10 Small Steps You NEED for a Healthy Life

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know I’ve been using this year to change my lifestyle. I really wanted to take 2018 and make it a happier, healthier year but balanced. Sometimes I want fried chicken with RJ or a mimosa with brunch, and that’s life! In the past, I’ve struggled with balance meaning my life was usually more unhealthy than healthy.

So, this year on top of doing Keto, Kinda and completing BBGI also have taken a few small steps to be a more overall healthy person. I wanted to make more of a lifestyle change, not a fad diet and this consisted of me doing a few small and easy lifestyle changes that made an overall big impact.

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These little steps help me lose 20+ pounds, down two jean sizes and most importantly feel better in my skin. I still have a little bit more to go before I reach my goal, but slow and steady wins the race (& makes changes that last!).

1. Don’t Give Up on a Day After One Bad Choice. This used to be my worse problem. I would do great for two weeks, have one bad choice on the weekend and then say F it and just go crazy. I realized that one small slip won’t ruin me, just like one healthy choice won’t make me. So, now even if I slip up and have a cheat meal, I leave it at that one meal. Stop saying- diet starts Monday. Make better choices even when you have a bad one here or there. 

2. Add 5 More Minutes to Your Workout. I am the queen of procrastinating and I found that the hardest part for me is starting a workout. My solution? Start small. I would tell myself, “Just 10 minutes on the treadmill” but once I got started, I found I didn’t want to stop. So start small and gradually add on five minutes. Maybe you aim for 15 and do 20 minutes or promise yourself 10 pushups, only to finish an entire BBG round. 

3. Take Away Half. Sometimes you are somewhere and the options aren’t that great or maybe your portions are huge. My solution? Take away half. If your portion is huge, just eat half of it. You will probably find that you’re full from half anyway and box up the rest for a second meal! Saves money and calories. Sometimes I’m craving a sandwich but I don’t need all the bread. Take off half and eat it open face! 

4. Balance Your Meal. Just like sometimes I’m craving a sandwich, sometimes I’m craving fries. I wish I could say I had enough self-control to never eat them but let’s face it, I just don’t. Knowing this is a lifestyle change, I have to be realistic and the reality is- sometimes I’m going to order the fries. Solution: balance it out. Get a salad and friends instead of a sandwich or fried option. You can also ask friends if they want to split an order with the table. You can also use this balance as a way to make smart swaps! Maybe you 

5. Research & Ask Questions. Before I go anywhere to eat, I like to be prepared. I’ve noticed if I get somewhere and I’m starving, I’m more likely to make poor choices. When it’s earlier in the evening before dinner, I will glance at the menu and make a smart choice and then I make a promise to stick to it even when I’m hungry later. But let’s be honest, there’s still a chance I may drift away depending on how yummy the food looks when you get to the restaurant haha! 99% of the time, I am well behaved though! Also- I’ve realized that restaurants are usually happy to accommodate small requests. Ask if you can sub grilled chicken, a veggie for fries, etc.. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make substitutes! 

6. Be Prepared. Much like eating out, being prepared at home makes a huge difference! If I am super busy and get overwhelmed, we usually end up having dinner at the Mexican restaurant down the road. A few ways I prep at home: have on hand snacks that are healthy (Aldi Carb Conscious Bars are my hero), whenever you make a healthy dinner, double the recipe for quick leftovers, stay stocked on groceries. One easy way I stay stocked on groceries is through ShiptIt’s the perfect way to order no matter where I am or what I’m doing and it’s delivered in no time. It’s been a HUGE game changer. You can use my code for a discounted sign up here

7. Drink Smarter. This is both true for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I never realized how many empty calories and carbs I was wasting on drinks! Even my almond milk creamer had 5g of Carbs for 1 serving! As someone who can easily drink three cups of coffee a day, I was spending almost all my daily carbs before I even took my first bite of food. I made the switch to black coffee and I honestly don’t miss my creamer. This may be a little much for some people, but my point is to look at what you’re drinking and make a smarter choice! For alcohol, I love a great cocktail every now and then but they really are so laced with sugar. I try to only drink spiked seltzer, vodka waters or wine. Every now and then I’ll have a Corona Light, but I really think to myself ‘Would I rather have a small brownie later or one cocktail now?”, tbh I’m choosing the brownie every time ha! 

8. Know Your Body, Try New Things. Don’t Just Assume. Knowing your body is huge. I think one of the things I struggled with the most is that I thought I was eating healthy but for my body, it was basically poisoning it. Knowing your body helps you realize stuff that you thought was healthy actually isn’t. Case in point for me is beans. I used to think beans were so healthy, even though they were high in carbs they were good carbs. For some people, this may be true, for me it is not. My body does not react well to them. Read labels, notice things like sugar content, hidden ingredients, etc.. Don’t just assume something is healthy because it’s sold at a health store. If you are having trouble knowing your body, try an elimination diet like Whole 30. 

9. Eat Slower. While this may seem silly, it makes a big difference. Not only does eating slower help you enjoy what you’re actually eating but it can also help you realize that you may be full before you get way too full. 

10. Have a Cheat MealI get asked a lot if I follow Keto, Kinda to a T and the answer is obviously no (see photo below). I’ve found when I am way too rigid, I end up slipping and getting way off track. I let myself have a cheat meal every so often – I try about once a week. Maybe it’s too often, but I’m working on it! I just make sure to limit it to a meal and try not to go too crazy. 

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What is your favorite way to make your day a little healthier? I’m always looking for new tricks to add up my sleeve. I felt like this is the perfect post to share on a Monday morning. I need to get back on track after a busy past couple of weeks when I tend to always be the worst when I am busy. We grilled a huge batch of chicken last night and we are stocked up for a few days at least. Be sure to follow on Instagram (@RileySitton) for more healthy & easy hacks. XO 

Sometimes it’s granola for breakfast, room service kids meal buffet for dinner- that’s life! 

room servicesmall healthy stepssmall healthy stepssmall healthy steps

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