Nighttime in NOLA

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nighttime in NOLA 

I received this AHHMAZING necklace from Accessory Jane a few weeks back. Seeing how perfect it is I had to wait for the perfect opportunity to wear it. New Orleans was that moment. First, the owner is the most adorable, sweet, and genuine girl I have met. I'm obsessed with her, and her jewelry is seriously so beautiful. She has a mix of both preppy and boho chic that is right up my alley. What more can you ask for?

I paired my necklace with this flirty Urban Outfitter look. I snagged the skirt and top on sale for about $30 total!! And the shoes.. I have relieved so many compliments on the shoes. My feet love me. They're so cute the perfect mix of gladiator and trendy, and SO easy to walk in. You would never guess they were from Forever 21

The cherry on top of my outfit was my new TMG Halo. I am obsessed, they are so easy to wear casual or for a night out. And so many different colors and flowers, each one is unique! 

Will I ever see a mirror without posing for a selfie again? Probably not. 

P.P.S Sorry about the  not so great quality photos, since I was there celebrating a friend's birthday I was a little hesitant to bring my camera. 

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