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My Favorite Skirt 'Tutu' Ways

Hi Everyone! Super short post today because I am super busy this week and ended up spending most of my computer time helping my Grandma login to her facebook instead of blogging. (Real story, but worth every second. She's hilarious and my favorite woman ever)  
I wanted to show you two ways to style this gorgeous tulle skirt. Just like the feather skirt, I was super anxious to purchase this tulle skirt. I was worried I would never end up wearing it at all. First I wore it to a wedding and then I decided to dress it down. I think it's perfect for family gatherings and NYE outfits. Stay tuned because I will be talking about how to dress this baby up later this week. 



  1. I love this outfit! That skirt is so pretty, I've never seen a tutu skirt in that color before, but I love it!

  2. Thanks Cassie!! I thought it was such a gorgeous color for this time of year!

  3. This is adorable! The color is perfect for the holidays, and it looks perfect with both flannels :)

    Cathleen //
    Classy Cathleen


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