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Beauty Breakdown: Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift Set

I revamped my skin care routine last Fall and there was one thing that made a huge difference! My Clarisonic Smart Profile Face and Body Uplift Set It really made a difference between feeling like I washed my face vs. my face is GLOWINGLY clean. 

Since I got it in December, it's become my skin BFF and thought it would be the perfect thing to kick off my new beauty breakdown series. I'll use this series to breakdown specific beauty items that I love or hate and dish out all the deets! I hope you enjoy.

Why I like it: 
In addition to making my skin feel ultra clean, I love this tool for many reason. First, the obvious. The brush head is great at removing makeup while cleansing your face but I also have noticed it removes dead skin as well. Exfoliating to give me that super clean glow. This is just me being OCD, but I love seeing how brown the brush turns when it's removing my make up and then how it rinses back perfectly white! It's an extra affirmation that my makeup is all gone. This also helps me eliminate the 'pre cleansing or removing my make up with oil/wipes' step and saves so much time.

The Smart Profile Uplift also comes with a Uplift Firming Massage Head. Not only is this a pleasing massage after a long day, but it brings many skin benefits as well! First, I've noticed massaging helps all my products reach deeper within my skin. The increased circulation helps fight anti aging and wrinkles + it helps firm your face and neck while reducing swelling. #OhYesPlz They say that the three minute massage produces 27,000 uplifting motions that target 15 signs of aging. *If you already own a clarisonic, the massage head will fit on like a normal attachment but will not have the ability to self time. 

How I use it: 
I use it morning and night to wash my face, as well as follow up with the massaging head. When washing my face- I apply my face wash to wet skin, I do have to apply a tad bit more than just using my hands but it's worth it! Next, I wet the head of the brush and push start. I use it all over my face and neck, in small circular movements. It times the length of your wash, so it helps remind me not to be lazy with my skin. Finally, after applying all my products, moisturizers and serums- I use the massage head all over my face and neck. You have to make sure your skin is very wet so that the massage head isn't pulling your skin. If it ever gets too dry during the massage, I'll use this spray. I do the same small circular motions during the massage that I do for the cleanser!

Care & Storage: 
A few years ago I had a Clarisonic and didn't care for it properly and it led to the brush head being dirty so often. Now I am extra careful with mine! After using the brush, I use very hot water to make sure all the bristles are clean. I then dry both the head and handle with a towel. I do the same for the massage head. For storage, I replace the plastic cover and store with the plastic cover side down, this way any additional water can drip out and not be trapped in the brush.

Cheaper alternative: 
I know the Smart Profile set is pricey, but I would argue it is definitely worth it! Your skin is a huge part of who you are and in the long run it's not as expensive as trying to reverse aging down the road. I have 100% seen positive results from this set and would argue that it is my most important skin care tool.

If it's absolutely out of your budget right now, I completely understand! I would say you should work towards saving up for it but in the mean time here are a few hacks & dupes to keep you glowing:

- This Brush Set is on sale for $40. While it may not have all the attachments as the Smart Lift, or time you, it will help clean and exfoliate your face! I have not used this set but I have heard great things about it.

- This Jade Roller may not have 27,000 massaging motions but it can help increase circulation and reduce puffiness for under $20! I do have a jade roller and love it, especially when my sinuses are bad.

- An Ice Roller is your BFF even if you have the Smart Profile Uplift system. This little tool lives in your freezer and comes out to help tighten skin, reduce puffiness, help with wrinkles and more! I seriously suggest investing in these if you don't have one already, and by invest I mean spend $11!

If you have any questions about the Clarisonic, leave them below or on my Intsagram (@YesPleaseDaily). I would love to hear requests for the next #BeautyBreakdown too! XO 

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