10 Minute Blowout with the Revlon Brush Dryer

Hair! We all got it and I’d say it’s safe to say we’ve all struggled with it more than once. But here’s the truth, I’ve been holding out on a little secret with you guys. I’ve found the holy grail of hairstyling. Even my hair stylist was MAJORLY impressed (and bought one for herself!). Don’t be mad at me! I’m finally sharing and this little tool is under $60, a drugstore find, and is SO easy to use. Meet the Revlon Brush Dryer. Your new BFF for an at home blowout and so easy, if you can brush your hair, you can use it!

revlon brush dryer

Since I’ve been bad and waited a few months to share this with you all, I made sure to be able to give you a full rundown on it! I am including step by step instructions below but I also have a Four Minute IGTV video walking you through everything!

This tutorial is so easy, this brush is amazing. I cannot say enough amazing things about it. It creates a sleek, smooth blowout that is so bouncy and full of volume! I have super curly hair, that I have never been able to blow dry and straighten with a straightener, much less one tool. This has been a GAME CHANGER for me. I highly, highly suggest every girl try this dryer.


1. Prep wet hair with It’s a 10 Spray and Kristin Ess Sea Salt Spray (helps with grip on the brush and added texture and volume)

2. Section off the bottom layer of your hair (I do the bottom third of my hair)

3. Use dryer to slowly brush as usual, until entire section is dry.

4. Repeat on second and third layer of your hair. 

5. On top layer, I like to start with my hair parted to the opposite side. This helps create volume. Once close to dry, I spray with Kristin Ess Texture spray, then dry as normal. I will take some of the top pieces, place them over the brush and pull straight up. This creates so much volume.

6. Fluff and seal with hairspray! 

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So! Are you excited to try the Revlon brush dryer? If you have any questions, drop them below and I will answer! We are also giving away a beauty goody bag on Instagram (@RileySitton) and this dryer is included! Be sure to head over and enter. XO 


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revlon brush dryer revlon brush dryer revlon brush dryer


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