10 Minute Make Up Routine

I feel like I could write a whole post of disclaimers before I even got to the actual make up routine on this post, ha! Get ready, this one is a long one. 

First, I have been wanting to share this little make up routine with you because it’s very light and natural, it is quick (like 10 mins y’all!) and it’s super easy. 

But before I get to the good stuff, I have to warn you.. I am not a make up artist, beauty blogger, etc. I grew up with a Mama who literally only wears mascara #Goalz and I can’t bring myself to drop thousands at Sephora. With that being said, this is my week day beauty routine that’s a mix of drugstore products and some name brand favorites that I do think are worth the steal. 

I usually do this at the gym or in my car after barre so it’s seriously easy and quick, perfect if you’re a gal on the go. 

Prep: I wash my face with this set. I have the most sensitive skin in the world and this is the only thing I’ve ever loved. I then use this serum as a primer, I love how moist and plump it makes my skin. I believe it helps keep my make up looking fresh and light. I also use this eye cream, very generously and I swear nothing has ever helped my under eye circles and darkness like this cream. 

I also pull my hair out of my face with these clips. I like keeping my hair out of my face so I’m not touching it with oily hands, it helps me go longer in between washes! These clips are great because they don’t leave a crease. I spray some dry shampoo on my roots and push them up, then clip them. This helps build volume without any effort or heat! 

Now on to the good stuff..

Tinted Moisturizer

I like a tinted moisturizer for everyday wear. It’s light, but enough coverage for any discoloration spots. I have not found any other moisturizer or BB/CC cream I love as much as this Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. I buy the travel size so it fits in my makeup bag better. I squirt a drop about the size of a nickel on the back of my hand and then use this brush in small circle motions to apply to my face and neck (don’t forget your ears & hairline). 


First, I use Maybelline Age Rewind under my eyes. Nars could work under your eyes as well, but I honestly don’t see a difference and Maybelline is cheaper!  Taking the applicator, draw an upside down triangle type shape under your eye to the apples of your cheek, then back up. Let it sit for a few seconds. Next, take a concealer brush (mine was $1 from ELF) and gently pat/swirl combo until it is blended in. I like my concealer brush better than a beauty blender because I think it absorbs less product. 

*I used both here to show you how similar they look under the eye! If you do use Nars under your eye, I don’t need to apply as much as the Maybelline because it is a thicker formula. 

Next I use the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer to cover up any blemishes. It takes the smallest dot and it stay all day! I just dab a tiny bit on and then pat it in with my finger. 

Finish HD Powder

After concealing everything, I move onto a light finishing powder. This one is only $6 from ELF and I would say it’s almost identical to Laura Mercier Setting Powder. I use just a normal brush (this is why I couldn’t be a beauty blogger, I don’t even know what to call this brush ha!) and lightly dust this all over my face and neck. 


Honestly, I bought this brow kit from Maybelline so long ago, I’m not even sure if they still make it. I think you could use any brown eyeshadow to do the exact same thing this brow kit does. I take an angled brush and brush my brows up and follow my arch. #NotAPro 

I use this to naturally fill in any sparse places on my brow. 

Once this one runs out, I want to try the cult classic Anastasia Brow Kit

*If you’re looking for a powder, I use the middle color. It’s just a smidge darker than my natural brow.


This is one of my favorite make up purchases ever. I rarely ever buy eyeshadow, I have a Naked Palette and it got the job done. I’m never experimenting with bright colors or crazy fads, so until my palette ran out I wasn’t in the market for anything new. One Sephora trip, before even using all of my current palette, I happened to spot this little peach and fell in love. The colors were gorgeous, I felt like I would use all of them (that rarely happens with an eyeshadow palette) and it SMELLS LIKE PEACHES. Seriously, it smells so good. 

I use a slight shimmer neutral on my lids and a light goldish color on my brow bone during the week, but I have had lots of fun playing with different combos on the weekends! They are very saturated and stay on well and have kept me very, very happy. 


You know that crazy question girls ask each other? “If you could only wear one thing of make up for the rest of your life what would it be?” Well, mine would 100% be mascara. I could do my mascara for 30 minutes and still feel like I don’t have enough on. It runs in my family and we are a tad crazy because of it. 

These are my tried and true, holy grail mascaras. If you’re looking for a drugstore brand, the Maybelline Falsies Volume Express in Blackest Black is my all time favorite. Both my sister and I swear by it. I’m constantly getting asked if my lashes are fake when I’m wearing it. 

I do love the Too Faced Better than Sex more but honestly they are almost equal. The Too Faced one does better at keeping clumps away and is easier to apply. 

Speaking of, this is how I apply my mascara. I do all my eye shadow and eyebrows first, I believe this puts a little powder on your eyelashes and makes them longer. Next, starting at the base wiggle your brush a few times before pulling up. Then pull up like normal more times. Then switch to your other eye. Then switch back to your first eye and pull up some more but alternate pull up, push down from the back of the lash. Repeat this a lot. Switch eyes and repeat. Continue to do this until you’re running late or one of your BFFs pulls you away from the mirror. 🙂 


My sister received this highlighter for Christmas and I was so envious. I love this Anastasia Glow Kit for how it applies, stays on and diversity of the four shades! I use the darker one on my cheek in replace of bronzer on busy days and top it with a little of the white one right on the bone under my eye. A few swipes and I have a little highlight and definition. 


Most days I reach for a nudish brown lipstick or lip gloss. This lipgloss in color ‘Brandi’ is on my wish list, not only is it plumping but it has the perfect amount of tint. 

Finally, I take out my clips and fluff up my hair. I brush the dry shampoo out and head about my day! I know it seems long in process, but once you get it down, this little routine makes your morning so quick and easy. 

I also keep a pack of make up removing wipes in my bag, if I’m doing my make up on the run I like to be able to clean off my hands or touch up a smudge easily. I grabbed this small pack from the travel section in Target. 

I get a lot of questions about my robe, it was a gift from my Mama for my wedding day. I love the Swiss dots because they were a part of my Grandma’s wedding, my Mom’s wedding cake and now my Bridal robe. It’s a fun tradition. I love this robe because it’s light and I can wear it often, I get so hot while getting ready! Each time I wear it, I get the giddy butterflies from our wedding day all over again. 

*Right now my robe is 25% off and comes in four colors! 

What’s your go-to make up item? I love trying new things, especially if they save time! 

If you’re a huge make up fan or just looking to stock up a few items, Ulta is currently having their huge sale! 


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  1. Ena
    May 19, 2018 / 8:06 pm

    Girl you did your makeup with all of my favorite items! ^_^ I was randomly going through posts and loved this one most. <3 I did my makeup lessons for beginners from Lina Cameron last year she used many of this items. I really love this Better than sex mascara and this two concealers are just love. Maybelline one I use for my regular makeup and Nars for heavy one. <3

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