Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The little black dress is the epitome of sexiness, but you can't forget about its sister the LWD, Little White Dress. The perfect basic for warm months, nothing is more versatile than the LWD.
After a long day of lounging by the pool or laying in the sand, the best thing to compliment your tan is a crisp, white dress. It's not hard to find the perfect LWD for you, I found mine at Nasty Gal and can't imagine life without it. Another great place you can find white dresses is on LuLu's. Once you find the perfect one for you there are millions of different ways to dress it up or down, and what a perfect excuse to buy accessories because almost ANYTHING will match. 

A loose style white dress is easiest to wear casual, throwing on a statement necklace or layering accessories will change the whole attitude of the dress! The LWD is the easiest piece this summer to personalize, just have fun with it!  
A rustic look, so easy for summer nights, is very popular right now. My favorite way to get this look is by adding my blue jean vest, from Forever 21 and chunky western boots (pictured here are Frye Harness but Target offers a more budget friendly version). An over sized clutch is great for day or night pulls the whole outfit together, this straw one I luckily stumbled upon in a antique store here in town.

Light weight, summer scarves are a perfect way to diversify your LWD. Since Fourth of July is right around the corner, who isn't trying to stock up on their stars & stripes apparel? Adding this American Flag scarf is adorable, now or anytime of the year. Find this scarf on Anna's Armoire, by liking them on Facebook or following them on Instagram. 

Head scarves are your best friend on a bad hair day, but they can also be your LWD's BFF too. Easy on the wallet and even easier to throw in your hair this Free People Wire Headband. I usually end up taking these head scarves off my head half way through the night because they are so hard to stay on, but this one has a flexible wire inside that really keeps it on your head. I love pairing mine with large thin hoops and a structured brown bag for the perfect retro mix.

Nothing is more elegant than a structured white dress. Plain or detailed you can't go wrong, I've been obsessing over peplum this season so when I found this LWD I died. This dress is perfect by itself, but it's so fun to play dress up with accessories. I focused on the femininity of the ruffles on the dress by adding dainty dangle earrings and a simple clutch.
You can transition this same dress to day by adding a blazer and fun flats or sneakers. I am loving the neon trend so I pair it with this bright blazer from Forever 21 and neon Keds from H&M. The messy top knot is an effortless way to polish off the outfit.

I think the biggest reason I love white dresses is because I am an accessory hoarder. The LWD is a blank palette for whatever look you want to try out. Always in style you and you can completely express yourself.

Coconut Oil for your Goldie Locks

Thursday, June 20, 2013

I started using coconut oil about two months ago and it is a nectar sent straight from the gods. Only 8 dollars and my first jar lasted me around a month. I purchased mine at Whole Foods, but you can also find it at grocery stores for a little more.
My favorite thing to do with the coconut oil is to soak, and I mean soak, my hair in it and throw it up in a bun on top of my head. The oil is a solid in the jar but you can scoop it out with your hands and it immediately begins to melt into a liquid. I leave mine on for an hour if not more and some days when I have a lot of time I will set the blow dryer up on my counter and heat up my hair. Then you just wash it out as normal and wah-la! Not only has my hair been the softest and healthiest it has ever been, it has started to grow faster than ever.
Also another great use for your coconut oil is a natural and cheaper suntan oil. I purchased a spray bottle for the dollar tree and put one half water with one half coconut oil, shake and spritz. Plus you will smell delicious! So far I haven't ventured past coconut oil in my hair, but soon I'm going to attempt to use it in the kitchen..eek. I will definitely let you know how that turns out!

Free People Bun Wires

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Besides cooking another one of my passions, obsessions, true love, whatever you want to call it is SHOPPING. Seriously I'm an addict and one of my newest finds I discovered during a trip to the heavenly Free People store in Memphis. Tempted to buy everything in the store, I resisted but I could not escape without these fabulous bun wire ties! The sock bun is one of my go to moves, seriously the chicest lazy girl hairstyle, but these bun wires add such a fun twist! They are extremely simple but add such flair. A light and flexible wire covered in fun fabric can be shaped so many ways. I took a few pictures of my favorite ways but get a pack and try them out on your own!
3 for $14 Bun Wires!

Sassy Tuna Lettuce Wraps

One of my biggest hobbies is cooking, especially all the delicious recipes on Pinterest. Admit it we pin hundreds upon hundreds recipes, but how many do we actually attempt? And how many are worth the effort, time and money? No fear, I hopefully will take away all the guessing work by posting some of the noteworthy recipes. I'm starting with one of my new favorites, I call it sassy tuna.
It is crazy easy and you will think I am even crazier when I tell how you many calories per serving, 150. Not kidding, the recipe makes 3 lettuce wraps and each one is just 150 calories (& filling!). Now for the fun part.

  • 1 Can of tuna 
  • 2 Hard boiled eggs
  • 1 Avocado
  • 1/2 Cup of Greek yogurt 
  • 1 tbsp Yellow mustard
  • 1 Lime
  • 3 Lettuce boats (large leaves)
  • Hot Sauce of your choice 

  1. Drain tuna, chop eggs, peel & chop avocado
  2. Mix tuna, egg, avocado, Greek yogurt, & mustard together
  3. Squeeze lime and add desired amount of hot sauce
  4. Spoon mixture in to lettuce wedge, drizzle with more hot sauce if desired
  5. Enjoy!

Seriously, I told you it was easy, cheap, and delicious. If you aren't a fan of tuna you can substitute chicken or just nix the meat all together and opt for more eggs!

Meet My Blog

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi I am Riley, a twenty year old pioneer Chattanoogan. I moved here from Memphis almost 4 years ago and it has been non-stop adventures. I work as a pharm. sales rep and mother to my rapidly growing golden retriever Dallas.I recently moved in with my boyfriend, RJ, which has been nothing short of interesting. Trying to find a balance between our eating habits, addiction to shopping, love for styling and fashion, and an avid trend tester I decided to share the journey with y'all. Enjoy! 

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