Summer Hair Favorites

Summer hair care is so crucial! Spending days in the hot sun, salty ocean and playing with new styles.. well let's just say I need all the help I can get. Today I'm spilling all my hairy secrets on my current Summer faves. 

Kristen Ess Purple Shampoo-great price + works so well. Leave on for about 10 minutes once a week to get the full benefit. 
Redken Conditioner- Great for dry hair.
Unite Hair Masque- I sleep in this once a week + use for a few minutes once a week when I'm in the shower. Rj has even noticed a difference in my hair texture/softness.  

PREP: I put all three of these in my hair straight out of the shower. I then brush through with my Wet Brush. 
Joico Blonde Life- Multipurpose spray that helps protect from UV, reduces frizz, helps with shine and softness. My hairstylist Julie said my blonde has been holding up better than ever and I think this is why.
It's a 10 Spray- Also multipurpose, this helps incredibly with protecting from heat. I use it on wet hair but I also will use it on dry hair too, if it needs some extra moisture. I spray a couple pumps in my hand and run on dry ends. 
Kenra Platinum Silkening Gloss- This stuff smells like CANDY and I'm obsessed. It basically does the same as the others, but I like the added protection and great smell. I use three pumps, focusing on my ends, on wet hair or I will add some to dry hair, like I do with the 'It's a 10'.

STYLE: These are the tools I use and products I use on dry hair!
1907 Fromm Blow Dryer [c/o]- Although I received this blowdryer as a gift, I truly love it! I've even had friends purchase it after using it at my house. It's lightweight, gets the job done quickly and is a great price. 
Kristen Ess Texture Spray- Although I like my hair to be soft, I also need texture (especially the first day I wash it) or it's like a pancake on my head hah! I have found that this Kristen Ess spray is a dupe for the Oribe Texture Spray but with a much better price. I spray it all over after blow drying but before curling. 
GHD Curling Iron- I've used a few different curling irons, specifically a T3 that seems to have a cult following, yet this one is a million times better. It's easy to use, heats up in under 30 seconds and doesn't leave a crease in your hair! I recommend this one a million times.  
Aquage Beyond Shine Spray- I use this as a finishing spray to add a little extra sheen! 
Small Clear Elastics: I stock up on these tiny little bands because they are perfect for so many styles! I use them for fun braids, double buns, ponytails and more. 

LIFESAVERS: Dry shampoo is 100% my BFF. I use it so often and I have found these are my three favorite! I will use dry shampoo after a workout, when I'm overdue for a wash or even on clean hair for added texture. 
Living Proof Dry Shampoo- Invisible, works well, doesn't give your hair a build up feeling.
Jet Lag Dry Shampoo- Probably my number 1 choice when I really need help in the dirty hair department. Is completely invisible and adds a good amount of texture to your hair. 
Batiste Dry Shampoo- This is my favorite of drug store dry shampoos. It works well and has an excellent scent. I try to use this one after working out, to add a little boost of freshness into my (probably) smelly hair! 
Hum Hair Vitamins- I love Hum's Vitamins and these high potency biotin is no exception. I take them everyday and have noticed a difference in both my hair and nails. 

ACCESSORIES: I feel like Summer 2018 is all about the fun hair accessories. I love this trend because ponytails and buns are my go to and these jazz them up! Not a fan of these or want more? This is my favorite place to shop for hair accessories. 
Polka Dot Head Scarf- This is such a great piece because it can be worn so many ways, including tied on your purse! I like to tie it around a bun or pony or wear it as a fun, retro headband. 
Scarf Pony Tail Holder- This pony tail holder doubles as an adorable scarf. Wear it loose around ponytails, in a cute bow around buns or however your heart desires! I'm tempted to order in all three prints. 
Set of Scrunchies- Scrunchies have been resurrected from the 90's and I'm a happy girl. A fun print adds bold interest to even the most boring outfits. Are you a fan of the return of the 90's?!

If you try any of these products, you'll have to let me know! Alternatively, if you have a holy grail product I need to add to my list, PLEASE let me know. I love testing out new products. XO 


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