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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I'm very new to the blogging world, I have had this blog for about 6 months & in that time I've probably only actually blogged for a month and had three different names. I've had a lot of people ask me questions about it so I thought I would explain the reason behind the blog! 

Why am I blogging? 
I have always been interested in photography and writing, as well as had an extreme shopping problem. When I found the opportunity to combine the three I was so excited, then nervous. I often debated on quitting, questioning who is actually interested in what I wear or have to say, but only hours after my first post I had texts and tweets applauding my blog. It was such a great feeling. I love getting together with my friends, popping a bottle of bubbly, and taking pictures of each other. I hope to use my blog to unlock future opportunities in the fashion world. 

Why Chacos and Chanel? 
Originally my blog was named the Riley Brahm project, but the name was so close to Rachel Zoe's TV show I was eager to find a new name. I then changed it to champagne guru & quit blogging for about 3 months. I was really missing my blog but wanted a sort of fresh start, that's when I thought of the name Chacos and Chanel. I felt the name really described myself as well as a lot of girls. I love clothes, but I'm not going to lie there are plenty of days where you will find me in a giant tee shirt and chacos.  No one in college can afford to wear chanel 24/7 & that's why I feel my blog works for college girls it's outfits you can find at forever 21, target, or online. It's actually reasonable unlike some blogs who are constantly in high end labels. 

So while no one out there may actually love reading my blog (but hopefully you do), I do it for myself. It's something I am really passionate about. There are times where I'm feeling like it's silly or a waste of time I remind myself.. Patience, Persistence, & Positivity and I feel a lot better. Also I want to thank my friends, family, and boyfriend for taking pictures of me, letting me take pictures of you, and not killing me when I talk about blogging for hours straight. 

                        kisses, riley
Ps. I wanted to include some pictures of the people who know I'm a psycho & still love me anyways

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