Rise & Shine

I am not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination, buuuuut I have started waking up at 5.... and not only functioning all day but working out before I start my day! It's shocking. I actually love an early morning work out and I highly recommend forcing yourself out of bed and trying it, at least once because most likely you'll be hooked! 


>> Pack everything you need that your gym doesn't provide. Shower necessities, make up, lotion, hair products and straightener/curling iron, a change of clothes, shower shoes, towels etc. etc. Let your inner diva shine
>>I like to chug 2 EmerganC packs mixed with half a bottle of water before my workout 
>>Bring a friend! You're so much more motivated if you're not the only one trekking to the gym before the sunrise 

>>Make a killer playlist. Some of my favorite pump up tunes right now are Rich as F by Lil Wayne, Fancy by Iggy Azalea & Skrillex Pandora 

>>Drink. Chocolate Milk is great for you post workout (& yummy). I muddle mint, lime, and lemon in my water and drink as much as possible.
>>Stretch. It will help reduce soreness! 

Try out the Spitfire app too, it will give you some plans and exercises to do if your brain needs some refreshing! 

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