Hermes | 'X' Ring  | Nail Polish (Similar) | Photography: A. Bonds Productions

I hope your coffee is strong and your Monday is short! As a little treat I'm teaming up with Cuddy Studios for a Giveaway on Instagram tonight, so make sure to check it out!! Xo,

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