Meet Yes, Please Digital (My Other Baby)

Ahhh one of my most requested DMs and oddly enough the one thing I keep semi-private. But for no reason in particular, so I thought I would finally answer the most popular FAQ-

What is your job outside of blogging? 

Did you know I do have a job outside of blogging? A full-time job that kinda has nothing to do with blogging but also ties in very well with it. So the answer is well, YES! I do have a job, in fact, I own my own company. Yes, Please Digital. 

So before I tell you how Yes, Plz Digital was born or what the day to day is like, let me tell you what exactly it does. Yes, Please Digital offers both digital marketing and social media services to businesses. I currently work with about 10 different brands in Chattanooga and Knoxville doing things like social media management, content creation, email marketing, guest blogging, website management, SEO, paid social media advertising, consulting and so much more.

While it may look like I’m often at home hanging out with my dogs, it’s just because they’re my only employees (besides asking RJ, my parents and best friend a million questions). Now, if you’d like to get to know YPD a little more, I’d love to share her story.


I’ve talked a very little bit about what I do on my stories and when I do I get so many replies about ‘What I went to school for’ or ‘How I got started’ and well you may or may not like my answer. Long story short: I just did it. 

Here’s the better answer though. I interned for a pharmaceutical company very young (and I know I’m SO lucky for this opportunity). I was 19 years old and working in spine surgeries most days of the week. I can’t even count the number of times I would go out celebrating 21st birthdays with my besties and get 3 hours of sleep before having to be in the OR at 6 am the next day. If I go out now I need a full day of recovery, ha! Back to the point, I think this taught me a few major things.

I grew up fast. My ‘internship’ quickly became me running Chattanooga as my very own territory and I was the only sales rep for my company in our city. This meant I serviced two spine surgeons on my own. I did not have training for this, my first day was literally me walking in the OR and just doing it. Every day I was responsible for part of someone’s SPINE surgery so I was kinda forced to start taking things more seriously.  I think it also helped that RJ worked full time during college too and we were semi on the same schedule. Anyway, this is not a post about when I worked as a sales rep but it does play a lot into my journey. About two years into my sales rep life, I so desperately missed a creative aspect to my job. I decided to start blogging as an outlet (re: Chacos & Chanel if you’ve been around that long!). After about 4 years of working in the pharmaceutical world, I just couldn’t keep doing it. I have really bad anxiety and if I feel unprepared for something, it just makes things worse. I never felt fully prepared for surgeries and I was always so anxious.

Knowing I wanted to do something else and deciding what I want to do are two totally different things. Since I had been blogging for almost three years at this point I had a very large knowledge of building a brand, social media management, and content creation. A local salon was looking for someone to work the front desk and do social media and I decided to give it a try. I think it’s very important to acknowledge how lucky I am to be able to take a leap of faith like this. While my parents nor RJ have ever supported my work financially (another good thing about digital marketing is that there is VERY little overhead), I definitely knew I had something to fall back on if worst came to worst. I know not everyone has this and I’m trying to be very transparent here. Would I want to run to my parents if things failed? Absolutely not. Would they let me starve on the streets? No. And I’m thankful for this.

So I started working with the salon, I realized if I could grow my own brand through social media, why couldn’t I do it for others? And I could! I loved working with others to tell their story. I started working with the salon in October 2016. In December, I was still VERY unsure what I wanted to do. I loved working with the salon but it was not a full-time position and honestly, I just needed to make more money. Which is when I decided I needed to grow more. I ended up taking a job as a Digital Marketing Manager for a new company part-time, while still working at the salon. This company was growing and so was I so it was a huge learning opportunity.

I was the only ‘digital person’ and basically was left to my own devices. I learned a lot during this time about email marketing, funnel campaigns and paid advertisements. I also attended a few digital marketing seminars during this time which really solidified the fact I could do this for others. After working with them for a year, I began reaching out to new clients. There are still so many days where I don’t know what I’m doing but I always work my hardest and get it done.

My advice to you if you’re wanting to start a new business (digital marketing or not): Google is your BFF. Research, research, research. Try it out on your own, for others you know, etc. For me, I’m able to use my blog and social media as a trial and test run to see what works and what doesn’t, try new trends and almost as a second resume or portfolio.


Well! Now you know the story of how Yes, Please Digital began, I can tell you a little more about what I do and my typical day to day. So, two days a week I travel to Knoxville to work with brands. I also work with them from home two days a week. A typical day looks like this:

5 am: Wake up, drink my coffee, check the Instagrams I run and snuggle Doodle.

5:30 am: Workout or put the finishing touches on a blog post

6 am: Work on blog posts

7 am: Get ready

7:30 am: Either head to Knoxville or start working.

From here my day can be a jumbled mess as there are so many different things I would need to be doing. Here are a few of my most common tasks:

  • At the beginning of each month, I spend a lot of time creating content calendars for my clients. This is like a map of the month, what they can expect in terms of social media and email campaigns, making sure I’m hitting any important dates or holidays, etc.
  • At the beginning of each week (usually Sunday morning or Monday morning), I use a planning app to plan all my posts for the week for my brands. I don’t use a schedule app (I manually post) but this helps keep things in order and keeps me sane.
  • Creating paid ads for clients.
  • Shooting content in my home or on site for clients.
  • Building email campaigns.
  • Managing social channels, responding to DMs, comments, etc.

So, that’s what fills my day-to-day. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a ton but I do a mixture or all of those things for roughly 10 brands and I’m my only employee. I think I will probably hire someone to assist me in 2019, but we will see!

I was going to include more about how my blogging ties into all this and when/how I maintain my blog while working full time but I think I may do a part 2 Blogging with a Full-Time Job. I feel like I’m missing a lot of info on my job but I think this is a good intro! If you have any more questions please drop them below or shoot them over on Insta and I can do an update soon. XO 

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