Summer Linens Wrapped in a Bow

Monday, June 1, 2015

This may be one of my favorite looks I've ever shared with you guys! I love the versatility and elegance of this backless linen jumpsuit, add in my absolute favorite accessories and I may never take it off. 

|| Linen Jumpsuit *on sale right now, plus an extra 30% off with code 'STKD30', Also Here | Wood Stitched Turban Headband | Striped Tote c/o Mar Y Sol, I also love this color | Ankle Strap Sandals ||

If you know me, you know I am a sucker for anything white. I love the blank canvas it presents, I love the classic cleanness, & I particularly love this jumper because of the adorable open back + bow situation.
I snagged this baby on sale when I was in Florida a couple of months ago, it was just one of those pieces I could not pass up. I already was thinking of the amazing places I could wear it.. brunch, a night on the town, vacation, church (paired with a cute jacket like this one) the list goes on and on. I especially love this jumper if you're a bride!! I am a huge believer in a Bride wearing white to all her wedding functions (think Bridal showers, Engagement Parties, Luncheons, etc.) this jumper adds the perfect twist to that LWD.
(If you're not a jumper gal, check out these adorable dresses 30% off with code 'DRESSITUP')

I am an accessories fuuuhreak, I live for accessories. I think they are the perfect purchase. They can be worn over and over and over without becoming tired. Nine times out of ten I will splurge on two things, sunglasses and purses. I have had the same pair of Ray Bans since I was a Freshman in high school. Worth every penny. I eyed these sunnies for a while. I loved the unique shape but worried about how they would actually look on my face. (I always get anxious ordering sunglasses offline but I love ordering from Nordstrom because I know returning would be a breeze if necessary, which it wasn't necessary because I love these babies). Worth the debate and the money I know these sunnies are already a staple in my wardrobe.
A piece I didn't have to debate on was this adorable turban headband. I saw it and didn't care how much I had to spend to make it my own *luckily not much!! You can wear it as a turban closer to the front of your forehead or like a traditional headband + it's super comfy.

xo, Riley 

Ps. How gorgeous is this spot where we shot this look? I ran a little bit farther than I normally do on the Chattanooga Riverwalk and found this gorgeous bridge, I love Chattanooga so much! If you ever visit please shoot me an Email and I will tell you all my favorite spots. :) 

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  1. Those earrings look great with that dress! What a great look :)

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries


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