The Proposal

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I'm so excited to share this post with you guys. Every time I write a post on here I secretly think 'this is my favorite blog post ever!' but in all actuality THIS IS MY FAVORITE ONE EVER or yet at least. I'm not going to lie, I've thought about this post before.. I've written it in my head a few times during a run, I've thought about it the past couple of days and now it's time and I don't even know what to say or where to begin.


Ok so this will probably be a long post. I honestly haven't shared a lot about RJ on here and that is definitely going to change. Part of the new year, new me is that I am revamping my blog to actually be more 'me' and less of just my closet and that definitely means a whole lot of RJ. We met almost five years ago at our college's football tailgate. Our school colors were blue and gold but RJ was wearing orange and white (for UT who was also playing that day). I was not happy he was breaking our school spirited theme and told him to leave (--I SWEAR I'm not always like this and I'm not mean! I love meeting new people and don't judge everyone's clothes!!) He told our mutual friend John (who is actually marrying one of my best friends this year!!) that I was crazy (true) and that we weren't going to be friends. HA 
A couple of weekends later he rode home with me and some of my friends from a party and accidentally left his phone in my backseat. After some very cheesy Facebook messages -from him not me!!, We agreed to meet on campus so I could return it to him. I brought it with me to class the next day and my friend Kaitlyn and I did some major snooping (we actually are crazy) and then I decided to put my number in his phone just for fun.. 


A couple of months later and we've been together ever since. Due to a sticky housing situation I got myself into a couple of years ago we ended up moving in together before marriage.. not something I thought I would do but it's been pretty great too (definitely had it's pros and cons, if you want to talk to me more about it email me! I would love to chat). RJ and I are so opposite. He's OCD and I am a little messy, he's organized, a planner, think everything through-er and I'm spur of the moment, do now, apologize later. People always say you are attracted to guys like your dad and I can see it now (in a totally not creepy way). RJ and my dad both tell cheesy jokes, they both make me feel safe, loved, secure. They make me so happy and like a princess. Knowing I wanted to marry RJ is something I've felt for a while now and it's so exciting to actually be engaged (-& not just secretly pinning wedding details like a psycho, we're all guilty right?!)!! 


So, I'm a little nosey.. a lot nosey. I HATE secrets. I love to be in control of everything. When it's a big occasion or a party I have to make sure every little detail is in order. RJ knows this, everyone knows this, so all engagement details have been top secret. I knew it was coming. I knew RJ asked me Dad permission when we were in NYC. They went to breakfast one morning and RJ came back SO sweaty (it was the week before Christmas, aka freezing) and I knew that's what they were talking about. I didn't exactly know when it would be but we all knew it was getting close. 
This past Sunday I had already planned on attending a bridal convention with my best friend Ashlee and some of her other bridesmaids. They were coming over to have mimosas before. Around 8 am I was still asleep and woke up to the dogs jumping on the bed, followed by RJ holding a tray full of breakfast. The pups were both kissing me when I noticed something tied on Doodlebug's collar! I immediately started crying and took it off the collar, the string was still tied on the ring and RJ was trying to get it untied --he was so nervous and it took so long! I can't really remember what he was saying it was all this happy blur but I do remember him asking if I would marry him and putting the ring on my finger! It was so perfect and I was actually surprised! Is it sad the only way I can be surprised is if I've been asleep..? I felt so bad because I had so many butterflies I couldn't even eat the huge breakfast he woke up at 6 to make. How I managed to sleep through it all, I still don't know!

It was 8 am here when we got engaged, meaning it was 7 am in Memphis where most of my family is and I felt so bad I was waking them all up. It was the most perfect proposal and I can't even explain how happy I am. RJ even purchased the most adorable monogrammed, velvet box for my ring from the Mrs. Box. I've always loved these boxes from when I saw them on Pinterest but I had no idea RJ would remember! I can't wait to pass it on to our son or daughter when they are grown.
I think I'm still in shock, I constantly catch myself just staring at my hand. I actually get really sad every night at bedtime when it's time to take off my ring. I think I've actually been going to bed later just so I don't have to take it off. My mom and step dad are coming in town this weekend and one of my best friends and I just cannot believe how exciting this time of our lives is about to get and I'm so excited I get to share it with you guys too! I just cannot grasp how much time and thought RJ spent finding the perfect ring, the perfect box and coming up with the perfect proposal. I've prayed my entire life to find a man like him and God is so great.


Ps. If you look really closely above you can see the ring tied on Doodle's collar! I think she was mad we took it off, she thought it was for her! :) 

#ChaChaFitness: Neighborhood Barre

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday! Another weekend flew by but this one was so special to me, if you follow on Instagram you saw that I am engaged!! I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with my love and to share the full proposal and all the details on here soon!!! 
Today I'm sharing another new part of my life that has truly been a m a z i n g. About two weeks ago I joined Neighborhood Barre Chatanooga and I have been addicted ever since that first class. I usually just do cardio alone for exercise, running is my favorite indoor or outdoors but I was looking for something that toned and tightened. One of my best friends suggested Neighborhood Barre & since the first class is free I figured it wouldn't hurt to try. 

I was a little hesitant because I had taken barre classes before at a different company and honestly I wasn't a fan. I felt the vibe was 'snooty', I wasn't seeing results and I felt it was a waste of money. One class with Neighborhood Bare and I was hooked. 
After two weeks I've already lost nine pounds (I am still doing a few days of cardio also) and I can see a difference in my body. The classes are so fun and they are hard. When you're in class you want to 'shake' and boy do I shake. Each class is different too so I'm constantly doing new moves, keeping me interested and my body sore. 

I was really nervous my first class because I didn't know if I would be able to do all the moves but the instructors show you the move and then show you how to make it easier or harder depending on your body. It's awesome. I think my favorite part though is the music! They have someone who's job is just to make remixes for the classes, each one is so fun and upbeat (My favorite is the Selena vs. Justin Bieber and the bohemian rhapsody remix!). 

In February they are starting a new series 'How Many Times Can You Shake Before Spring Break?' and for every ten classes you attend, you'll receive 10% off your next package.. for every twenty classes you attend, you'll receive 20% off your next package and for every thirty classes you attend you'll receive 30% off your next package!! AND to make it even better I've teamed up with them to off you 20% off your first month with the code 'CHACOSANDCHANEL'.  It's the perfect way to get into shape for bikini season that is rapidly approaching!! -Scary I know! 

So lemme break down all this greatness for ya'.. 
Your first class is free with code 'FREE' -sign up here
Your first month (unlimited) is 20% Off ($80) with code 'CHACOSANDCHANEL' -Purchase here, valid until February 6, 2016.
Students your unlimited months are always $100!
After your first month if you are a teacher, young professional or nurse your classes are $125! See a full list of pricing here.
Free childcare is also offered, which I think is amazing!

If you're nervous about trying your first class alone (don't be because everyone is seriously so sweet) but I would love to join you!! You can email me at and we can set something up! They also just added BarreBLAST classes (--think crazy fast ballet moves + three days of soreness) and I'm in love. You really get an amazing workout in just an hour! 
AND don't be nervous about being uncoordinated or don't know what to do (I'm seriously so, so uncoordinated) the instructors help you with the moves and if you get super tired you can take a little break on your mat, no one will notice. :) 

 I hope all you babes will come try at least one class with me because I know you'll love it!! It's such a fun activity to do with my girlfriend's that isn't going to eat or drink and spending tons of money on fattening things. Especially now that I'm officially #SheddingForTheWedding right?! ;) I feel like I'm becoming a better version of myself physically and I am feeling stronger everyday.

Please let me know if you have any questions about NB or anything in general and have a fabulous afternoon!

Thanks so much to Neighborhood Barre for sponsoring this posts, all opinions are my own. 


Thursday, January 21, 2016

No matter how cliche it sounds, January is truly the 'reset' month. The holidays are over, if you're anything like me you have eaten every casserole, candy, dessert, meal known to man and you are up to your nose in bubbly cocktails and heavy drinks. My mind was jumbled, my house was destroyed and my body was hating me. I honestly wasn't even able to sit down and write a post because I felt so out of whack. I'm now three weeks dairy free, my house is cleaned (& almost finished with my revamp!!!) and the blog has a full makeover. I've never felt more refreshed (even when I thought I was refreshed a couple of weeks ago, I wasn't!!) and back on my grind. 

I have lived in athleisure apparel and I plan on staying this way until later next week when Cupid Season shows up (aka Valentine's Day). I have so many great date nights/outfits/DIY gifts and more planned for Valentine's, coming real soon! Until then I wanted to share a few things I'm loving about January and a little bit about my newly redone site! New Year, New me, Right?! :) 

First things first, Chacos & Chanel got a make over! There are still a few more changes to come mainly photos but the layout will be the same! It's responsive so it should be super easy to use no matter what device you're on (if not PLEASE tell me so I can fix it!) .. here are a few of my favorite new features! 

Products I Love I add this tab for a little sneak peek of new posts to come! I am going to be reviewing some of my favorite products (--think make up, hair products, kitchen gadget, etc. etc.), how to use them and also linking all the best places to buy them. --But for now you can quick shop some of my all time faves! Not to mention the brand new beauty tab!! YouTube videos coming soon! EEK! 

Home Decor & DIY This will be your go to for home stylings and projects! I have so many up my sleeve, I cannottttt wait to show you! 

There's a few other new things here and there but I think it will be fun for you to discover those yourself! 

If I do trade my leggings in for a 'real outfit', I am still reaching for something cozy. So I'm not doing much trading since these leather pants are still leggings but it does look much more pulled together! I posted a sneak of this sweater last night on Instagram and they are low in stock so hurry before it sells out! I will link a few other of my favorite off the shoulder sweaters just in case. 
Both of these pieces will transition into Spring so well because they are light! 

*From Left to Right: Hint of Cashmere Sweater // Baby Blue Sweater //  Waffle Knit Cream Sweater // Dusty Brown Sweater // Lights Will Shine Sweater *Would be so cute in the Spring with denim shorts //

If you see any glitches in my new site or have a request for an upcoming post, please let me know! I hope you have a great Friday eve ;). XO,

#ChaChaEats: Zucchini Chicken Salad

Monday, January 11, 2016

It's Monday for sure and a cold one at that. Last night I sat down and wrote this entire post, two hours-ish later I published and was happy it would be live for you guys bright and early.. it didn't publish or save anything.. I was so mad. So I'm trying again and fingers crossed y'all actually get to read this one! 
I truly enjoy eating 'clean' or 'healthy' and I actually stopped eating dairy a couple of days before New Year's Eve (thirteen days ago to be exact) and I've really been working to expand my meals beyond my  favorite arugula salad. This zucchini chicken salad has always been one of my top easy lunch recipes even before I was dairy free. The zucchini is shredded so you cannot even taste it & it's RJ approved I always joke you know a recipe is a home run if he likes it because he's SO picky! With only four ingredients and four steps, it seriously doesn't get much better than this Zucchini Chicken Salad. 

| Kitchen Island (Similar, I also love this one) | Citrus Zinger Water Bottle | Oatmeal Cookie Candle I also love the Espresso scent | Wood Tray (Similar) | 'Milk Jug' Vase (Similar) | Faux Flowers (Similar) | 

If you follow me on Pinterest I am constantly pinning recipes. I love to try new things but often I'll mix n' match them, change up the ingredients or create my very own recipe from scratch. This recipe I stole from my BFF Kaitlyn but I changed it up a tad (She adds grape tomatoes, onions and grapes). I love how fresh and easy this recipe is, and even though it's only four ingredients.. it's very filling. The only 'tools' you need for this is a cheese grater (I got mine at the dollar tree!). 
The sweetness of the apples with a pop from the dijon mustard makes this healthy dish something you'll crave over and over. This is great to make the night before (I would leave the mustard on the side) and pack to take to work or in your child/spouse's lunch. 

Serves 1
1 Chicken Breast (Grilled or Boiled)
1/2 Zucchini
1/3 Apple 
2 Tablespoons of Dijon Mustard

1. Shred (with your hands) or Dice the Chicken Breast, place into a mixing bowl
2. Using a cheese grater, shred the zucchini directly into the bowl (be sure to catch all the liquid, do not drain) 
3. Take your apple (I cut it into thirds around the core and place the other 2/3 in a baggy) and slice one direction as thin as possible, switch directions cutting as thin as possible, creating very tiny 'cubes'
4. Mix in dijon mustard and stir everything together! 

Nutritional Info *Based on 5 oz Chicken Brest: 203 Calories, 3g of Fat, 9mg Cholesterol, 780mg Sodium, 101mg Potassium, 8g Total Carbohydrates, 7g Sugar, 32g Protein, 1% Vitamin A, 7% Vitamin C, 3% Calcium, 1% Iron

You can add any thing you'd like to this salad.. so far I've tried hardboiled egg whites and avocados and they were both delish! I would love to know what you think, if you try this recipe and how it turns out! XO, 

Casetify Phone Cases & Long Distance BFFs

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hi Babes! When I was Christmas shopping for two of my pickiest people, I ordered their gifts so late. Luckily it was for my sister and my best friend so they didn't mind at all! I am so in love with their gifts I had to share before I sent them to Memphis! In fact, I'm so in love I actually purchased one for myself too :). 

Our phone cases' connect when next to each other! These post cards are from our travels, photos of us and our tickets to the Beyonce concert! 

One of my best friends attended school with me in Chattanooga and after graduating she moved back to Memphis for work. Funny story, we actually lived one street apart in High School yet never met each other until I moved to Chatt! She was actually the very first person I met here. Even though we usually go three-four months without seeing each other, I feel just as close to her as all my other best friends here in Chattanooga. 
We've never talked about a 'plan' or ways to stay close, it just happened and I know it's because of two things.. 1. We communicate non stop, text, phone calls, snapchats, tagging each other in funny Instagrams, even emails sometimes! 2. We absolutely love to travel together. We've been on countless road trips and each one creates memories and stories that I will never, ever forget. 
When I was shopping for her, I wanted to get her something special but I was unsure what! When I stumbled across these phone cases, I knew they were 100% PERFECT. They were originally created for sisters but she's basically a sister to me so I didn't mind. I had thought about a phone case before but most 'BFF' phone cases are too much or look silly when you're not with your bestie.. definitely not the case for these! 

I purchased the mermaid case for my sister, she is 13 and loves all things mermaid and unicorns I can't blame her! I may be purchasing this one for myself for the Spring/Summer! 

Casetify is my new favorite for phone cases because there are literally hundreds of adorable designs to choose from and the cases are actually sturdy (unlike so many cute phone cases I've had in the past!). Right now they're offering a special, if you buy two you will receive $10 off! 

Happy hump day babes! XO,

| Long Distance Phone Case *Use code '2MORE' for $10 off | Mermaid Phone Case *Use code '2MORE' for $10 off | Jewelry: Baublebar, J.Crew, Accessory Concierge, Tory Burch, Kendra Scott | Mirror

Here's to 2016..

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hello from 2016! I hope everyone had an ah-mazing holiday season. Thanks for another great year with C & C! I cannot believe it's January, the holidays were a whirlwind for sure. I think the older you get the faster and crazier they become. I really took some time off for family and friends. I feel refreshed and recharged.. ready for the year. 

With that being said, I'm excited for some big changes I have in store for 2016! Throughout last year, I think I shared 75% style posts and 25% lifestyle posts. I want Chacos & Chanel to be an extension of me and I am not 75% fashion. I love fashion, I love clothes and I love style but my life is filled with so much more and this year I want to balance all my posts on here like I balance every aspect of my life. Think of it as more of a peak inside my brain and life, not just my closet. 

I will still be posting outfits but I will also be sharing my favorite recipes (I love to cook & do almost every night!!), my favorite projects (I'm in the middle of two DIYs and cannot wait to share them!), and just about any and everything that pops up along the way. If you have any requests for posts or questions or just want to say hi.. please shoot me an email! 

I've removed the 'Holiday' tab from my menu bar but you can still search anything in the search bar (use keywords such as 'weddings', 'shoes', 'free people', etc.). I replaced this tab with travels (including Chattanooga faves!) and I've added a DIY tab under Home Decor! 

ps. I usually share a sneak peek of all my projects, recipes and everything via Snapchat. My username is RileyBrahm! 


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