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How to Hike to the Hollywood Sign (Secret Shortcuts!!)

Last week, when I was visiting LA, we decided to hike to the Hollywood sign! I've been to Los Angeles close to a dozen times, yet I've never had the chance to get this close to the famous landmark. We knew we would be indulging in many cocktails, tacos and. basically any delicious Cali food we could get our hands on- so this felt like the perfect & fun workout!

Boy, is it a hike y'all! but soooo worth it!

Spring Packing List

It's finally time for warm weather and I could not be happier! I seriously want to pack up cold weather when we pack up Christmas decor but Mother Nature has other plans. This is very dangerous for my bank account. 

When warm weather finally rolls around, I am buying everything that makes me feel like Spring! Serious #SpringFever y'all. 

What's In Our Pantry

What's in my pantry.. a peek inside the heart of a home. Not only is this one of my most requested posts, but whenever another blogger does this post- I'm always so eager to read!

My family always jokes that we keep our pantry stocked for the apocalypse. It's probably true but RJ is so OCD and I like to have things on hand, because you never know what could pop up! Our pantry definitely stays more stocked than our fridge, solely because it's filled with items that last longer. While some things rotate in and out depending on the season, today I'm sharing our go to grocery list for our pantry!

Five Guilt Free Desserts - [Five Minutes or Less, Five Ingredients or Less!

FriYAY! I hope you all had the best Valentine's Day! I love all you guys so much. I took the week slow, to give more attention to RJ and myself since this is the holiday of love. After a great lil' break I'm back and wishing  I could gift you all huge boxes of chocolate but since that's financially impossible (and probably very unhealthy), my five favorite healthy desserts will have to do.

Winter Skincare Routine

Today I'm sharing something extremely raw and personal. It's something I struggled with for years, and if this post even helps one person, I know it's worth sharing. 

I never struggled with acne in middle or high school. I would have random pimples here and there, but nothing major. It wasn't until about a year/year and a half ago that I started to struggle with my skin. 

Being an adult with skin problems might be one of the worse things ever. I felt dirty, gross and like I had horrible hygiene, despite the fact that I was trying anything and everything for my skin. Over the course of 18 months, I saw multiple doctors, dermatologists, estheticians, you name it. I'm not kidding, multiple cities, multiple people, multiple facials, products, treatments, lasers, peels, masks, and even prescription oral medicine. Nothing was working. 

I was crying, I was skipping events and things with my friends; I was hopeless. There were a few things I did that made my acne a little better.. 
- I was using the Murad Acne System. This was the closest system I could find (up until what I use now) that showed the best results. 
-I changed conditioners. The one I was using originally had way too much oil on it and it would rinse off on my face, causing bad breakouts. 
-Sleeping in a long sleeve shirt. If I sleep on my arm or touching any other skin, I will break out. It's so crazy how sensitive my skin is. 

I've written this post a million times in my head. I've waited months to post it in fear that my skin clearing up was just a fluke. I've had it written and sitting in my drafts for days.. but it's finally time to  just do it. 

I'm sharing photos of my before skin below. This is something I never, ever thought I would share with you all, but seeing the change in my skin has been so incredible. I have to do this and be 100% transparent in hopes it can help someone else out there too. 

ps. this is in NO way sponsored. I am not gifted any of these products or paid to talk about them. 

Friday Fill In 2.9.18 NATIONAL PIZZA DAY

You know the only thing that's better than Friday?! PIZZA! Today is National Pizza Day and I'm so excited to celebrate. Technically, we started the celebration last night when we shot these pics.. but who doesn't love celebrating pizza twice?! 

Today, I thought it would be fun to make the Friday Fill In, PIZZA THEMED.

Mamma Mia!

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