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Friday, July 18, 2014

This past week I shot my collaboration with Free People, it was so exciting to work with such an amazing company and the girls at the Memphis FP store are incredible! I have always had such a great time shopping in their store and they are so helpful when it comes to styling, ordering another size, or even just chatting. They actually helped my mom pick out her wedding dress. 

After wrapping up our shoot, there was the most gorgeous sunset I've ever seen and it was just the cherry and sprinkles on top of a perfect day.  I decided every Friday I'll share a new look with y'all, #TGIFP Thank God It's Free People! 

For out first look, we styled this amazing american flag distressed tee. It was sooo soft I did not want to take it off! We paired it with their blue jean shorts (also incredibly soft, can I just live in Free People?) and two jackets perfect for transitioning into fall or wearing in chilly classes once school's back in session! Topping the outfit off was this incredible straw hat, I'm so into hats right now I feel like it really takes a great outfit to the next level. 

OUTFIT || SHORTS c/o Free People | TEE c/o Free People | RED JACKET c/o Free People| 

ACCESSORIES || HAT c/o Free People | SUNNIES | BRACELET c/o Kristalize Jewelry |

Which look is your favorite? Post your favorite Free People look and tag #TGIFP & I'll share some on next weeks blog post! Also, don't forget to check out @FreePeopleMemphis on instagram :)



C&C Weekly Update

Monday, July 14, 2014

My summer may be wrapping up, but the fun sure isn't. Before the month ends I'm announcing two HUGE collaborations (hint: one is pictured above), have three more trips planned, and moving cities! 

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C&C Weekly Updates!

Tropical To Go

Thursday, July 10, 2014

This might be one of my favorite posts to share with y'all, ever

First, how gorgeous is our hotel? I seriously could not get enough of our view all weekend. This was our first night in town and I had been dying to wear my new outfit since I got it in the mail earlier that week. After weeks of searching for the perfect midi (with a perfect price tag), I finally found this tropical, pleated midi skirt! I knew I wanted to pair it with a crop top and this white, off the shoulder piece was insane. I immediately felt like an island princess or that babe & I were going to flamenco the night away at a swanky beach club. Vacations are the perfect place to try new clothes or looks because you're in a new surrounding! 

I kept the jewelry to a minimum because the skirt and top were so fabulous, but I did find that my orange tassel earrings were the perfect mix of fun + simplicity to top off my look. 

PS. All photos were taken by my wonderful boyfriend, so much fun shooting with him! 


ACCESSORIES || SUNGLASSES | WATCH | Orange Tassel Earrings c/o Sarah Briggs Jewelry | Gold X Ring & Gold Stack Ring c/o Shop Emma Joy | 

Disclosure: Although I was gifted jewelry from designers and shops, all opinions are my own.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn't share THE sale of the year?! 

Forget Black Friday, this sale is so big the Nordstrom site has been shut down in order to prepare for the sale. Do yourself a favor & follow the link below.


Charleston Eats & Arm Party Treats

I hope everyone had a fabulous and festive Fourth! I know we did, I spent an extra long weekend in Charleston. I love everything about Charleston, the houses are so adorable, it's on the coast, and the food is out of this world. The first day we were there we walked around downtown. Exploring Rainbow Row, shopping in the market, and eating everything in sight.

I basically live in my denim cut offs this summer. They are so easy to dress up or down and always are comfortable. I made these last year when it was harder to find high waist blue jean shorts, but now you can luckily find a pair almost anywhere pretty cheap. I paired the shorts with this super adorb flowy crop from Urban Outfitters. The top is fun by itself but is also so easy to pair with adorable jewelry.

Lately I've really been obsessed with layering and stacking. In the past I have had trouble finding jewelry that works well together, but then I stumbled upon these three ladies.. Shop Emma Joy, Accessory Jane, & Kristalize. Alone each of their pieces are gorgeous, but together they make the ultimate collection. I'm talking about creating the arm party of the century. Like Vegas party arm party. You can't go wrong with any pieces you choose to mix and match. Good luck deciding which ones to buy, it's the worst part. Trust me you'll want them all.

Tips on the ultimate arm party:
- Pick a statement piece.
Start with the biggest, most noticeable piece & work backwards. 
Mine is usually my watch.
- Choose 2-3 bead or colorful braceletts.
Coordinating with your statement piece, 
look for fun & colorful bracelets to thicken up your stack. 
For this stack I picked my two Kristalize stretch bracelets &
 a wrap bracelet filled with tiny blue beads.
- Thin Neutrals.
Add gold or silver thin bangles. 
My favorites are Alex & Ani, their little charms are so adorable!
I also add some plain gold bangles in my stack, 
as well as a larger one closer to my elbow.
- Necklaces + Rings.
Don't let your arm have all the fun
Add a bold necklace or 2 delicate necklaces, depending on your outfit.
Pick a statement ring, followed by some thin rings & midi rings.
Make sure to touch up your mani & you're good to go. 

Styling and re-styling your arm party is fun, IT'S A PARTY! Even if it doesn't feel right at first, just keep trying. Everyday you can adjust your stack for your mood.

Jewelry: Purple Stone Bracelet & White Druzy Bracelet c/o Kristalize Jewelry | Gold X Ring, Silver X Midi Ring, & Gold Stack Ring c/o Shop Emma Joy | Double Starburst Necklace c/o Accessory Jane | Gold Alex + Ani Bangles | MK Watch 

 Disclosure: Although jewelry was gifted to me from each shop, all opinions are my own. 

P.S. Make sure you check out FUEL while in Charleston & try their Jamaican Chicken Sandwich.. YUM

Travel Tips: Me, Myselfie, & I

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Recently, I have found myself really enjoying alone time (which is so strange because usually I hate being alone, MEEP). The company I work for was forcing me to take a trip to San Fran, life sucks I know.. they probably just wanted me to leave the office because after they meantioned the idea every other breath out of my mouth was facts about SanFrancisco or Cali, or WHAT AM I GOING TO PACK TO GO TO CALI. Major probz that everyone in the office clearly understands, right?

I finally booked my flights, hotel, rental car, the whole shebang.. I was officially Cali bound and on my first solo trip! I was so nervous I was going to hate it, I thought I could never have fun without someone there. I mean what was I going to do talk to myself the whole time??

I was so wrong. I loved being by myself, (although I did talk plenty, I made friends on the plane, in the hotel, restaurants, everywhere.. Plus snapchat. Duh) Ok, I'm talking too much again. Here are my tips on having the BEST solo trip.

1. PINTEREST & INSTAGRAM: Isn't this a perfect start to my tips? Who doesn't love these two? Before I take trip anywhere I spend a large chunk of time researching on pinterest. I will search things such as local spots, must sees, or even just the city's name. I like to try to find unique things, that aren't filled with tourists (but I always check out those spots, too!). Next, I look on instagram for blogger's of the city. They will always know the great spots & sometimes you can even ask them questions! WE <3 BLOGGERS! 

2. PACKING: I can't even tell you how to pack your wardrobe, that's a blog post on its own. What I can tell you to pack are books. I love books, even more so when I am alone. I read three books while I was in San Fran. I pin my favorite books, so make sure you follow me on Pinterest. After you find your perfect book, go enjoy a nice dinner on a patio with a big glass of wine. Heaven. 

3. LOVE YOUR SELFIE, LITERALLY: I get separation anxiety from people who will take my picture. Most self-absorbed thing I've ever said (maybe), but being a fashion blogger capturing my outfits and my surroundings are really important to me. Especially when I'm somewhere cool like SF. 

Solution- SELFIES! At first, I was nervous. I'm alone in a strange state taking selfies. It wasn't long until I stopped caring who was wathcing, this place is freaking gorgeous and I want my big head in the photo. I am so glad I did this too because looking back I love my pictures of the Golden Gate bridge with my face taking up half the screen. 


4. SHOPPING: Since you're traveling alone, you'll have the perfect excuse to shop! Pick up souvenirs for all your friends at local stores. And don't feel bad about buying yourself a little something too. You're on vacation! 

I seriously suggest taking a trip by yourself. Rather it's work or play, near or far, it is
extremely enjoyable!


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