10k & Confetti

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I still am in awe that I hit TEN THOUSAND followers on my instagram. It's hard to believe that many people care about my life, but I am so, so thankful of everyone's support. I celebrated this weekend with my friends and today I had a celebratory shoot with the most amazing photographer, Alex Bonds.

I decided it was the perfect occasion to wear my favorite white dress which also is the first piece of clothing I ever blogged about! I'm really obsessing over all white and gold even though it's breaking the no white after labor day rule, it is so in right now. (Plus it's always more fun to break the rules)
I purchased my dress from a fabulous local boutique last year but luckily I found it online as well! I included a link to everything I'm wearing at the bottom of the page. xx, riley

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